Newest Trends of Digital Marketing

For the year, 2015 digital marketing does not merely connect with making an important aspect of expanded marketing strategy.  This has now become a foundational instrument. Nowadays big corporations do not think if digital avenues will be used for such operations as the collection of data, all-round communication with customers and marketing techniques but their primary concern is how. There are daily changes at digital world such as modifying screen sizes, regular software updates, changing user interfaces and changing complexities regarding customer data that is available to the marketers. There is even a prospective growth opportunities for digital marketers in recent years.

Nowadays consumers want that the marketers and the selling company should be aware of the things that are most important for them. The rise of mobile devices has changed the whole scenario and people know that they could restrict certain stuff they do not want to see. Today’s customers want personalized marketing techniques. For this, their buying patterns should be analyzed, which brand they prefer and all such things should be perfectly researched.

Data Analysis For Driving Personalized Insights

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Individual insights are extremely important in today’s marketing techniques. Some other significant factors are as follows:

  • Toxicity testing.
  • Individual insights.
  • Increased or augmented reality.

Determining The Geo-Location

Biggest norm is the individualized marketing and those who do not follow the path will vanish from competition. According to marketing survey of 2015, that is data-driven analysis. This trend is gaining fast acceptance and will be a major trend in future too.

Digital marketing companies are unraveling more and more new ways of making into the top positions of the competitive world of marketing. Some ways are at trial and error phase. An upcoming trend is the delivery of push notifications for the users of mobile devices. However, here also, there should be a limiting factor and marketers should personally analyze what is the best number of such notifications. Marketers must also analyze how to optimally coordinate the push notifications with other ways of communication. Some popular trends of digital marketing for the year 2015 are as follows:

How To Optimize The Frequency?

Messaging frequency is based upon trial and error method and is referred by some organizations as ‘A/B Testing’ or ‘frequency optimization’. This method is becoming the favorite one at a rapid pace as a cost-effective and prominent marketing method. Contextually these methods can provide some invaluable insights towards the utilization of data for communicating with them and learning their behavior. Marketers rely upon the happy amount of messaging that is not too irritatingly high or not too low. Message overloading is a huge problem as it might lead towards unsubscribing.

Governance Of Data

Data governance is a crucial matter for all and digital marketers should follow some written and some unwritten norms of what should be published and what should be not? So much of data should be controlled properly and scrutinized before publication.


Gamifying of mobile data is the latest popular trend. This trend has been adopted by many consumer goods companies as well as service providers. Now, let us examine what this Gamification is? This is the process of user involvement, within a particular brand with the use of interactive, design schemes, which go well with games, creation of tracking, formation of competitions, and contests are some methods to increase positive mobile experience.


Capabilities for Geolocation that is enabled by mobile devices are providing great changes to the methods by which brands are interacting with customers on the move. They provide on time and contextual push notices and other lucrative offers.


Paid SEO is a good idea for effective customer targeting. The resulting anonymous data are also used for experience targeting. With this ‘look-alike’ retargeting and targeting the interest graph also takes place. Another important avenue is advertisement via social-media. Many marketers really prefer this media.

Significant 3 C’s

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This is creation, curate and cultivation of quality contents. Work in tandem with your digital marketing team. In addition, a real-time interaction with your customers is a quick way for enhancing brand interaction. This real-time response is the need of the hour. In response of customers’ demands, many companies provide quality contents via social media.

Digital marketing courses are available at various institutions and some of them provide quality education that comprises all modern techniques for marketing that are gaining popularity this year and will be prominent ways in future. Before choosing one make sure, you are going for the right institution and not influenced by gimmick. For this, you need to do a good deal of research.

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