Top 10 Professional IT Courses in India after Graduation

Are you graduated from a renowned college/university and looking for a job of your choice? Or, you are simply interested in doing a professional IT course in Kolkata after your graduation? Then, you should go ahead and do it! That’s the need of the hour!

The market scenario, till last decade, was different from the current one. The ongoing market situation for jobs and education is highly demanding. The connection between jobs and education is something that we all are aware of.

In the 90s and even in the early 2000s, the graduation degree holds much more significance and value than today. Back then, a graduation degree could have helped you to land a job at a higher position. Companies were willing to have employees with that degree. But the current market scenario has changed.

Just a graduation degree is not enough for you to bag a good job. However, if you accompany your graduation degree with an additional, professional, and job-oriented course like MERN Stack course, Game Development course etc, there is no looking back.

Current Market Demands:

Smart and trending technology courses are trending for students and youths are opting for them. There are options for job-oriented courses, professional courses, and computer or IT courses for you.

Achieving height at the professional level requires you to boost your current education. If you are graduated or you are completing your graduation, you need to start thinking about a reliable and professional career. There is a wide spectrum of short-term courses, available in the online world. Create an IT related list of jobs after graduation and select the one that suits you and get ready to touch new heights of success.

These online courses will not only enhance your chances of getting a good job after graduation but also helps in getting promotions, in the competitive world. Higher education might promise you a good position in the company, but with a professional course, you can even get a polished position. This will help you to sustain yourself in the workplace and experience extraordinary growth. Here is a list of graduate courses for you. Read ahead.

Top 10 Professional IT Courses After Graduation

After graduation, you might want to pursue a professional IT course to enhance your job prospects. With several overwhelming choices, you might get confused about selecting the right career-oriented course. We have carefully created the best software courses list after graduation for you. So, let’s check out the top 10 professional IT courses that you can opt for after graduation.

1. MERN Stack Online Course

MERN Stack is a popular technology that consists of Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS. It is a popular full-stack programming technology that is useful in developing website applications and mobile applications. It has also emerged as a career-oriented course that can be done by anyone.

MERN Stack Online Course

With its features of being interactive, user-friendly, and highly performing, the technology is very popular in the market. The MERN Stack course helps the students to get trained by the industry experts, and have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. The course on this technology will help you to get hands-on experience as you learn from the experts.

The course on this technology will help you to get hands-on experience as you learn from the experts. You can receive practical experience and get acquainted with the latest technologies. With high-quality training and good experience in the market, you can enjoy good career opportunities. Full-stack engineers are making a great name in the industry, hence a course on full-stack technology will play a vital role in helping your career. There are various software testing training institutes in Kolkata for those who want to start a career in the IT sector. Find a suitable one and start soon.

MERN Stack Online Course (overview)

  • Market Demand for MERN Stack course

Top MNCs and conglomerates are always hiring skilled full-stack developers for web and software development processes. It is considered one of the best IT courses after graduation. MERN Stack is a highly popular and user-friendly tool that helps us improve apps to a large extent. One doesn’t need to know multiple programming languages, as MERN covers the front-end and back-end. There will be the benefit of using a single language like JavaScript as it proves to be quite effective for web development.

The demand for the MERN stack course is very high because the professionals are valued in any company they work in. It can be a small, large, or medium-sized organization that needs a MERN stack professional. Companies are now highly dependent on websites and applications due to continual technological progress. It is safe to say that market demand for online courses after graduation such as MERN stack will keep growing.

There are several reasons why MERN stack can be a great professional course after graduation. Some of them being-

  1. A developer can create a basic app very quickly without much hassle. This will benefit the company if students take up this job-oriented course.
  2. JavaScript has several 3rd party libraries and integrations. This means if a developer comes across any problem, chances are that a solution has already been made and they can easily integrate it with the app. This reduces time and the companies want this for higher efficiency.
  3. Reduced cost- MERN stack, one of the best after graduation job-oriented courses, can provide the fastest development of any application. This leads to a direct reduction in costs for any project developers take.
  4. MERN stack has a friendly developer eco-system so the course is easy to learn.
  • Salary Offered

In India, an average MERN stack developer earns Rs 8,50,000 per year. Entry-level developers for the same, start at Rs 5,50,000 per year. The most experienced ones can earn up to Rs 1,800,000 in a year. You should know that salaries for MERN stack developers may vary because of several reasons. Find the best IT training institute in Kolkata for a power-packed career.

  • Why Learn the MERN stack course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Large firms rely on developers that have experience in creating apps and software. MERN stack is among the best job-oriented IT Sector courses after graduation, because of its distinctive advantages. It is the right choice for most individuals and “guarantees” a job as a full-stack developer.

Learning JavaScript can help you master its related frameworks, which businesses are progressively switching to for frontend development.

The MERN Stack job-oriented IT training course after graduation helps a person to enhance their skills manifold. They will know the process and technique in detail so that they can implement it later in companies without any hesitations. It will help you give a better insight into the specific technologies needed for career growth, and helps you stay focused. The job-oriented MERN stack course with placement from institutes like Webskitters Academy will help you get jobs in renowned companies. By learning this IT course after your degree, you get a wider chance to connect with people in this job and get updates about the latest technologies.

  • Future Scope

The best IT course demand in India like MERN stack has a lot of scopes. It is a great tool that provides efficient and simple outcomes. It is crucial to understand how the stack works because creating and executing the MERN software is quite important nowadays.

Everything is now done in JavaScript, hence, MERN stack is the most popular and best course chosen by students after graduation. It is everywhere and eliminates the requirement to switch contexts.

By pursuing the MERN stack course for jobs, you will learn how to integrate multiple languages within a single stack. MERN eradicates this issue for the programmers. Developers only need to be familiar with one coding language since it’s JavaScript-based. This makes it a thousand times simpler. MERN Stack is trusted by almost all companies to build an interactive web application or web platform. By going for the MERN Stack career-oriented course after graduation, you get the opportunity to create a modern application and since the demand is huge, the need for apps will only go in the upward direction.

  • Prerequisites

Some of the prerequisites required for such professional courses after graduation are-

  1. C Language
  2. HTML
  3. JavaScript

These will be covered in a detailed manner for the MERN Stack IT courses after graduation. You can learn them through a suitable institute and implement and be ready for a thriving career as a MERN stack developer.

2. MEAN Stack Online Course

MEAN is an abbreviation of four web development technologies- Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. This is a full-stack development technology, allowing individuals to build software from scratch. The current market demand for the technology is extremely high which makes its future brighter. With the rise in demand for full-stack developers, there is also a rise of individuals opting for the MEAN Stack online IT Course.


According to a report published in the Times of India, companies are on the lookout for skilled full-stack developers. Having such a demand, you might choose to learn MEAN Stack right after or alongside your graduation. It promises to open up great prospects for your business.

MEAN Stack Online Course (overview)

  • Market Demand for MEAN Stack course

The MEAN stack course has high market demand for several reasons. The course helps to facilitate an extraordinary execution environment for both the server and client-side.

The demand for MEAN stack IT course after graduation has increased because of their versatility in creating mobile and web application in a fast, robust manner.

We know that companies need developers at every step of their IT projects. Because of this the IT field courses after a degree, such as MEAN stack will help create opportunities for jobs. Therefore, you can choose mean stack training in Kolkata without any hesitation.

MEAN Stack IT course after graduation is much in demand due to the high flexibility it has, it’s easy to learn isomorphic coding and many more.

This creative after graduation IT Courses has a high prospect among companies, leading to more demand in enrolling for the course.

  • Salary Offered

Salaries vary a lot due to location or demand. In India, the average income of a Mean Stack developer is around Rs 4,20,000. A fresher can earn up to roughly Rs 1,80,000 and an experienced one can earn up to Rs 10,70,000.

  • Why Learn the MEAN stack course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Today, it has become quite important that individuals going for professional courses after graduation have the latest skills and updated knowledge. Employers now look for candidates having a good idea about technology, and this is the reason why job-oriented courses after graduation like MEAN stack come in handy.

A MEAN stack job-oriented skill will help you learn multiple skills and enhance the existing ones so that you can apply them with confidence while working on company projects.

The job-oriented IT course after a degree helps one get immediate placement due to good background knowledge and practice in live projects. This placement course after graduation will give you a steady income and great recognition.

  • Future Scope

MEAN Stack Development is the best career prospect today with unlimited development and scope. Developers are available in different process streams like Testing, Database, Backend, Frontend, and Apps. Earlier practices were that as you acquire expertise you can progress in the particular career with your enhanced skills. Modern best practices have changed the trend.

Being a MEAN stack developer is challenging yet profoundly desirable work. Those who choose MEAN Stack have a bright future. By learning the MEAN stack, developers will have many domains to choose from. It can be web, desktop, mobile, and even IoT. There will be better job prospective, performance, security scalability, and lots of other parameters.

  • Prerequisites

Some of the prerequisites required for MEAN stack professional courses after graduation are:

  1. C Language
  2. HTML
  3. JavaScript

3. React JS Online Course

Another popular JavaScript-based programing language that has brought new approaches to make web pages, dynamic and responsive is React JS. It has garnered great popularity among the developers and the business personnel for being one of the fastest-growing Javascript libraries for developing a unique User Interface.

React JS Online Course

It is a great option to enrol yourself in the React JS online course, just after your graduation. Offering a great career prospect, React JS training in Kolkata will accelerate your future. It is a perfect framework to get your career on the right track.

It is especially a good option to opt for the React JS course in Kolkata now, as leading companies like Uber, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and others are using this framework. Following, their footsteps, many other, small, medium, or large organizations, are venturing into the digital world with React JS rather than Angular JS. And many organizations are even switching their framework. So, get ready to explore new, advanced and marvellous career prospects, awaiting you.

React JS online course (overview)

  • Market Demand for React JS course

In 2022, React JS is the most in-demand course. Software developers use it to create a web application. This job-oriented course after graduation has had a steadily growing market demand in recent years. Companies need speed, easy-to-maintain; SEO-friendliness, scalability, and many more that MEAN stack library offers in every way possible.

Due to these reasons, the MEAN stack course is a much preferred one, hence translating to elevated demand for trained professionals.

  • Salary Offered

React JS Developer salary ranges between Rs 2,400,00 to 14,000,00. They earn an average income of Rs 5,500,00 per year, though these may vary due to factors like company size, experience, and location.

  • Why Learn React JS stack course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Everyone has a preference of their own when it comes to career building. For those who want to pursue MEAN Stack, a well-defined job-oriented course after graduation, there will be several reasons to go for it. Job-oriented courses will help you get an authentic experience of your work. You can handle live projects that will teach you how to handle them when working in a company.

Job-oriented courses like React JS will help you build a great base for the future. It will improve your professional and academic abilities. It helps you strive for excellence in the most difficult situations. Getting practical knowledge of the latest technology is an advantage under React JS professional courses after graduation. You also have a higher chance of getting a job placement once you take a job-oriented course from a trusted university.

  • Future Scope

To become a React JS developer, you can enrol in an institute that gives detailed and hands-on academic experience for a better future. React JS is a game-changing field for those who wish to pursue it. React JS helps in speeding up applications and building an engaging user interface. It offers efficiency and simplicity to the users, which every company needs.

The marketability of React JS development is not going to fade away any soon. It has a bright future and can be considered the best course for a better future. Many companies are rushing to get developers with experience in implementing React JS in web applications. Hence, we can say that the future of React JS is good.

  • Prerequisites

Some of the prerequisites to get into React JS, an IT course after a degree are-

  1. C Programming,
  2. OOPs concept
  3. JavaScript.

These are the basic requirement under React JS IT courses after graduation. If you know these, then you will be able to handle any React JS project easily.

4. Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) Online Course

Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) is a framework that assists in the promotion of rapid software development. Anyone who is tech-savvy, and is interested in developing a great and interactive website. PHP and Laravel is a preferred tool to create and style a website, hassle-freely. There is a tremendous range of websites that are powered by this framework.

Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) Online Course

Individuals are willing to make their way to the top of the IT industry. Enrolling yourself in the Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course in Kolkata will help you to build websites and web applications without any hassles. Learning this dynamic framework will also help you to develop an ideal eCommerce online store. Make yourself available to varied and lucrative career prospects with this online course!

Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course (overview)

  • Market Demand for Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course

PHP framework is a great platform to create web applications. It provides code libraries of functions that are commonly used to speed up web apps and helps to create more scalable and secure web apps. PHP framework will also create scalable web apps, which every company wants.

The market has a high demand for PHP frameworks including Phalcon, Yii, Codeigniter, Cake PHP, and Symfony. But Laravel is in the first position of the best MVC-based PHP frameworks. Due to its flexibility and ease, developers go for this course more often.

When testing, the PHP Laravel framework has a testing system integrated with it, to ensure that all the web applications are bug-free.

The quality and ease of using this framework have created a lot of demand and popularity for the IT course after graduation.

  • Salary Offered

The salary that is offered for PHP and Laravel developers is between Rs 1,40,000 to Rs 8,80,000. The average salary in India for them would be Rs 3,50,000.

These salaries often change as you gain experience. The location of the company, company size, and demand for developers are other factors that create variation in the salary.

  • Why Learn Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

The IT courses after graduation make it easy to get an immediate career boost. Since you will get a practical experience in the PHP and MVC (Laravel) online courses, they will add value to your career in a better way.

By learning the PHP and MVC (Laravel) online job-oriented course, developers will get ideas about live projects. They will polish their skills on how to handle work from the beginning, leading to more recruiters rooting for them.

Besides its growing demand in its field, this after-graduation IT course has the advantage of getting placements rapidly compared to others. Hence, learning it would prove to be fruitful for your future.

  • Future Scope

The online world is booming at a rapid speed and will continue to do so. Because of it, many of us are willing to go for an IT-related course after graduation. PHP web development courses for beginners has a dominating effect.

There are numerous benefits of going for an Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course. It is cost-effective, and immensely superior to other web application companies because of its simple framework, robust authentication mechanism, and enhanced cache technology. The future-ready platform presents multilingual website construction to gain market presence and reach a wider audience.

With its significant scalability features, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, any small to medium-scale business will need this one in the coming years for Laravel development services or Laravel developers.

  • Prerequisites

Anyone with an idea of programming knowledge like Java, C, or Python can enrol in Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) online course. You also should have a basic knowledge of HTML.

5. Angular JS Online Course

If you want to move your career on a fast-track road, you will want to complete your Angular JS online course. The framework is shining and helps in developing an intuitive front-end. This leading framework helps in building dynamic, single-page web applications. Many industry players are now getting into the single-page web applications developed by Angular JS. With lightning speed, you can see the framework taking you to the height of success.

Angular JS Online Course

Get yourself trained with the Angular JS online course in Kolkata and grab a job as a software engineer. Under the guidance of skilled experts, you can develop a unique set of skills and experience success in the world of technology. With excellent job opportunities in the Angular JS sector, you can show off your skills and have a great career prospect at your feet.

Angular JS online course (overview)

  • Market Demand for Angular JS online course

Software developers may use Angular to create native mobile or web apps, all at once without hopping to different platforms. The market demand for IT course after graduation is unwavering today. This is because the demand for front-end developers with Angular JS knowledge is high due to its perfect scalability of frameworks. So having the right skills will land you a suitable job.

The technological world is gaining pace every day, because of which such courses in the IT sector after graduation are increasing as well. Companies like Netflix, and Insider are using Angular as a front-end technology. It is also used as the public-facing sites and applications like AdWords, Google Cloud Platforms and other internal tools.

  • Salary Offered

The average annual salary of an Angular JS developer is Rs 4,50,000. A fresher can earn Rs 2,00,000 and an experienced developer may earn up to Rs 9,50,000.

Income may vary depending on which field you choose, demand, location of work, experience, etc.

  • Why Learn Angular JS online course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Angular JS is a feature-rich framework that is extremely famous among developers. Angular JS framework creates enriching and interactive features for single-page applications, for a real-time experience.

Having learnt an Angular JS job-oriented IT course, you will get a proper experience of all the technicalities, and processes and also get to work on live projects, preparing you for a better real-life experience in companies. This IT course after graduation will help apply your understanding of JavaScript and HTML for a single-page web application. You will get an introduction to MVC programming patterns and give you a chance to build your app from scratch.

Companies will prefer a person who is well versed in job-based work and ethics. This should be reason enough to go for such a course.

  • Future Scope

Due to the considerable growth in web development and application in the future, most job portal sites have companies looking for developers with Angular JS frameworks. After graduation, IT courses like Angular JS can help you learn the framework to create vibrant applications. Small, big, and medium companies are now using Angular JS to support their projects.

The job opportunities and future scope are on positive growth so enhance your career by enrolling in the Angular JS online course after graduation through Webskitters Academy.

  • Prerequisites

A strong foundation in C language and HTML is a prerequisite for this course. You should also have a basic knowledge of OOP.

  1. C Language
  2. HTML
  3. Basic Knowledge of OOP

6. Android App Development Online Course

With mobile becoming an indispensable part of every individual’s life and the level of penetration of smartphone usage has also increased, getting yourself trained in Android iphone App development course in kolkata after your graduation will be a smart move for your career. With a large number of people using Android phones, the percentage of mobile app developers in the sector is increasing, explicitly.

Android App Development Online Course

Enrol yourself in a reputed Online IT training institute, and get trained by the experts to make your path towards success. When it comes to developing your career in the Android App market, a professional course from a reputed company will prove to be of great assistance to you.

Being industry-specific, the course proves to be of immense help for excellent career prospects. If you are passionate about mobile technologies, then Android App Development Online IT Course is the right choice for your career.

Android development course (overview)

  • Market Demand for Android Development course

Android phones are everywhere today. With more than half of the population using the Android system, we have millions around the globe who demand it. The market potential of this operating system is powerful, with its open-source feature.

By enrolling for an IT course after graduation, like the Android Development course will make you a fine Android developer enabling you to deliver intuitive user application which is currently highly needed in the market. The ever-growing and successful Android app market is the key to the high demand for Android development courses. By learning this professional course after graduation, your career will be on a right track with great opportunities.

  • Salary Offered

Salaries are always decided based on what kind of qualification and experience a candidate has. For an Android developer, the average salary would be Rs 4,10,000 per year. The salary may range from Rs 1, 50,000 to 11,20,000 annually.

  • Why Learn Android Development course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

In the cut-throat world, getting an edge over your peers will get you some good adulation. Going for an Android development IT course after graduation will open several gates to renowned companies for jobs.

Job-based courses like the Android development course with Java or Kotlin, will help you to attain a great salary at the beginning of your career, have prominent development skills, learn more about how industries work, get applied knowledge, receive networking opportunities and many more. Webskitters Academy has a well-curated course on this for aspiring developers who want to jet-start their careers.

  • Future Scope

Android developers are in demand in the industries like finance, business, e-commerce, gaming, security, travel and maps, and medical. Even the large conglomerates in the market use the Android app, ensuring to seize the large opportunities that it offer.

It is hence, safe to say that almost every sector requires Android developers, which means that the future scope of this software course after graduation is quite bright.

  • Prerequisites

To get enrol for this top demanding course in India, you must have a stronghold of C language and Core Java.

  1. C language
  2. Core Java

7. Web Designing with Bootstrap Online Course

Web designing is a growing field in the digital age. As the proverb goes “The first Impression is the Last Impression”, it is true for the digital world too. If a business is not able to allure its visitors within the first few seconds, they are going to lose them, forever. Hence, there is a great focus on the web designing sector. If you are inclined to make a career in the creative field of the IT sector, then the Web Designing with Bootstrap online IT course is the one that you should be opting for.

Web Designing with Bootstrap Online Course

Learning the design aesthetics, from the industry experts will help you to grow in the field and explore various career paths in the sector. With this advanced level, of course, you can guarantee yourself an excellent job, waiting for you. It opens door to various career prospects and helps you to make it to a great level. Use your creative instincts, add new skills to your persona, and experience great opportunities for a bright future.

Web Designing with Bootstrap Online Course (overview)

  • Market Demand for Web Designing with Bootstrap course

With so many businesses using an online platform for their website, there is a need for web designers as well. Web developers and designers love using Bootstrap as they build a responsive design that appears accurate and perfect on all screen sizes (laptops, smartphones and PCs).

The demand for this IT course after graduation can make a great impact on your career life if you wish to pursue it. Bootstrap was first launched as a mobile-first framework. It is now a reliable responsive and stable front-end framework. Seeing the recent trends, you can learn a lot through the best web design course modules and start a thrilling career.

  • Salary Offered

The average salary per year for a Web Designer is Rs 216,364. An entry-level salary for the same would be Rs 132,000. Depending on the experience level, location, qualification and other factors, the salary can go as high up to Rs 897,500.

  • Why Learn Web Designing with Bootstrap course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

We all know how some of the best IT courses after graduation have a high demand right now. We can safely say that many students will likely want to go for a career that gets them a respectable salary and hands-on experience in whichever course they next take.

The Web Designing with Bootstrap course at Webskitters will be good for placement factors, the experience of live projects and learning about the different processes required for preparing students for the real world. The trainers can give one-to-one guidance for courses that need in-depth understanding so that it is applied in real companies.

  • Future Scope

We are like to see a great scope for this course in the foreseeable future. Many experts in the industry feel that the main technologies that can hold sway are Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Voice Functionality, Internet of Things (IoT).

Almost all industries are already using Web designing and development like Entertainment, Education, Travel, Hospitality, Retail, and Advertisement Agencies. Even mobile app development, software development and digital marketing companies have websites requiring web designers and developers for obvious reasons.

  • Prerequisites

To enrol for this course, familiarity with Basic Photoshop would be good.

8. Professional Laravel with API Online Course

With Professional Laravel with API online IT Course, you can get assured of developing excellent career prospects. Laravel is a popular framework that helps in rapid application development. It is compatible with various operating systems and is known for its excellent features that help businesses to develop extraordinary web applications. Today, you can receive laravel training online so that you can manage other tasks simultaneously.

Professional Laravel with API Online Course

Learning the course from the experts will help you to grab a good hold of the market and get an in-depth understanding of the industry. Developing necessary skills and using your explicit knowledge of the market, you can guarantee yourself a proper career. Join the course after your graduation and you can experience prominent development to have a sound future in the sector.

Professional Laravel with API course (Overview)

  • Market Demand for Professional Laravel with API course

Software of different kinds is used by every company these days. With a grand need for a career that gives stability, proper qualifications are a must. Trending courses in India like Laravel with API course is a good choice in the current times.

With this course you can build and configure a local development environment, using the updated tools to boost efficiency and productivity. This is what all firms want and hence, the high demand for such a course.

  • Salary Offered

The annual income of Laravel Developers ranges from Rs 1,20,000 to Rs 6,50,000. The average salary for them would be Rs 3,00,000.

  • Why Learn Professional Laravel with API course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Job-based courses help a lot of students due to many reasons. To go for an IT course after graduation like this one would mean getting hired by companies very easily. Since you will get a concrete understanding of the job-oriented course through institutes like Webskitters Academy, there will be far more exposure for you to the real world than a normal professional course.

This is one of the best courses for a better future and students will highly benefit from it, even from a financial perspective. There is more demand for students who pass job-oriented courses. Going for such a job-based course is a win-win situation.

  • Future Scope

Laravel is a secure and increasingly emerging platform. It is one of the most well-known frameworks. It gives out beautifully designed applications. The future scope for this is bright as most companies will be using Laravel as several businesses transfer to this framework for seamless web application development.

  • Prerequisites

Institutes will need specific requirements before enrolling for the best technical courses after graduation. Some of them are-

  1. Concept of OOPs
  2. Knowledge of PHP-MySQL
  3. Knowledge of HTML

9. React Native Online Course

Created by Facebook, React Native has already become a significant name among software development technologies. With its cross-platform capacity, the framework is highly used for building engaging mobile applications. It allows the development of a beautiful user interface, smooth navigation and improved user experience, for which it can retain the customers for the businesses.

React Native Online Course

If you dream to make a good career in the sector, you would be interested in React Native Online IT course from a reliable institute. You can enhance your career prospects and learn new skills from the market leaders. With React Native course you can prepare yourself in delivering a comprehensive, reliable, and engaging mobile application. Go ahead and make your career in the industry with the best React Native online course. Find the best institute along with the suitable react native course fees and start a phenomenal career.

React Native Online course (overview)

  • Market Demand for React Native Course

React Native is quite popular and growing in demand due to easy earning, solution-oriented work, third-party packages, ready-made solutions, features development in high quantities, and improved testing abilities. These benefits have made these professional courses after graduation more in demand. React Native offers a chance to dive deep into mobile app development, without requiring the need to learn new languages, which are Swift and Kotlin.

  • Salary Offered

The salary of a React Native developer would range from Rs 1,80,000 to 12,40,000 annually. The average salary per year would be Rs 4,50,000. These figures may vary due to factors like qualifications, experience, location and the company’s size and reputation.

  • Why Learn React Native course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

When one goes for React Native job-oriented IT courses after graduation, they would have a lot to learn from the industrial perspective. This perspective will change the way you see your future. You will get a practical advantage from knowing about the professional course after graduation.

Going for this course will also give you a higher chance of job placements. It will give you a better grasp of live projects under React Native development. So, you will be prepared to face the real world easily, in comparison to other courses. You can go for react native training in Kolkata and see how positively it works for you.

  • Future scope

The good news is that many of the hybrid platforms are evolving. This is happening to maintain equilibrium between user experience and web development cycle. React Native is one of the best-known names for creating complicated hybrid apps that give a more natural user experience. It’s because of its ability to dive into native and modern features on each platform.

React Native IT course after graduation has a high demand because it has a good chance of surviving. It will evolve in the future and is unlikely to turn into a dead project.

  • Prerequisites

To go for this IT course after graduation, you need to be familiar with a few things before applying-

  1. C programming, OOPs concept JavaScript.
  2. Knowledge of React JS is preferable.

10. Node JS Online Course

Start your Node JS online course today and walk through the doors of explicit career opportunities. With the right skills, there is no dearth of demand for you in the web development sector. Node JS course helps you to learn the details of the industry, and get a great conceptual understanding of the sector. You can unveil the excellent features and characteristics of this framework, with utmost quality and functionality.

Node JS Online Course

Node JS Academy Kolkata offers you a great career prospect and it allows you to step on the ladder of success, one at a time. The framework has tremendous opportunities for prospective candidates. Businesses are always on the lookout for polished skills, if you have so, you can promise to deliver a good development service, and rock the software programming world.

Node JS online course (overview)

  • Market Demand for Node Js Online course

The creation of server-side web application logic in Javascript or other programming languages like Ruby and Python is one responsibility of Node.js developers.

Employees in a Node js developer position often manage data transfers between the server and the user-facing application and provide backend services. Furthermore, Node.js developers maintain the database to guarantee that apps are current and of the highest calibre, providing users with the finest experience.

There are far too many online courses after graduation to choose from. If you want a career that has a secured future, the Node JS online course is also an option for you. Due to its demand value, many institutes provide such a course with great faculty members. You need to explore this option in detail to understand the pros and cons of the Node JS online course and then come to a conclusion.

  • Salary Offered

The salary for Node JS developers ranges from Rs 1,90,000 to Rs 12,00,000 per year. The average annual salary is currently Rs 5,10,000.

  • Why Learn Node Js online course as a job-oriented course after Graduation?

Any job-oriented IT course after graduation is a good option for students as this field is booming. Node Js has shown a considerable amount of growth during the last 5 years. Hence choosing it would be a good option not just because of its growing demand but because this job-oriented professional IT course is great in terms of learning.

This job-oriented course will give you an experience of a lifetime when it comes to concrete industrial training with live projects. The faculty will guide you through the process and how to tackle pressurizing situations just like in a real workplace scenario.


The job-oriented Node Js course in Kolkata will give you a sure-shot placement in a company, with a spellbinding salary. This is because you already know how to work as a professional through the course. You have better networking and problem-solving skills even before you join an actual company!

Investing in the Node JS IT course after graduation is a great choice in 2022. The language is necessary for web development today. It is where a lot of the action takes place these days, and finding a motivating job like this will help you in self-growth as well.

  • Future Scope

To become a Node JS developer, you need developmental experience to design JavaScript. Have in-depth knowledge of frameworks and web libraries and you are going to go.

Node JS is among the top tech jobs and still has a high demand. There has been skyrocketing growth in this field in the past few years and it doesn’t come as a surprise that Node JS developers are a super hit in the job market.

  • Prerequisites

To learn this IT course after graduation, you need to have a good grasp of these, before applying. They are as follows-

  1. JavaScript
  2. OOPs Concept Preferable

Whatever You Do, Your Institutes Matters!

Yes, whatever you do, your background check will be mandatory. Organizations will run through your CV thoroughly, verify your background, and they do like to see a reputed name. So, after your graduation from a renowned university or college, take up your online IT course with Webskitters Academy!

It is a reputed online IT Training institute, offering quality education through a well-developed online training environment. The academy has helped more than 3000 of its candidates to learn different technologies and gain empowerment in choosing their careers. Find job-guaranteed courses and have a flourishing career!

it courses after graduation

It also helps in placement with its 100% placement-guaranteed written consent. So, why try your luck with a new or unknown institute, when you can boost your career chances with Webskitters Academy?


1. Which IT Professional Course is better in India?

With the IT industry booming at a high rate, going for a course in such a field is highly recommended for everyone. There are various professional IT courses to choose from but which is the better one in India? This is hard to tell as there are various permutations and combinations involved. You can go for Web Designing, MERN stack or Android App development. Since everything is dependent on apps and websites, you can go for any of the courses depending on the demand, location, etc. There are best software testing courses in Kolkata that have job-oriented courses for you. You can enrol in them to have a thriving future.

2. Which course is best for your future?

With a variety of courses available online and offline, the course that you choose depends on various factors. Location, size of the market, interests and more. If you choose a course in a location where the market demand isn’t the best, it will affect your future. If the job prospect in that city isn’t great, you may have to look for another option. Courses that are interesting for you and have a great market in the chosen location will give you a great future professionally. Research and prepare a software course list after graduation. Choose wisely.

3. Which course is best for a high salary?

High salaries depend on various factors. One needs to look into the degree, years of experience, location, skillsets, industry and demand and supply of it. The more experience and qualifications you have, the better your chances of a high salary. But we also need to consider location. Some places provide high salaries and some very low. You also need to look into the market value of the course. You may find an IT training institute in Kolkata, or Mumbai but knowing about their demand and supply is crucial.

4. Which course has more job opportunities?

You need to look into every sector for wonderful job opportunities. There is growth in every field and therefore, there are various courses too. But you’ll find the finest job opportunities after graduation from IT courses. You can choose anything, from React JS, Laravel, and Web Designing to MEAN or MERN stack. One needs to research the respective fields according to location, market demand, market size and more. Make sure that you have covered every aspect of the course research so that you get the best results.

5. Which IT field is best for freshers?

You may take initial steps when you start the IT profession by navigating them carefully. It’s better to be aware of the pathways that are open to you. A lot of IT specialists start in generalist positions that cover a variety of topics, such as help desk operators or IT associates. You can consider narrowing your professional emphasis once you’ve gotten some experience and knowledge and have a clearer idea of what you enjoy doing. If you’re just starting, you can look at entry-level IT positions to see what additional paths you can follow. Create an IT courses list after graduation and grab a chance to enrol immediately

6. What qualifications do I need to work in the IT sector?

One of the greatest advantages of choosing to work in the IT sector is that you can start very early. You just need to be a graduate to receive a job in the IT sector. A short-term course can do wonders for any individual once they have completed their graduation. But to get better posts, it is advisable to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science.


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