Some Latest Top Trends in the World of Web Development

This year some distinguishing trends have been noticed in the world of website development that we are going to discuss today. Tech world has seen a tidal change with the implementation of highly advanced tools.

 Top 10 trends that have ruled the world of website development

Here are the list of top 10 best trends of website development that is popular everywhere in the world.

Motion UI

One of the greatest developments this season in the realm of web development is a unique front-end framework that helps in developing completely responsive web apps. Combined with the latest technology of ‘Google’s Material Design’, Motion UI is an emerging trend that will go further with the help of new frameworks such as ‘Polymer Project’.

Highly Developed Semantic UI

Responsive web design is facing a new challenge that of optimizing along wearable goods such as Apple Watch or Oculus Rift. For app design, Semantic UI is looking promising. In addition, ZURB Foundation has evolved as one of the most powerful front-end responsive framework around the world.

New Framework for Apps

ZURB Foundation is the latest framework that introduces some astonishing features regarding app templates; an integrated environment for JavaScript development; added features including Angular JS and Gulp; latest design elements like FlexBox Grid and Motion UI. Surely this framework is looking excessively promising.

Use of Node.js

Node.js is a server side web application development framework that is looking promising to take a formidable role in this world. This shift would make both front-end and back-end coding much easier as then developers could code in JavaScript for both ends.

UI Components For Websites

ReactJS and Polymer will gain in popularity as developers love to adopt reusable dynamic components. RactJS library is a framework-agnostic user interface builder that is this library does not create dependency. FaceBook also uses this library to build superfast user interfaces. Larger Framework is the Polymer Project that creates client-side applications in addition to the incorporation of responsive designs.

New Features Of Javascript

As browsers are accelerating in speed and ability WebGL 3Dwill become supremely popular.  With the help of three.js more such applications are evolving using this web browser technique.

Website APIs

Using a single codebase new web apps would be built that would be used by native apps as well as web apps. The simplicity of codebase will heighten its popularity.

Single Page Applications

Above-mentioned technologies will rise in popularity and so is the single page applications.


Recently a phenomenon took place that has bewildered everyone and that is the rise in the popularity of Instagram than Twitter as more users have used it. Now people are finding these image sharing sites more interesting than microblog sites. Latest trends and developments for Pinterest or SnapChat will improve further.

What’s Internet of Things (IOT)?

This may sound a science fiction but it’s not. Internet of Things or IOT is a network of embedded technique equipped physical objects such as toasters, heat pumps, ovens, cars, and plants so that you can control and communicate with them. This technique would make your house more appliance-smart.

Recently Chairman of Google Mr. Eric Schmidt said that the concept of the internet would annihilate, as it will become “part of your presence all the time”. True to this idea this year has seen (still now) a heightened focus upon software and cloud services so as to interconnect all sensors, data uploading and analyzing analytics report to get insights for better communications among businesses.

Overall many interesting innovations have been enlisted in the group of the latest trend in the world of web development and we are looking forward towards more such techniques. Surely website development techniques are in a nascent stage with enormous future prospects. If you’re thinking about a career in IT world then a vast realm is opened in the form of different frameworks and languages.

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