Top Trending Web Development Courses in Kolkata for Beginners [Updated 2023]

It seems as though wherever you look, friends, relatives, and coworkers have started learning to code in the past year. A growing number of people are devoting the time necessary to learning programming. The motivations and reasons for doing so may differ greatly, but coding seems like the next best thing. The fastest-evolving sector in the world is regarded to be the technology sector. New inventions continue to emerge daily, replacing more recent ones of a similar frame. These days, the internet is filled with several offers. It is both good and bad, as it makes newcomers feel dizzy because of so many choices.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts. In a 2022 study, there were around 5.07 billion internet users globally. It was approximately 63.5% of the entire population, which was 8 billion. Every year the internet usage percentage keeps increasing at an average of 3.5%. Of that, 2.96% have access to the internet. They are between 16-65 years of age, and 95.8% of them have smartphones. But why are we telling you these statistics?

It’s because we want to show you how web development has become integral for every business. The internet and mobile phone use show how we are dependent on apps and websites.

The market for web designers and web developers is said to jump by almost 15% from 2020 to 2030. This is a great time for students to enrol on web development courses. There are some web development courses online that one can choose and apply for.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the top web development courses, what web development is and why should one study it.

What is Web Development?

Web development has several activities connecting to the creation, building and maintenance of a website. The elegant and informative web page that one comes across in their browsers has immense hard work put on it behind the scenes. Web development ranges developing complex electronic businesses, web applications, and social network services. It also contains simply developing a plain texted static page. Web development might include web designing, web engineering, web content development, server-side/client-side scripting, e-commerce development, etc.

Teams of web developers for larger enterprises and organisations may number in the hundreds and create websites using standardised techniques like Agile processes. Smaller businesses could simply need a single permanent or contract developer, or they might allocate additional personnel to similar roles like IT technician or graphic designer. Instead of being the purview of a single department, web development may involve departmental collaboration.

Although every website may have distinct attributes, three essential components carry out meticulous interaction between a website and user-

Client or Front-end

This includes web page and browser functions and design using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. The biggest challenge, in this sphere, is to ensure that websites function the same on all browsers.

The front-end developer builds a sequence of programs to tie and arrange the elements. They make them appear attractive and interactive. It can be the drop-down menus, the visual elements of the website, and the texts. A browser is used to launch these programs.

Server or Back-end

The server or back-end consists of hosting, code generation, database handling, and data storage. The server, a remote computer that runs “on the other side,” is in charge of processing databases and generating site code.

The backend developer employs software to make sure the server, the app, and the database work together without any issues. This kind of developer must assess the requirements of an organisation and offer effective programming ideas. They employ a range of server-side languages, including Ruby, PHP, Java and Python to perform all of this incredible work.


Instead of having its data kept on a desktop or its associated storage, one can access a web database from the internet or a local network. Databases are stored on websites and are used for both personal and professional purposes. Access is given through a web browser because they are a software as a service (SaaS) offering. For instance, the database stores a user’s login and account information.

This is what web development is, in brief. When you enrol for the best web development course after the 12th, you will get to know about this topic in more detail. For now, let’s jump to the next section.

Why Should You Study Web Development?

Digital literacy has increased a lot. With everything going online, there is a high need for web developers. Nowadays, retail industries, restaurants, and various others have gone online. Web developers create interactive websites. They build websites for different industries, letting organisations offer services at a global scale.

  • Job security- Due to the demand for web development in every sphere, you will get various job offers. There is no scope of living jobless if you choose a career as a web developer, as this sector will continue to grow in demand.
  • Lucrative- When considering whether or not to study web development, income shouldn’t be the sole concern; nonetheless, it ought to be taken into account. Money is one factor to consider when you want to apply for any course or job. The average pay for web developers appears to be rather great. You can work in an organisation or as a freelance web developer and earn well. If you get the chance, you can even start your online store, blog, etc.
  • Flexibility- since the pandemic that occurred in 2020, there has become an understanding of remote work and working at the office. People adapted to the change due to the scare and it turned out to be a huge success. Hence, web development is one such platform, where all you need is an internet connection and a laptop. Sit in the comfort of your home and earn hefty money.
  • Creativity- Web development is one way to enhance your design skills. It’s not just about coding. Before starting with the development process, you must consider the layout, readable yet eye-catching fonts, suitable colours, striking visual assets, and other factors. This implies that you can improve or develop your design abilities. By gaining inspiration from the website designs of others that are available online, you may also develop your style. An excellent website has a professional, tidy layout.

Web development is one of the best careers to opt for in 2023. You’ll find institutes that have experienced faculties and affordable web development course fees in Kolkata. Give it a chance not only for its lucrative offer but the lovely experience that would come with it.

Top Trending Web Development Courses for Beginners

The field of web development has long been popular. Web developers were the original remote employees. Are you considering a career in web development? Enrol in the best web development courses for beginners in Kolkata. You can learn a lot about web development from a tonne of courses available online. In this section, we give you a list of the top trending web development courses.

1. MERN Stack Web Development Course


Best MERN Stack Training Institute in Kolkata


The MERN Stack, which combines Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS, is a trendy technology. It is an admired full-stack programming platform that aids in creating mobile and online apps. Additionally, it has developed into a general education course with a focus on careers. MERN stack has various features like being user-friendly, interactive and high performing. For the front end, the MERN stack used the React library and for the backend database and elements, it used MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js.

The top MERN stack web development course can help students get fully trained by industry experts. Students get in-depth knowledge of this subject with hands-on experience as the experts’ guide. Some full-stack engineers have become successful in the industry. Therefore, a course will help in the future. The MERN stack web development course for beginners will prove to be a great start for individuals wanting to learn after finishing their schooling.

  • The demand for the course

Multinational and conglomerate companies always hire full-stack developers for software or web development processes. Apart from being extremely popular, the best MERN stack web development course is a user-friendly tool. It helps improve apps to a huge extent. You don’t need to know millions of programming languages. MERN covers everything- from front-end to back-end. There is an advantage of using one language like JavaScript because it proves to be extremely effective for web development.

The best web development courses online will prove to be beneficial for many reasons. It is valued in organisations, whether they are medium-sized, small or large. The success of the company is dependent on the applications and websites they provide. This is seen as a mark of technological progress. We can safely say that enrolling for the MERN stack web development course online will prove to be a perfect career option for you.

  • What you’re going to learn as a beginner?

Before applying for the top mean stack web development course, you need to have an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These will help a student have an enhanced concept of web development. It will also let students know how other stacks work. Beginners need to start with the basics of the Web and how it should be taken into leverage. They will then learn CSS3, and HTML5, use Git and GitHub, NodeJS, fundamentals of HTTP, and CRUD operation, and understand the React framework, authentication and authorization. MERN stack is the finest

  • Career Opportunity

The most popular stack right now is the MERN stack. You can verify this fact by searching for jobs on various employment sites. You can look for Express developer jobs, React or Node developer jobs. There are job opportunities as a senior software engineer, full stack developer, MERN stack developer, Senior manager (MERN stack), and so on. Enrol in the best web development course after the 12th and find endless career opportunities.

  • Future Scope

MERN stack developers are in quite high demand since it uses a single language, i.e., Javascript. Companies benefit from it and invest in professionals having expertise in this field. they get responsive web platforms or web applications. It is an excellent instrument that produces results that are quick and easy. Because developing and running the MERN software is critical in today’s world, it is imperative to know how the stack operates.

Everything today runs on Javascript, therefore, it’s wise to choose the best mean stack web development course. It is present everywhere and removes the need to change contexts. This makes the work much simpler. By pursuing this course, students will know how to combine several languages in a single stack. If you apply for the MERN stack course, you get a chance to make contemporary applications. The demand for apps will only keep rising so, the future is enthralling in this field.

  • Salary Structure

The average salary of a MERN stack developer is Rs 5 lakh per annum. The salary can range between Rs 2 lakhs a year to Rs 10 lakhs a year. However, income may vary because of factors like qualification, demand in the market, company size, and location. Research your options in all aspects and then make a decision.

2. Mean Stack Web Development Course


Best MEAN Stack Training Institute in Kolkata


Mongo DB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS are the four web development technologies that make up the acronym MEAN. With the help of this full-stack development tool, students of the MEAN stack web development course online can create custom applications. The technology is currently in extremely high demand, which renders its future more promising. There is an increase in people choosing the MEAN Stack course along with the increase in demand for full-stack engineers.

Companies are looking for qualified full-stack engineers. Due to this demand, you may opt to pursue MEAN Stack immediately after finishing the 12th. It promises to create fantastic opportunities for your company.

  • The demand for the course

There is high demand for this course because of a few reasons. It helps students to facilitate an outstanding execution environment for both the client and server side. The demand for the MEAN stack web development course will be the best choice in 2023 due to its versatility in making web applications and mobile apps swiftly and smoothly.

We are aware that businesses require developers at every stage of their IT initiatives. As a result, courses in the IT sector that are taken after receiving a degree, like MEAN stack, will assist to open up work opportunities. Those, who are new to this course can easily go for the MEAN stack web development course for beginners. People opt for it due to its flexibility, ease of understanding, etc. Companies keep looking for those who have earned a certificate in the best mean stack web development course.

  • What you’re going to learn as a beginner?

Unquestionably, the MEAN stack is the most widely used software stack for full-stack web development. In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in demand for full-stack developers. Great institutes are delivering MEAN stack web development courses for beginners.

Students applying for this course will learn to make full-stack applications with Node, Express, React, and MongoDB. They will master Node Js API development and have a deep understanding of Express routing and Express JS. There will be in-depth information about MongoDB operations. Students will learn to write functional elements with React hooks and develop single-page applications with React. There are a variety of opportunities in this field, so apply soon.

  • Career Opportunity

It offers an efficient process for making rapid prototypes of web-based apps and dynamic web pages. Consequently, it makes sense to devote time to mastering MEAN Stack development to improve and broaden your job options in web development. It is safe to apply in the best mean stack web development course. You can work as a full stack developer, Node JS MEAN stack developer, MEAN stack web developer, Senior software developer (Mean stack), or Full stack developer (Angular and Node js). Find MEAN stack best web development course after 12th and experience a skyrocketing career

  • Future Scope

The finest employment opportunity today offers boundless scope and MEAN Stack Development. In several process streams, including databases, frontend, testing, backend, and apps, developers are available. It used to be accepted wisdom that you could advance in a certain job with your improved talents as you gained competence. Best practices of today have reversed the trend.

To be a MEAN stack developer is a difficult but incredibly rewarding job. Those who decide on MEAN Stack will have a successful future. Developers can pick from a wide range of areas by understanding the MEAN stack. Mobile, web, desktop, and IoT are all possible. Better career prospects, adaptability, productivity, security, and many other factors will all be present.

  • Salary Structure

In India, a MEAN Stack Developer typically makes between Rs. 5.3 and 6.4 lakhs per annum. Starting pay for freshers (with 0–2 years of experience) ranges from Rs. 3.7 to 5 lakh per annum. In contrast, professionals with 4-6 years of expertise in their area typically earn between Rs. 6.8 and 9.2 lakhs per year, while those with more than 8–10 years of experience get an average yearly pay between Rs. 15-22 lakh a year.

3. Advanced PHP with Laravel Course


Advanced PHP with Laravel Training Institute Kolkata


Advanced PHP and Laravel course is another option under web development courses with certificates. It is a framework that helps in rapid software development. Any person who is tech-savvy and has an interest in developing an interactive website can go for advanced PHP and Laravel courses. PHP and Laravel is the most preferred tool to create a stylish website in a hassle-free manner.

Laravel’s most amazing features are that it has a complete authentication system, object-relational mapping, automatic testing, command–line interface, and virtual development environment. Several websites use this powerful framework.

Individuals today have become more ambitious than the generation before. This is because of so many opportunities filled around them. If you plan to enrol in the best PHP and Laravel course, it will help you make smooth and responsive web applications and websites. This dynamic framework is all about developing e-commerce stores. You can try such a course that has rewarding career prospects.

  • The demand for the course

There are several trendy PHP frameworks accessible in 2023. So why do people pick Laravel? Developers and companies may both benefit greatly from Laravel. The top PHP and Laravel courses can give you an excellent career option. Anyone who loves creating web applications and wishes to work with a strong framework is welcome to enrol in this advanced PHP with Laravel course. If anyone is presently working as a developer or has a background in PHP, they can easily transfer into this field. It will spice up your resume by having a new portfolio.

The demand is high for PHP frameworks, which include Cake PHP, Symfony, Codeigniter, Phalcon, and Yii. But among the top PHP MVC frameworks, Laravel takes the highest spot. Developers use this path more frequently due to its adaptability and simplicity. The PHP Laravel framework has a test mechanism embedded into it to guarantee that all web applications are completely bug-free.

  • What you’re going to learn as a beginner?

Students applying to this course can learn a lot and have a bright future. Through the top PHP and laravel courses, students will learn how to create apps using Laravel. They will learn how to use routes, install Laravel in MAC and Windows, Laravel ORM and Raw SQL queries. You will know how to create BULK functionality, learn about controllers, and more. Before applying, they must know about basic OOP PHP. Apply in this course because the popularity of Laravel keeps grown since 2011.

  • Career Opportunity

Laravel is a well-known PHP framework. All positions requiring web programming require this expertise, and the best PHP and Laravel courses give you the highest chance of getting the job or progressing in it. You can be a Laravel developer, Senior PHP laravel developer, Senior backend developer (PHP/Laravel), Senior PHP laravel full stack developer, and Backend developer (PHP/Laravel). You can choose advanced PHP with Laravel as the best web development course after the 12th and make the most out of it.

  • Future Scope

Since 2011, Laravel has gained fame on a worldwide scale. The Laravel framework is now used by millions of websites. This includes more than 284,000 online sites hosted in the US. So you can imagine how the kind of future it will have globally. Laravel is a great framework for web apps since it makes it simple and quick for developers to create projects. So, it stands to reason that over the coming few years, demand for Laravel developers will only increase.

There are countless advantages when one applies for top PHP and Laravel courses. It is a great investment for your future and is quite superior compared to other courses due to its easy framework, improved cache technology and perfect verification mechanism. It is a future-ready platform that can construct multiple websites to gain a huge market presence.

Any small to the medium-sized organisation will want Laravel development solutions or Laravel developers in the approaching years. This is because of its major adaptability feature, scalability potential, and cost-effectiveness. For this reason, go for the advanced PHP with Laravel web development course. You will gain great exposure and will climb high in this field soon.

  • Salary Structure

A laravel developer can earn between Rs 1.2 lakh to Rs 6.5 lakh per annum. The average salary in this field would be Rs 3 lakh per year. However, this may differ due to the job location, job position, company size, qualification, experience, and market demand. You have to do thorough research and analysis of the course in every aspect before jumping the boat. Go for the best web development institute in Kolkata and see a colourful career in front of you.

4. Node JS Web Development Course


Best Node JS Training Institute in Kolkata


You can use the open-source, cross-platform server environment called Node.js with macOS, Unix, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. Node.js is a back-end runtime environment for JavaScript that performs JavaScript code outside of a web browser using the V8 JavaScript Engine. This feature makes it possible to make back-end applications, utilizing a similar JavaScript programming language you are familiar with. Node JS lets you write down JavaScript on both server and the client. It has a vibrant community and is much in demand.

Begin with the Node Js web development course and fly high professionally. You get exclusive career opportunities through such job-oriented courses. the NodeJS course assists you in learning the myriad details of the IT industry. With an amazing conceptual understanding of the sector, you can use exceptional features and traits of this framework.

  • The demand for the course

One of the responsibilities of Node.js developers is the construction of server-side web app logic in Javascript or other computer languages like Python and Ruby. Node JS developers frequently manage backend services. They also do data exchanges between both the server and the consumer application. Additionally, Node.js engineers keep the database up to date to make sure that programmes are updated and of the greatest calibre, giving consumers the best experience possible. Due to the minimalistic and convenient to software engineers, node js web development course for beginners is high in demand.


There is an endless number of courses available online and offline. This is a sign of the increasing demand for the course. If you wish to have a career that has a sure-shot future, apply at the best node js web development course. Numerous institutions offer this type of course with excellent faculty because of its demand value. To fully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the top node js web development course and reach a decision, you must thoroughly investigate this choice.

  • What you’re going to learn as a beginner?

It’s simple to get started with Node.js. Node JS is a popular option for novices in web development. The big community and abundance of tutorials make getting started quite simple. To apply for this course, you need to know JavaScript, understand non-blocking, and learn the basic concepts of the event loop, global variables, and code writing. You also need to learn all the libraries that come with it.

A beginner can learn to build remarkable NodeJS applications like the CMS. They can create a registration and login system via Node JS and learn how to use Mongoose. Beginners will learn to make custom events, import and export data, use the Express framework and manage HTTP requests. They will learn to deal with files and use WebSockets and Passport JS. Enrol in the best node js web development course for the best career results.

  • Career Opportunity

Most people begin their careers as front-end developers at the basic level, creating apps utilizing HTML, JavaScript, plus CSS. Then other technologies are added to the project to make everything more practical and effective. One such tool is Node.js. Candidates who have worked with this technology for 5–6 years as senior developers are often promoted to team leads, scrum masters, architects, and product owners. People who like moving into management-based positions typically end up as line managers, team managers, or people managers.

Additionally, a lot of people launch their enterprises or consulting firms. Some choose teaching, blogging, online and in-person training, and book authoring. These Node.js experts have interesting job opportunities in game formation, product development, and application development.

Jobs as software developers are constantly in demand. Server administration, back-end development, UX/UI development, front-end development, and sub-areas require professional personnel. The emerging sector of “Full Stack Development” continues to dominate the market in terms of positions offered and pay in software engineering and Node Js is a talent that greatly aids in this. Therefore, find the top node js web development course and start or enhance your career.

  • Future Scope

Node Js course has unyielding demand leading to several job opportunities. We know that Javascript is widely used because of its simplicity with Node Js. It has a great salary package too. Developers that work with Node.js have a distinct set of duties and abilities. It’s harder to gain the skills required because it’s a more complicated profession that calls for knowledge of several technologies, but it also pays high.

If you want to become a Node Js developer, you must have developmental experience. This will help you design a perfect Javascript. After having in-depth knowledge of web libraries and frameworks, you have a wonderful and high-paying future in front of you.

There is no denying that Node Js is widely used in some powerful websites like PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn and so on. This makes it a powerhouse tool no matter what you debate about it. Plus, trendy technologies used by renowned brands are something to look into when making a career decision. One of the top IT professions today is Node JS. It is not surprising that Node JS developers are in high demand in the job market given the recent exponential expansion of this industry. If you choose the right institute, there is scope to find a Node JS web development course in Kolkata with placement and a remarkable pay package.

  • Salary Structure

The entry-level compensation for front-end development is about 3-5 lakhs, but for graduates from tier-A colleges, it may go up to 7-8 lakhs. With five years of experience, a person’s pay may climb to 12 to 15 lakhs as they gain more knowledge and abilities in their field. Large MNCs and well-known companies often pay more for qualified individuals and offer various wide range of additional advantages and incentives.

Similar to this, corporations like Facebook, Google, or Twitter frequently pay full-stack programmers (5-7 years of expertise) up to 20-22 lakhs depending on the project and intricacy of the subject.

5. React JS Web Development Course


Best React JS Training Institute in Kolkata


Another trendy web development course to go for is the JavaScript-based programming language, React JS. It brings with it some new approaches to creating a vibrant and responsive web page. React JS has garnered a high amount of popularity among developers and certain businesses. It is because of its swiftly growing Javascript libraries developing exceptional user interfaces.

Opting the React JS and enrolling in the best web development course after the 12th is the best alternative for an individual. Your future is accelerated with React JS, which offers a fantastic job opportunity. It is the ideal framework for setting the job oriented course for your career.


The top React JS web development course is a smart choice in 2023 because many top firms, like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Instagram, and others use it. Many additional medium, small, and large businesses are using React JS to enter the digital world in their wake. Even now, a lot of firms are changing their structure. Prepare yourself to discover the amazing, cutting-edge employment opportunities that are waiting for you.

  • The demand for the course

There has not been a greater year to study React than 2023 since it is the most widely used JavaScript library for developing front-end applications. Modern React websites have gained popularity in recent years. To expand their user base many business titans opt to create ReactJS websites. Several other websites, including Reddit, Salesforce, Instagram, Facebook, the BBC, Airbnb, and GitHub are an example of React websites.

React gives better performance, has simpler application development, and has unidirectional data flow. It works both for web and mobile and has special tools for debugging. All of these features make it a highly demanding course because all companies need them. Therefore, apply for the best react js web development course online and see the magic unfold for your future.

  • What you’re going to learn as a beginner?

Many newcomers would want to try the react js web development course for beginners. Students will learn React components, event handling, React state management, routing in React, React Native and React application testing. Students will about React and web development, managing all the navigation with routes, asynchronous programming with saga middleware, react state management using redux and more. Learn these in the finest website development course in Kolkata to have a great future in this field.

  • Career Opportunity

Once you enrol on the web design and development course in Kolkata and finish it, there will be opportunities pouring in for you. The React JS library is an excellent tool, thus companies must collaborate on projects with experienced React developers. A talented developer can produce beautiful user interfaces for excellent online applications.

You can work as a Front-end developer (React JS), React Js developer, and React JS software developer. There is high demand and diverse roles in full stack development or UI engineering, or any of the domains under web development.

  • Future Scope

React web development will keep on ruling the web development sector in 2023 and beyond. Isn’t that reason enough to apply for react js web development course online? ReactJS has emerged as the best JavaScript framework for designing beautiful user interfaces, because of its ease of use and increased versatility.

It paves the way for React to emerge as a prominent web development platform in the future. Studies indicate that in the coming years, there will be a steady increase in the need for and extent of any ReactJS development company. Businesses are choosing this library increasingly, which is component-based, for the correct reasons. React JS not only saves money and time but also makes it possible to break down an interface into reusable components. This enables the development of dynamic user interfaces. Several companies like Instagram, Facebook, and Airbnb have included React JS in their online services.

Library constraints have always been a concern when utilising frameworks, but ReactJS has eliminated this issue. With React, developers can now quickly put in new plugins to already existing code to enlarge a web solution’s functionality or capabilities.

We are not exaggerating when we state that ReactJS is the ideal choice for companies trying to develop visually appealing and scalable applications. Businesses must employ ReactJS to provide the best experience for their consumers. Therefore these are reasons enough to apply to the best web development training institute in Kolkata and start earning well in this field.

  • Salary Structure

React JS is unquestionably an ideal framework for businesses and app developers. It is sophisticated, user-friendly and responsive. In the past few years, it has become a potent tool. It has become a powerful technology for developing enterprise-level applications. It streamlines the development method for developers, resulting in quicker, more cost-effective development.

People who would work as React JS Developers will gain a salary between Rs 2 lakhs to 12 lakhs. They earn an average income of Rs 4.5 lakhs per year, though this may vary due to factors, like educational qualification, experience, company size, and location. Choose a reliable and top-notch institute for web development training in Kolkata and earn well.

A Noteworthy Web Development Institute in Kolkata Awaits You!

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