Creating a Great First Impression Each And Every Time

There are lots of determinants of our professional careers. Among them the first noticeable one is undoubtedly the first impressions. The first impression one can makes on the interviewer could determine the most important thing whether you are getting hired for a job or not. Moreover the first impression, you make with the coworkers could easily determine how well you fit into any culture. In fact the first impression can also determine potential clients as well as influence the ability to close the sale.
To be honest, there are some elements of a first impression which surely comes down to luck and is certainly impossible to control but there certain factors which can be controlled to create a great first impression. Here are some keys to land yourself a great first impression.

  • Change your appearance

Appearance should not matter as much as interaction and personality but it actually does. To be honest, the way you appear does form the first impression in some other person’s mind. Personal hygiene is very important and appropriately dressing for an event does matter rather than overdressing.
Double check your appearance while entering the room and looks for any sort of stains and stray hairs and pay attention to every small details.

  • Be confident with proper controlled body language

The body language does say a lot of about the person. Keep your body posture more open as well as inviting and certainly not cold and distant. Properly use the hands as well as arms to properly make gestures while speaking as well as to punctuate the important pints in the conversation you are making.

Webskitters academy on page error solvingAvoid making frequent comments or unnecessary comments. Make proper eye contact with all the people in the room without breaking it too fast or too slow.

  • Loosen up with a natural conversation

Directly do not jump into professional conversation but do not remain quiet either. Talk to them like a normal person and like a friend. Loosen the atmosphere of the meeting with interpersonal conversation.
Talk about various topics like weather, sports as well as the venue of the meeting and form a better first impression.

  • Keep your emotions in check

It is very easy to go in flow with your emotions when you are having a bad day but that does not mean to do so. Never let your personal distress rule your head and clear your mind out of your emotions with proper medications and controlled emotions.

  • Smile and laugh

These could technically form under body language but there are very important when one deserves to make separate entry. Laugh and smile is contagious. The more you do, the more the person you are meeting will do so.

Positive emotions are very feel associated with the goodwill of a meeting and you will surely leave a much better impression. But if you are smiling, then it proves that you are easy and fun to get along with.

  • Be a good listener

Most of the people like to be heard when they speak. Try never to interrupt when a person is speaking or give an impression that you are not paying full attention. Give effort you listen to that person carefully.

There are some actions which prove that you are listening. These actions include nodding the head, making proper eye contact, making verbal recognition. A great listener is a great person.

  • Be yourself

This is the important piece of advice but it is certainly a piece of cliché and is often neglected by young professionals.

Never do anything which looks over enthusiastic and do not put on the corporate mask and bury your actual self identity. People always appreciate sincerity.

With these keys, you can seriously make a great first impression and do not be afraid to practice them as you will make the first impressions no matter wherever you go.

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Ayan Sarkar

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