Why do the developers prefer the ROOM Database over SQlite Database?

The concept of “ROOM” has given a new ray of hope for the Android Application Developers. It is a part of the Jetpack Compose Library in the field of a database in Android. Perhaps ROOM is a library to manage and execute all the database functionality in an easier and faster way. It also plays a vital role in reducing manual error.

Previously, we have to work with the SQLite database whose glory has been faded as ROOM grabbed the faith of the developers to work with the database management. Let’s understand how the ROOM database moves past the SQLite database within a shorter period.

SQLite Database and its feature:

Technically, it’s a lighter version of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), which is open-sourced. It consumes little amount of storage space (around 250-kilo bytes in size). That’s the reason every android system has SQLite database support.

Let’s discuss the drawbacks it has which pushed it back to second place behind the ROOM database.

Drawbacks of SQLite Database:

If programmers made any mistake during the declaration of the raw SQL query, then it will never show the mistake that they have made. However, the application will crash during the execution of the queries. This happens because of the absence of compile-time checking of the raw queries.

  • We have to rectify the query manually if the schema gets changed.
  • A huge number of pre-defined codes need to be declared to convert the SQL queries into Java Objects.

Advantages of Using ROOM Database:

  • An abstraction layer/wrapper is provided over the ROOM database to get clear access to the database.
  • It will map the database object into a java object without the boilerplate codes.
  • Most importantly ROOM provides the annotation to perform any operation in the database instead of writing the raw SQL queries.
  • The room provides the compile-time query verification, which will reduce the error and provide a smooth connection between the database and the java objects.
  • That’s all about the ROOM database and the added features on it, which will help the developer to work freely in a faster and clean environment.

Sankhadeep Ghosh

Sankhadeep, a faculty at Webskitters Academy, have years of experience in the professional IT industry. Having worked as a professional, and gaining thorough and detailed understanding of the industry, he decided to share his experience in training young aspirants. With his talents, and expertise, he is able to resolve the queries of the students and polish their skills to perfection.

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