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Learn Nodejs by best professionals, in Webskitters academy. Being the best Nodejs training institute, we offer an advance learning with real life project. Node js is an open-source, cross-platform scripting language. There were some restricted features in JavaScript, Node js has added other facilities to facilitate a website. A large module of Node js is written in Java Script. Node js offers non-blocking I/O API. It is traditionally used for websites and backend API services.

The benefits of Node js are:

Easy scalability.

Single programming language

High performance.

Large and Active Community.

Advantage of Cache

Highly Extensible

Liberty to develop app.



OOPs Concept Preferable

Course Content

Module 1:



Module 2:

Introduction to Node JS.

What is Node JS?

Advantages of Node JS3.


Module 3:

Setup Dev Environment

Install Node.js on Windows

Installing in mac os

Installing in Linux

Node JS Console

Connection and folder structure of node js

REPL stands for Read-Eval-Print-Loop)

Node JS Modules



Module Exports


Module 4:

Node Package Manager

What is NPM?

Installing Packages Locally

Adding dependency in package.json

Updating packages

Installing packages globally


Module 5:

Creating Web server

Creating web server

Handling http requests

Sending requests


Module 6:

File System File

Deleting a file

Writing a file asynchronously


Module 7:


Configuring routes

Working with express


Module 8:

Database connectivity

Mongo DB Configuring


Updating records

Deleting records


Module 9:

Template Engines

Why Template Engine

What is EJS



Module 10:

Basic Node Modules for project

Body Parser

Cookie Parser



Module 11: Project

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