React JS


Webskitters Academy is the best React.js training institute in kolkata. React.js is an open source framework used to build user interface written in Java Script. It is mostly used to develop single page application. High performance apps are being made using React.js. It allows developers to build reusable UI components. It allows to work with more friendly virtual browser. It is the most widely used Java Script library. App developers can work swifter and more efficiently, because it can work simply by refreshing the viewing page.

The benefits of React.js are:

  • Boosts productivity.
  • Facilitates maintenance.
  • Faster rendering.
  • guarantees stable code.
  • SEO friendly.
  • helpful toolset for developers.
  • Easy to learn.
  • C programming,
  • OOPs concept
  • JavaScript.
Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to HTML5

HTML tags and attributes


Module 2: CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets)

Difference between ID and Class.

Box Model implementation.


Module 3: ES6 Features


Class and Constructors



New Feature of ES6, ES7,ES8,ES9

Template Strings


Module 4: React

What is React?

React Phases

State and Props

Virtual DOM


Project setup and First Application Execution


Module 5: Component

Component Introduction

Component Life cycle

Creating new component

Working with components

Passing Data between Parent component and child component



Concept of Element


Module 6: Routing

Routes & Router Module

Working with Multiple Components.

Navigation with Router Links

Routes with Value Passing


Module 7: Design



Module 8: REDUX



Data Binding


Module 9: Data Management





Module 10: Create Form & Validation

Template Driven Forms

Adding validation to check user input.

Outputting validation Error Messages


Module 11: Types of Component

HOC(Higher order Component)

Pure Components

Controlled vs. uncontrolled components

Event Handling


Module 12: Middleware

Concept of Middleware

Why it is necessary?


Module 13: React Hook


Life Cycle



Module 14: Understanding of Node

Create Node Server Application

Module in Node.js


Module 15: Node Package Manager

Installation of Packages

Sync & Async function



Module 16: Middleware

What is Express

Routes using Express & Node


Module 17: MongoDB

MongoDB features

Data Model and Schema

Connecting DB using Node


Module 18: Node API

Insert API

Display API

Login API


Module 19: Service and Dependency Injection

Service Basics

Injecting Services


Module 20: HTTP Request

Introduction & How HTTP Request work in SPA.

Sending GET/ POST/ PUT/DELETE Requests.

Using the Returned data.


Module21: Observables

Built in Observables.

Custom Observables


Module 22: Authentication and Route protection in React Application

Creating a Sign-Up Page & Route


Module 23: Project

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