14 Best Software Courses to Learn in 2023

The IT industry is growing at a quick pace worldwide. It resulted in an increasing demand for software development services. Companies need different kinds of software for automating their processes. They include administration, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and so on. In short, the  best software courses is one of the most crucial assets of businesses today, which saves their time and enhances the efficiency of operations.

The software development industry is also a huge contributor to the global economy with higher demand for trained software developers in the USA, UK, India, and other countries. In India, the demand skyrockets every year! The average annual salary of a software developer is nearly 5 lakhs in India at present, which shows software development is the right career for aspiring young talents. There are the best software courses that will help them gain skills for developing software using specific technologies.

Here, in this comprehensive blog, we will discuss in detail some of the latest trending software courses that are fruitful for students to learn and make a career. But before that, let’s know the criteria for ranking the software courses.

Basic Ranking Criteria for Software Courses

Before deciding to get trained by one of the best software development courses, you need to first know the courses available today. With too many popular software courses available, you need to evaluate them based on some weighted factors before investing your time and money.

Many academic institutes providing software development training have researched dozens of courses and ranked them according to certain criteria. To find out whether a course suits your career or educational background, you should first check on these criteria. Here are they.

1. Content

Once you get to know the name of a course and do a little research to understand the content and scope of the course. You can also enquire about this with the training institute you selected to learn the software development course. They can give you more precise details of the course.

2. Proven Track Record

Do not jump straight into learning a software development course! Look for honest reviews of students. See whether the course has provided a sufficient number of competent students and shaped their careers.

3. Learner Satisfaction

Check about learner satisfaction with your chosen software development course. For that, you need to interact with the students who have completed the course. Ask them about their satisfaction level.

4. Jobs After Completion

This is perhaps the most important criterion to consider before choosing to learn a software development course. Make sure that students have successfully got an SQL-related job after taking the course.

5. Time to complete

The faster you can complete a software development course, the quicker you can secure a good job and start earning. To help one start a prospective career sooner, the best software courses for freshers take a maximum of 6 months.

Advanced Ranking Criteria

Along with these basic criteria, you should also check for some more factors that are closely related to software development. Here are the advanced ranking criteria that you should consider to choose the best software course.

  • The course must cover several software technologies, including JavaScript, SQL, and Python.
  • The course must include career services to help students crack an interview and negotiate on salary/pay scale.
  • Many former students ascertain the course to be effective, which has helped them get jobs in eminent companies.
  • Students must be able to take the course online. This ensures distance is never a barrier for anyone if they are willing to learn a software course.
  • The course should also provide project-based exercises that will help them understand practical situations in the software development industry.

14 Best Software Courses to Learn

There are several reasons to pursue software development courses. The quickly growing IT sector is the first reason as it promises jobs with a high pay scale. With lots of courses offered by various IT training institutes, it is challenging to select a particular course that suits your interest and career goals.

If you are someone keen to work in the IT industry, make sure to go for the course that is in demand in today’s market. It will ensure better opportunities to grow in your career. Let’s take a look at the best software courses that are suitable for an entire spectrum of students, from fresh graduates, and B.Tech/M.Tech engineers to non-IT professionals.

1. MERN Stack Full Course

Best MERN Stack Training Institute for Full Course in Kolkata

MERN stack is an advanced full-stack web development course that is appropriate for beginners and experienced professionals in the IT field. This course enables you to build an entire web application from scratch using a blend of technologies. MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js. Thus, together all these four technologies comprise the MERN stack that helps developers build the most versatile websites and web applications.

This is one of the leading software courses for several reasons.

  1. It helps you to build an amazing and functional web application combining the best of the four technologies.
  2. This course allows even a fresher to start working on a web project and step into the world of the IT industry easily.
  3. Learning the MERN stack helps you acquire the desired knowledge, which is necessary to get selected for an interview.
  4. It is perhaps one of the best software courses for freshers. It gives you the confidence to work on any development
  5. project as soon as you join a company.
  6. You will learn to develop complex and vast-sized websites like Facebook by taking this course.
  7. It will help you learn to create API (Application Programming Interface) in Node.js.

Required educational qualification: Anyone having a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputed college or institute can learn this MERN full stack course.

Time to complete: The duration of the course is 6 months.

Skills you gain: You can acquire several skills after learning this course which includes:

  • Full-scale software development processes.
  • Front-end development with HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Back-end development using Node.js.
  • API testing with the postman.
  • Backend APIs.
  • Ability to build and test end-to-end applications that are rich in features.

Future of the course: Deciding to learn the MERN stack course is a wise decision for you. There are endless opportunities to grow a successful career as a MERN stack developer. Besides you can pick any suitable area of software development by learning this course, which can be desktop, smartphone, and IoT. Investing your time and effort in the MERN stack will help you embark on a prospective career where there is security and scalability. On learning this course, you can earn a higher salary as a full-stack developer, web developer, or UI developer. You can also become a back-end developer or front-end developer and kick-start your career in software development.

2. MEAN Stack Full Course

MEAN Stack Training Institute for Full Course in Kolkata

MEAN stack is also a set of JavaScript technologies, namely MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. This course will help in developing varied types of web applications. Being an open-source technology stack it is easy to use and makes the process of web development agile for the developers. It is also one of the top software courses in demand because it helps you to master both front-end and back-end development. As a result, you will become proficient at developing an entire web application, large or small-sized using JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

MEAN stack provides fresh graduates as well as experienced IT professionals to establish a career in the coding world. By learning the course, you will be able to strengthen your coding skills and kick-start a promising career as a full-stack developer. While web development is high in demand, this course prepares you to become a competent developer, ready to win opportunities and make a mark in the professional field.

Required educational qualification: Any freshers or experienced professionals who have received a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputed industry are eligible to learn the MERN stack course.

Time to complete: The course needs 6 months to complete.

Skills you gain: Many have established a name in the professional sphere and built a career after learning the MEAN stack course. It is because of the extensive skills that they gain from it.

  • Learning the MEAN stack course makes you capable of designing, developing, editing, and debugging software code. It helps to build web applications while ensuring the technical, non-technical, and other specifications are met.
  • It makes you capable of building UI (User Interface) or front-end of the website by leveraging the technologies like HTML, CSS, Angular, and JavaScript.
  • The course lets you learn concepts like NO SQL and RDBMS, which help to design and fetch data.
  • Learning the course makes you competent at building complex and vast websites like Google using the MEAN Stack technology.
  • The course also makes you capable of creating APIs in Node.js.

Future of the course:

By learning the MEAN stack course, you can embark on an amazing career path that offers endless possibilities to grow your skills. The demand for MEAN stack is too high in the market because of its widespread uses. With MEAN stack skills, you can build scalable applications which manage vast data and functions. Such applications are commonly used by big organizations/businesses. You can take this course to become a web designer, back-end/front-end developer, and also database administrator.

If you are an experienced software developer but have no experience with the MEAN stack technology, this course will help you upgrade your soft skills and enrich your technical concepts. Most learners of MEAN stack technology can hence experience a career transition within the software development domain.

3. Node JS Complete Course

Node JS Training Institute for Complete Course in Kolkata

Node JS is an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment that helps run web applications outside the client’s browser. It allows a developer to work on both the front-end and back-end of an application, which is an interesting advantage. It is one of the best software courses trending today as Node.js, which the most experienced developers prefer to use.



Node.js has immense usefulness in developing web applications because of JavaScript development. It provides a great environment to the developers and makes them competent to work on different applications. You can build real-time chat apps, video streaming platforms, web scraper, basic user systems, email senders, and so on, using Node.js. In short, learning this course will provide you with amazing career opportunities in the software development industry.

Required educational qualification: You can learn Node JS course if you have done B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma from a credible institution. Apart from that, if you are a technical lead, full-stack developer, or QA (Quality Analyst) and want to upgrade your skills for a career transition, you can learn this course.

Time to complete: This course will take 3 months to complete.

Skills you gain: While you can learn about the different components of the backend through this course, it also introduces you to the important concepts of server-side web development. The different skills that you gain from this short-term effective course are.

  • You develop a thorough understanding of your Node.js framework.
    The course will help you to master Express.js.
  • After you get to learn about the advanced concepts of Node.js, you will be able to build modern and fast server-side web applications using the technology.
  • At the end of the course, you will better understand the Node JS ecosystem and can develop server-side rendered applications.
  • Learning the Node JS complete course will also assure your industry readiness and helps you continually improve your software development career.

Future of the course: 
Getting Node JS training from a reputed software and IT training institute will assure rewarding results for you. When you learn the course from top mentors, you gain excellence in the framework and get opportunities to work on varied projects. Node JS being one of the most preferred frameworks for web development assures that. It is in high demand in the current market. From start-ups to large MNCs, many use Node JS to build web applications and boost their online presence.

Node JS emerged as one of the latest trending software courses in high demand. It is helping young freshers to base their careers. Along with that, it aided many experienced professionals with software engineering/computer science backgrounds to enhance their prospects.

Under expert mentorship, you can derive the best results from this software course. If you are willing to make a phenomenal career in the software industry, choose this course. And if you are a beginner, it will perfectly mould you from a student to an adept professional.

4. React JS Course

React JS Training Institute for Full Course in Kolkata

React JS is a Javascript library that is useful for interactive user interfaces (UIs). React JS has been a favourable open-source framework for developers because it helps in creating interactive UIs effortlessly. The framework is component-based i.e., the encapsulated components manage their state and then compose themselves to build complex UIs.

React JS supports web development and requires elementary soft skills. It is hence counted as one of the top software courses. Most IT training institutes in India offer React JS courses. It lets you learn new interfaces and practical codes and gather extensive knowledge of data structures. Developers around the world, prefer today to build web applications using React JS because of its extensive usability. Social media platforms like Facebook and giant companies like BBC, Yahoo, Netflix, and Dropbox use React JS for its robustness and simplicity. This shows the bright future of the React JS framework and how learning the course will be fruitful for your career.

Required educational qualification: Graduates/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma students can learn this course.

Time to complete: It will take 4 months to learn the full React JS course.

Skills you gain: Learning the React JS course from among the most trending software courses will make you adept at developing the front end of impressive applications. Various other skills that you get by completing this course are the following:

  • You gain an in-depth knowledge of C programming, OOPs concept, and Javascript.
  • It makes you proficient at creating new interfaces for the users of websites.
  • You acquire the skills to build practical codes while validating user information and giving inputs.
  • The course lets you understand various libraries, including JavaScript, CSS Libraries, Sigma, Adobe XD, CSS and Graph QL, HTML, etc.
  • You also learn how to update codes to scale the website to meet the new requirements of businesses.

Future of the course:

React JS is undeniably one of the best software courses to learn because it makes you capable of creating modern web applications in simplified ways. It helps integrate features like Geo-locations, faster loading, video streaming, image or video library, Google Maps, etc., that are prerequisites for any contemporary web applications. Thus learning the React JS framework from an esteemed IT training institute will prepare you for a lucrative career in the software field. With more companies seeking to create their vibrant online presence with web applications, you have great prospects as a React JS developer. The growing demand for the framework in web development assures placement in any of your dream companies.

5. Angular Course

Best Angular JS Training Course in Kolkata

Angular is one of the most-used web frameworks after React JS, jQuery, and Express. According to Stack Overflow, it has 21% of the market share among web development frameworks and powers a majority of high-traffic websites. It is named one of the extremely loved technologies by developers with a majority of companies in the IT and services sectors using it for developing their websites. Popular websites built on Angular are Netsuite, Udemy, HDFC bank, and Shuttershock.

Angular is a modern Javascript framework that helps in creating and building single-page applications that load faster and are exceptionally easy to use/navigate. Being a Google product, it has great community support along with proper documentation. Learning this course will help you blend well with any IT company and handle big projects of web development. The course gives confidence to the freshers to kick-start their careers in web development.

Required educational qualification: Any Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma students are eligible to learn the Angular course. Also, any front-end developers, web designers, or full-stack developers who want to learn Angular to specialize in front-end development can learn this course.

Time to complete: It will take 4 months to complete this course.

Skills you gain: Learning this one of the most popular software courses will help you gain the following skills:

  • You can acquire basic knowledge of C Language, HTML, and OOP.
  • The course will help you to acquire design, develop, update, and even debug code according to the specifications of web applications.
  • Learning the Angular course makes you capable of building complex, responsive, and scalable web applications, which are required by every modern business.
  • You will learn the use of technologies like Javascript, CSS, and HTML with Angular framework to build the front end of an existing backend application or a new application.
  • You can integrate the front end with other services including, Database service and authentication service while using Javascript.
  • The course makes you skilled at developing a customized website or application catering perfectly to the client’s needs.

Future of the course:

Over the years, Angular grew as a staple technology among all JavaScript frameworks. It undergoes continuous updates, and that makes it most suitable for developers to build complex and scalable websites. Today it powers more than 3.5 lakhs websites worldwide and the number is consistently growing. This exhibits the brilliant future of an Angular developer.
Angular’s future is promising, and so it is for anyone pursuing a career in IT. The framework has been consistently improved since 2010 with the addition of many new features. Due to its extensive features and support, most companies regardless of their size are using Angular today for developing their websites or apps. Making a career in Angular development is certainly a wise decision because it has wide scope in multiple industries, including IT, computer science and software, retail, real estate, finance, marketing, and entertainment. By learning the course from the best Angular training institute you can embark on a flourishing career in this competitive job market.

6. iOS App Development

Best iOS App Development Courses in Kolkata

Mobile app development includes iOS app development and Android app development. There is a separate course for iOS and Android app development. If you are a fresher or a software engineer interested in mobile apps, get the best iOS app development course from a renowned software training institute. The course guarantees endless opportunities as the use of iPhones is skyrocketing in India and worldwide. Consequently, the demand for iOS app development is growing too! Users are seeking apps for various on-demand services and solving day-to-day issues.

The need for iOS applications is consistently rising in this digital era. This is expanding the career frontiers of aspiring students/software specialists in the iOS app field. If you are willing to leverage your soft skills and technical know-how to tap the huge market potential of the iOS app market, then do not think twice but enrol in a reputed IT training institute.

Required educational qualification: Any fresher who completed B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma can join the course of iOS app development. Also experienced software developers and Android app developers looking to switch to an iOS app can learn from this course.

Time to complete: It requires 3 months to complete the course. However, you must take an internship of 1 month at a reputed IT company to ensure that you have gained enough practical experience in iOS app development.

Skills you gain: In this course, you will be primarily introduced to C Programming, Object Oriented programming language, and Objective C / Swift Language (Optional). The other skills that you gain on completion of the iOS app development course are the following:

  • You will be able to understand the relationship between the programming languages and subsequently use them for iOS programming.
  • The course makes you skilled at reading and writing the Swift code.
  • You can distinguish how Swift and Objective-C programming languages can be used in applications.
  • The training course technically prepares you to develop a highly interactive app with a smooth interface and robust backend.
  • The trainers or mentors will also make you capable of writing applications entirely on Swift.
  • You get the training to build a client-server application for iPhones with geo-location services.

Future of the course:
iPhone app development is a highly job-oriented course that is designed to look at the current trends in the software industry. Students or freshers waiting for opportunities in software or app development can get started smoothly with this course. However, choosing a reliable training institute that will cover the entire scope of iOS app development is necessary. Adequate training by experts will make you capable of developing an extensive iOS app, perfectly fulfilling clients’ requirements.

On average, the starting salary of an iOS developer is 4.5 lakhs – 4.7 lakhs which is likely to rise in the future because of the incessant growth of the app market. Together iOS apps are a fast-growing field and so, pursuing a career in it will never going to disappoint you. With enough possibilities provided to freshers or professionals with no experience in IT, iOS development is becoming an interesting career option for many young talents.

7. Android App Development Using Kotlin

Best Android App Development Training Institute Using Kotlin in Kolkata

This is one of the most demanded mobile app development courses that teach you how to build an Android app using Kotlin programming language. With many other inclusions, this course makes you fully capable of building a variety of apps useful for Android users. You also get to learn Kotlin along with Java in this course to build apps faster making fewer or no errors. Kotlin is a concise language and is pretty much suitable for beginners in the app development field.

The advantages of learning app development with Kotlin are many! It helps you to develop apps for multiple platforms, write less code, and ensure a higher level of security. Such apps are widely demanded by businesses to reach the masses and grow their sales. So this app development course with Kotlin is considered one of the best trending software courses for students that assure amazing job opportunities and huge scope for career improvement in the future.

Required educational qualification: Any B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma students can join this course.

Time to complete: This course will take 4 months to complete.

Skills you gain: From the Android app development with Kotlin course, you get in-depth knowledge and technical training to build apps that are demanded in the current digital world.
Some of the skills that you will acquire are:

  • Writing less code which is helpful for multiplatform development.
  • Detailed understanding of the Kotlin language, which is the first-class language for Android app development.
  • Improvement of your app development skills from beginner to advanced level.
  • Learning various data types and aspects related to Android app development.
  • Ability to use classes, objects, and conditionals for building interactive Android apps.
  • Skills to enhance the navigation of the app to ensure a predictable and smooth user experience.

Future of the course:

Android is the largest mobile platform ever in the world capturing more than 70% of the market share. With over 2.5 billion Android users worldwide, the demand for Android applications is never going to decline. This makes the course of Android app development worthwhile for you.
Big brands, manufacturers, tech companies, retail businesses, and small-sized enterprises are seeking to build their apps to gain prominence in the market.

Android is inevitably everyone’s favourite OS (Operating System) and industry titans including, Samsung, Motorola, One Plus, etc., are continuously launching A-one smartphones now and then. This widens the scope and demand for Android apps! Hence, a career in the app development segment will be truly rewarding for you.

8. Android App Development Using Core Java

Best Android App Development Training Institute Using Core Java in Kolkata

This too is one of the best software courses for freshers pursuing, which will help you tap the potential of the vast Android market. You can start a career as an Android app developer with a speciality in Core Java, which offers a smooth and seamless experience in Android application development. It is platform-independent and lets you add as many new features as you want.

There are many more reasons that make this course with Core Java a benchmark step for building a career in app development. Java is secure and uses classes and objects to help you develop an app without clutter and interference. It helps in developing an app with a clear and smooth interface. Java has also demanded application development because it allows writing back-end logic. This helps to build the database and provide a seamless user experience.

Required educational qualification: Any fresh graduates/B.E/B.Tech/BCA/MCA or an experienced software developer can join the course.

Time to complete: This course will take nearly 4 months to complete.

Skills you gain: This course lets you gain technical know-how or expertise in developing user-friendly and intuitive Android applications for users. A few special skills that you will gather from the course are:

  • It gives you scope to learn this object-oriented language in and out. You can use it for developing multifaceted apps with security and a user-friendly interface.
  • You also get to learn the skills of inheritance and multithreading, which are two advanced concepts used in developing mobile applications.
  • This course teaches you to program features using Java that are required in apps.
  • You get to learn how to control the flow of execution through an app.
  • The training also enables you to access structured databases and apply the core Java features needed for creating useful apps.

Future of the course:

Being one of the major technical courses in India, it offers incredible scope to build a career in IT and grow professionally. If you take the training from a top-notch training institute, you get to interact and learn from experienced faculty members. They will help you learn through practical applications. They can turn you from a beginner to an expert Android app developer, ready to join an IT/app development company with confidence.
The market share of Android is vast today, and apps make that possible. With widespread categories of apps used by businesses in all sectors, it leaves no question about the sustainability of the Android app industry. Thus learning the course will help you to gain from the unwavering growth of the Android market. You also become a contributor to the billion-dollar app market.

9. Flutter with Dart

Flutter & Dart App Training Institute in Kolkata

Flutter with Dart is one of the most important software development courses today that will make you skilled at developing mobile apps in a flick. The complete course allows you to build apps for iOS, Android, or both platforms using a single codebase. This is the basic plus point of this course! You can gain knowledge and expertise to build apps for the two most popular mobile platforms with a single course. You will be able to build a full-fledged app for a startup idea or an existing business that needs a mobile presence.

Whether you are a beginner in the field of software development or have gathered some experience in programming, this course will set the right career path for you. Mobile phones are a necessity today, and apps make them functional in our hands. Gauging the huge potential of the Android and iOS market businesses of all types and sizes are considering app development to reach their audience in a personalized way. Hence your knowledge and expertise in app development will be useful and guarantee a flourishing career in the IT industry.

Required educational qualification: To learn this Flutter with Dart course, one has to hold a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree.

Time to complete: It will take just 4 months to complete the course.

Skills you gain: An all-inclusive course of Flutter with Dart for app development grooms you for the software industry and makes you a proficient app developer. On completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Build an iOS or Android app regardless of its niche, size, and complexity.
  • Master the Dart language and Flutter framework to build full-scale mobile apps.
  • Become a cross-platform mobile app developer who can build both iOS and Android apps.
  • Learn the various high-end concepts of mobile app development, including Flutter SDK, project handling, and the use of a single codebase.
  • Turn yourself from a beginner in app development to an expert app developer.

Future of the course:

The ever-rising demand for mobile applications promises that the Flutter with Dart course will work as a doorway to amazing career opportunities. This course equips you with practical knowledge and understanding of the framework, which will help you build high-class mobile apps. The future of this course is secure because apps are our present and future! Apps are a medium for businesses to personally engage with their customers and market their products/services. Thus they need powerful, and exclusive apps to grow in this competitive environment.
The course provides mentors who have hands-on experience in the framework. They will share their knowledge through the course, which will give you the confidence to join the booming app development market.

10. React Native

Best React Native Training Institute in Kolkata

This is also one of the best software courses to learn, which guarantees placement opportunities with attractive packages. React Native is soon becoming the most favoured platform for hybrid mobile app development. Hence this course has a special space in the top software courses list! It will help you learn all the essentials of the framework, which include creating components, using data from remote sources, and so on.

The best thing about this course is that it does not need you to learn any new languages. It also enables you to reuse the code written in JavaScript on the web or mobile, thereby making tasks easier for you. The course is apt for beginners with an interest in software development. Also, professional developers who want to master the framework for developing native applications can learn this course.

Required educational qualification: To learn React Native full course, you should be a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree holder.

Time to complete: It requires 3 months to complete the course and 1 month for an internship which helps in developing practical skills.

Skills you gain: By learning the React Native course from a reputed IT training institute, you learn to do the following:

  • Develop apps on both platforms, i.e., Android and iOS.
  • Learn the React Native throughout including its core concepts (props, styling, text input, scroll view, etc.) and components and APIs.
  • Create budget-friendly applications for businesses in less time.
  • Make use of handy solutions and libraries of the framework to build high-end apps.
  • Create more secure apps to facilitate payments for eCommerce apps and on-demand service apps.
  • Ensure the flawless performance of the apps with no issues in the interface.

Future of the course:

There are widespread career opportunities in this React Native course! Its popularity surpassed any other frameworks for iOS and Android App development in the past 2 years. The demand for React Native is anticipated to grow more. In this fast-paced digital era, developers need something to build complex and incredible apps quickly, ensuring smooth performance. React Native helps them build good-performance apps with interactive user experience in a short time. In other words, this framework helps programmers or developers to meet the needs of clients in a short development cycle. Therefore, it is preferred by growing companies, who want their apps to be built and launched sooner in the market.

For all these reasons, React Native seemed to be the future of app development. This makes the course a great investment for your career if you have a knack for software applications.

11. Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel)

PHP Web Development with Laravel Courses in Kolkata

This course is the most suitable if you are looking forward to becoming a high-grade level developer. Advanced PHP and MVC course is popular as one of the best software courses after graduation. It helps beginners to unveil the different aspects of PHP and MVC and apply them to developing websites. While anyone can learn these from free online tutorials, a comprehensive course is helpful for many reasons. It will provide real-time experience by allowing you to work on various industry-specific projects. The mentors will train you to learn the simple tools as well as work with complex open-source programs.

Learning the Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) course also updates your technical concepts on the rapid web development framework i.e., PHP. It makes you adept at developing customized websites that will help businesses outperform others in the market.

Required educational qualification: Any Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree holder is eligible to enrol in the course.

Time to complete: The entire course will take 4 months to complete.

Skills you gain: This PHP and MVC (Laravel) course help you become a full-fledged website developer. The key skills you will gain from the course are as follows:

  • Build scalable and fast-performing websites.
  • Blend OOPs with PHP, which will help you build secure websites.
  • Enhance the working/practical knowledge of the MVC framework.
  • Gather adequate knowledge of the programming languages like C, Java, or Python.
  • Enhance your basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Learn to build robust web applications and work on live projects.
  • Develop skills for implementing the features of Laravel flawlessly.

Future of the course:

The advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) course is getting more popular day by day. It is helping aspiring graduates to go in the right direction in the field of technology. The course enables you to learn from expert developers and gain practical experience in building websites. It gives you exposure to the web development market and helps you to embark on this profession with confidence.

While a higher pay-scale/salary is offered to the Laravel (MVC-based PHP framework) experts today, the future is easily predictable in this career line. This application development platform is consistently updated, and new features are added to make website development far easier and quicker. Some of the MNCs have already embraced this platform for building their websites, which include Google, Yahoo, Intel, eBay, Nokia, Oracle, etc.
So, at this point, it is easy to say that the future for Laravel (MVC-based PHP) developers is brighter as more and more companies are joining the paradigm!

12. Professional Laravel with API

Professional Laravel with API Courses in Kolkata

This is one of the most trending software development courses today that help to build high-end websites and applications using the Laraval framework. This course lets you build revenue-drive applications and websites that are useful for modern-day businesses. This course also allows you to learn and acquire the most challenging feature of APIs using Laravel.

If you are willing to start your career in web development, this course is the right choice for you! Professional Laravel with API will enable you to explore brilliant opportunities in the web development market. Websites are a prerequisite for businesses today! Hence the demand for websites and web applications is fast-growing as more businesses are trying to create a stellar online presence. Learning the Laravel with API course will hence, open a doorway to great career prospects.

Required educational qualification: The minimal eligibility of the course is Graduates/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree.

Time to complete: It takes only 3 Months to pursue this course.

Skills you gain: By joining the Laravel with API course, you will be able to learn the following:

  • Create robust web solutions using the best of Laravel technology.
  • Generate and maintain the database structure using Laravel and PHP Artisan console.
  • Create your own local web development environment with proper configurations.
  • Use the PHP Artisan productively.
  • Develop extensive knowledge of the Laraval framework and basic PHP by working on real-time projects.

Future of the course:

The Professional Laravel with API course is a globally-recognized software course due to its widespread applications. Pursuing a career in it will be rewarding for you because the demand for website development is going to rise in the future. Laravel being a preferred choice of many companies, there are remarkable career prospects for a developer, who specializes in this framework!
If you are someone willing to establish a successful career in web development then choose Laravel with API course as your starting point. It enables you to gain practical knowledge and makes you proficient at developing scalable and secure websites.

13. Web Designing with Bootstrap Course

Best Web Designing with Bootstrap Training Institute in Kolkata

This is a web designing course but one of the best IT software courses known today! It helps you to build appealing websites that are necessary for businesses to sustain themselves in this hyper-competitive marketplace. In this course, you will able to quickly learn the basics of web designing i.e., Bootstrap, and how to design a responsive website ensuring all the functionalities/features demanded by the clients.

If you take this training from a professional institute, you will be able to design brilliant patterns and structures for the website. Their experienced designers have practical working experience and will help to grab an understanding of the concepts of designing and how to apply them. If you have some creativity in you or an interest in designing, this course awaits a lot of opportunities for you.

Required educational qualification: Any HS/Graduates/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA students are eligible to learn the course.

Time to complete: It takes nearly 4.5 Months to complete this course.

Skills you gain: By learning the Web Designing with Bootstrap Course, you will acquire the following skillsets:

  • You will learn to design and develop a custom website with Bootstrap.
  • The course lets you grab all the basic building blocks of web development, which helps you understand the role of a web developer.
  • You will know about the crucial tips of web designing that will help make the websites look appealing as well as professional.
  • The course gives you scope to work on real-time projects that will help you to gain skills to handle client projects in the future.
  • You will get to know how to handle specific web designing requirements in the real world by learning practical case studies.

Future of the course:

The future of a web designer is no doubt brighter because of the rapidly growing demand for websites by businesses, individual entities, governmental organizations and non-profitable institutes. A stunning and well-performing website makes a brand or company look reliable to the customers. Besides, the websites are now a prime source for retailers and service providers to market their products globally and boost sales.

With nearly 2.5 lakhs websites created every day, you should not fear any uncertainty about your career in web design. However, make sure to learn the course from a reputed institute that offers comprehensive training. It will help you grab a job in one of the prominent IT companies!

14. Web Designing with Shopify

Best Web Designing Training Institute with Shopify in Kolkata

The demand for eCommerce websites is skyrocketing every day as the preferences of people to purchase online are growing. Shopify is one the best platforms for building eCommerce websites. Learn web designing with a Shopify course from industry-based experts to build avant-garde eCommerce websites.

This professional course will help you to learn advanced skills by working on real-life projects. It will make you capable of designing customized websites as required by the clients. Anyone with a creative mind and knack for designing can opt for this course to get a promising career.

Required educational qualification: Any Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA can learn this course.

Time to complete: It takes 4 Months to complete this course.

Skills you gain: Through this course, you can acquire the following skills and become an expert web designer with practical experience.

  • This course aids you to create multiple personalized templates for a website.
  • You can easily use the drag-and-drop mechanism for designing using Shopify.
  • The industry-based expert designers will help you learn about the latest trends and technologies in web design.
  • You can gain advanced design skills by working on real-life projects.

Future of the course:

With online transactions has become a usual norm today, learning this Shopify course for web designing will help you to build websites for retailers in a flick.

It is an ideal tool for creating and designing websites, whether a retailer has a few products to sell or a vast number of products in multiple categories.

Being trained in Shopify from a reputed institute, you can perceive the demands of online retailers and turn their eCommerce dream into a reality. Shopify is the largest eCommerce platform at present because of its easy usability, seamless inventory management, SEO features, and vast integrations. It is the most preferred choice of retailers worldwide. Hence making a career as a Shopify designer is unquestionably worthwhile for you.

Why Pursue Best Software Courses?

Most companies, including tech giants and governmental organizations, invest in software products such as websites, web applications, and mobile apps. They need such products to facilitate internal communications, streamline operations, and sell their products/services to customers. The demand for software solutions is soaring continuously due to advancements in computer science. Also, the evolution of technologies like machine learning and data science is raising the demand for software courses.

This scenario makes it sensible for you to pursue one of the best software courses. Here are the top reasons that explain why you must be considering such as course after completing your studies.

• Promising job outlook

Making a career in the software industry is highly promising because of the incessant demand for software and web solutions worldwide. This is mainly because technological advancements are continuously taking place.

• Explore a broad domain

The software industry is not confined to a few jobs or task categories. There are infinite career options in the industry because of the innumerable technologies and software solutions demanded. Besides there are plenty of job profiles in each area, such as Software Engineer, Full-Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer, QA, Tester, and Project Manager.

• Flexibility

Most of the courses make you eligible to apply as a software/app developer in companies according to your suitable criteria. It gives you the flexibility to choose a profile that fits your learning needs.

• Earn a lot

Needless to say, the software development industry is growing at a rapid pace because of huge market demand. But that simultaneously raises the demand for developers, programmers, and software engineers. IT companies try to acquire experts and freshers from the talent pool by offering attractive salary packages, which can be even in six figures.

• Affordable courses

All the best software courses to learn are highly cost-effective. Some of them are also available online. So you do not have to spend on travel and accommodations to learn from a chosen IT training institute.

Software Web Development: The Breakdown

If you are eager to start a career in software development, first learn about this breakdown to choose an appropriate job profile.
1. Programmers: They write the code to program a computer or application for making it do some specific tasks. The software engineers and developers provide them with instructions in different languages including, Java, Python, etc.

2. Software Engineers: They build software solutions to solve an identified issue or cater to a particular need. They use all scientific methods to work logically from a wider perspective.

3. Software Developers: They are responsible to oversee the entire cycle of software development. They manage the other members of development teams to ensure a smooth development process.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Software Development Master?

There is no specific time or the shortest possible time for you to master software development! It depends on several factors, including your educational background, learning abilities, and interest in the field. For instance, a graduate in a non-technical subject may take more time to become a software development master than a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA fresher.

If you have a basic knowledge of a few popular programming languages, it becomes comparatively easy to grab the skills of software development while learning a professional course. Also, it will take less time to become a software developer if you learn the course from a well-known IT training institute. It will not only train you with knowledgeable professionals but will also offer real-world experience through different projects.

On average, it takes 6 months to learn the skills of software development but nearly 4-5 years to become a pro at it! You need to start slow and gain experience gradually by working on tougher client projects. Thankfully, the salary scale is always up to the expectations and so that will motivate you to learn faster.

What’s the Difference Between Software Development and Web Development?

Software development and web development are two adjacent or more specifically, interrelated jobs. A software developer will understand a bit of web development and vice-versa. Programming skills are a common requirement in both professions. However, here’s a quick summary of the basic differences between the two job profiles.

  • Software-developed applications are always client-based whereas web-developed applications are based on client-server.
  • Software designing is easy while web designing involves a lot of stuff including structuring, layout creation, content placement, and graphic designing.
  • You can also do coding without Script language in software development. But in web designing, Scripting is required.
  • Software-developed apps are the ones we use on mobiles and desktops. On the other hand, web development means the development of web applications and websites.
  • Software development leads to apps that are used on one platform whereas web applications are suitable for cross-platform use.
  • Software development leads to static applications, whereas web applications are dynamic.

Get the Best Software Courses from Webskitters Academy!

With the rapid growth of information technology in every field, the demand for software talent is on the rise! To make a sustainable career in the fast-growing and transforming IT industry, choose one of the best software courses available.

With many IT training institutes opening up in India, it’s not difficult to find a place where you can learn a software development course. However, the first thing is to identify your interest or which software development area you want to specialize in. At Webskitters Academy, we have a team of experienced software developers who will help you identify your interest and get on the right career path. Once we figure out your preliminary understanding and technical skills, we will help you decide which one of the most popular software courses to pursue.

To get trained by the best mentors and realize your dream of building a career in software development, contact us at Webskitters Academy in Kolkata!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What jobs can you get after completing a software development course?

A software development course equips you with all IT knowledge and technical skills. You can use this learning to build a web-based career or become a software developer in a notable IT company. You can also become a successful application developer or a web designer.

2. How long is the average software development boot camp?

A software development Boot camp can be short-timed and can be completed in 12 weeks. But it can also take longer, like 12 months. On average, software development boot camps take 12 to 24 weeks.

3. Are software development courses worth it?

Any of the leading IT software courses are worth it because they guarantee high-paying jobs and a highly stable career. Moreover, the best software courses after graduation prepare freshers for the future world! We live in a world where applications and websites are an integral part of businesses and this scenario is further going to be more prominent in the future with consistent digitalization.

4. Which IT course is best for the future?

There are no such one or few best software courses for the future! The demand for all types of software development and IT solutions is growing at an equal pace. However, looking at the trends of cloud computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, and Data Science, it can be assumed that software courses specializing in these areas are best for the future.

5. Which IT course is best for beginners?

There is more than one best software course for beginners. They are namely MEAN Stack, MERN Stack, Android app development, iOS app development, and Web designing.

6. Which technology is in demand in IT jobs in 2022 and beyond?

The top technologies that are in demand in the IT sector in 2022 and will remain in the future are AI and ML (AI Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), Software Development (including FullStack, React, Web and Mobile), Data Analytics, Data Engineering, DevOps Engineering, and Network Administration.

7. Which software course is best for a high salary?

Most of the software courses are best to secure a job with a higher salary. However, the software development courses involving Core Java, Android, Python, and React Native assures the most high-paying jobs.

8. How much salary can you expect to make after completing a software training course?

If you have joined an IT company in India after completing a software training course, you can expect a starting salary of Rs. 6 lakhs/per year. However, for beginners, it is necessary to prove their technical skills and excellence in software development for cracking an interview and securing a job with such a salary scale.

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