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Join Kolkata’s Advanced Webflow, Wix Studio & Squarespace web design course and master the art of curating responsive, customized and professional visual web designs.

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5 - 6 Months

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Webflow, Wix Studio & Squarespace Web Design Course

At Webskitters Academy, you can avail the best Webflow design course in Kolkata, designed by experts for an advanced learning program. Excel in the intricacies of web designing with interactive Webflow lessons and Wix studio training.

The masterclass entails a thorough understanding of the robust web design and development platform – Webflow. The course covers the basics of HTML and CSS and introduces candidates to Bootstrap, JavaScript and JQuery. Candidates experience a smooth transition under the guidance of top industry experts and acquire professional web design skills.

This web design with web flow course in Kolkata thoroughly explores Webflow, Wix and Squarespace and helps candidates master the basics from scratch.

The comprehensive Webflow training guides in designing elements, structure, typography, media, advanced elements, etc. The Wix Studio, expert guidance section, entails mastering the platform tools, template customization and content optimisation techniques.

The Webflow Course with Certification brilliantly encompasses the aspects of Squarespace, a fully functional, no-code website builder. Squarespace design skills include interface and feature mastery, customization, and responsive design.

Join the Webflow beginner to the advanced course and receive a globally recognized certificate and a complete placement assistance.

Key Highlights of Web Design with Webflow Course at Webskitters Academy

Demo Class

Explore the learning curve of the Advanced Webflow design course through our demo classes. Access the curriculum and analyze the training expertise.

Seamless Payment Structure

Acquire web design expertise with Wix Studio and kickstart your design career with structured payment options.

Best-in-Class Course Module

Webskitters Academy offers an updated Webflow course curriculum to help candidates stay competitive and ahead in the market.

Industry-Leading Mentors

Gain Wix Studio hands-on experience and other Webflow and Squarespace intricacies under industry-leading mentors.

Round-the-Clock Candidates

Receive complete career support, including mock exams and opportunities to hone Webflow interactive design abilities while working on actual projects.

Grooming Classes

Through our structured grooming classes, we help train ideal candidates for recruiters and prepare them for the web design industry.

Globally Recognised Web Design Certificate

Kolkata’s exclusive web design certification is globally recognized, and candidates can navigate the web design job market with expertise and confidence.

Complete Placement Assistance

Webskitters Academy offers the best Webflow course for web design and a complete placement assistance in esteemed organizations for assured success.

Live-Project Experience

The Webflow professional course in Kolkata and Durgapur offers a comprehensive live-project experience to prepare candidates for the job market.


Benefits of Webflow and Wix Studio Web Design Course in Kolkata

  • Offline and online modes of classes are available for student convenience.
  • Interactive web design and Webflow training under industry-leading mentors.
  • We have a dedicated learning structure to kickstart a web design career seamlessly.
  • Advanced classes with updated curriculum for design candidates to possess a competitive advantage.
  • Customized learning program for the design students to master Wix Studio, Squarespace, and Webflow.
  • Top-notch student support within a streamlined network.
  • Personalized Webflow training and Wix studio training sessions for adequate mastery of the skills.
  • The course prioritizes fundamental skills and helps brush up on technical concepts and soft skills under expert guidance.
  • Learn about the best hiring organization and remain at the forefront of the job market with the place guarantee.
  • Acquire state-of-the-art knowledge through live-project sessions.
  • The structured Webflow course with certification helps enhance skills and expand the potential with continuous improvement.
  • Get accustomed to the vast networking possibilities with the best Webflow and Squarespace design course in Kolkata.
  • We assure you of guaranteed placement on course completion and a continuous commitment to candidate support.

Career Scope of Our Expert-structured Webflow Web Design Course in Kolkata

With a Webflow web design course, candidates can now bid farewell to complex web design and development processes. The web design course in Kolkata is a blend of Webflow training, Wix Studio online classes, and Squarespace advanced design program, enabling students to develop highly responsive web visuals.

The course helps you master the powerful web design platforms and take custom web design to the next level. Candidates can master intricate web design structures without coding skills and advanced technical knowledge.

The Webflow web design course covers all the core concepts needed to kickstart a web design career, from HTML and CSS structure to Webflow and Wix studio elements.

The modern web designing course offers an added layer of expertise, and candidates possess the ideal skills to grab top positions in the market.

What Webflow Projects will you work on during the course?

The Squarespace and Webflow training in Kolkata offered by Webskitters Academy provides the opportunity to work on comprehensive web design projects. The platform boasts quality internship programs for candidates to gain hands-on web design experience for a top-notch knowledge base.

  • On-spot design and development
  • Interactive interfaces
  • No-code front-end experience
  • Responsive design features
  • Intricate animations
  • Custom web presence
  • Reusable styles
  • Flexbox and CSS grid

Master Webflow website design with our comprehensive web design course, which includes Webflow, Wix Studio, and Squarespace. Webflow is a powerful platform with a no-code environment, ideal for beginners planning to learn from scratch. The course entails the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. Additionally, it covers the advanced aspects of Webflow, Wix Studio, and Squarespace.

Our Students Are Placed in Reputed Firms

What Our Recruiters are Saying

We hired the students from Webskitters Academy and to our surprise we found out that they are brilliant in their work! No way we can call them students, they are professionals. They know their work, have the skills and are well-groomed for the profession. Thanks, Webskitters Academy for such a comprehensive training!

Payal Chatterjee HR Manager

“We are happy with the quality of training that the Webskitters Academy students have received. Few of them have been on-board with us recently and they have impressed us. We would recommend our associates to hire freshers from this institute, they make sure that the students are well-trained and prepared for the industry.”

Sayani Dey HR Executive

“We are glad to have hired the students from Webskitters Academy! We have to mention that they are trained to be the professionals. From the first day onwards, they have shown their excellence, and it is very impressive. Our team is also happy with their involvement and performance. Looking forward to hire more excellent students from them!”

Rounak Dhar HR Executive

“It was for the first time that we hired students from Websitters Academy. We had some doubts regarding freshers, but to our surprise, they are very good in their work. They know exactly how to do a particular job keeping the industry standards in mind. Our organization is happy to have them. Their codes, and development skills are perfect, suitable for the industry. It proves that they have been trained comprehensively. Good work by the faculties of Webskitters Academy. We will definitely recruit more young talents from you.”

Soma Das Executive HR, Allide Media

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