Digital Tools To Make Your Learning Process Easily Acceptable

Learning is a constant process as throughout your life, you can gain knowledge. Your trainer does have the constant obligation to do what is right for you and may be your role model in many cases but being a student, you have to demonstrate integrity in your training session. But to have a student centered environment, the use of digital technology is very important in classroom. Certain skills needs to be practiced so that while you are under the learning process, your actions and beliefs are constant and you certainly have the capacity to listen to the concerns of others people with better absorbing capacity.
The presence in the social media is increased with the growth of digital technology. Your expression and social interaction is amplified along inspiring your social integrity preparing prospective students for difficult choices ahead. Better communication and collaboration can be harnessed with exclusive ranges of digital tools maintaining the originality of the work accountable for their decision making them self independent and a place to stand up for themselves.
Here are the tools which provides prospective students a platform for demonstrating their integrity in classroom and promoting better learning



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Turnitin promotes original work and encourages students to submit writing assignments in the appropriate way. It detects plagiarism along with improper citation. Plagiarism is demoted here and originality promoted giving credits to others and stoping plagiarism in education. You can get helpful honest feedback on other’s work with the exclusive feature of Turnitin’s PeerMark feature.



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Forgetting your assignment can be something students can be prone to but with Remind, trainers can safely text due-date reminders for various assignments right to the phones of parents and students. With this tool, students are more accountable for their work and choices.

In fact, if the deadline is missed then the student can be accountable for their choices. There is a two-way messaging service where the students can own up to if their work is late given explanation to the trainer in the right way.


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This tool can be described as a reporting tool which will allow students to take immediate action for any sort of bullying activities by text information or sharing picture or any sort of video. In fact the best part is that reporting is anonymous which motivates students to do the right thing without fearing backlash. Educators can demonstrate guidelines which show students when and why they should stop bullying showing integrity.



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NowComment is online platform with which groups of students to mark up and have conversation about texts, videos and websites and many more. Students can upload as well as annotate online media for determining satire, propaganda.

Misleading conversation can be avoided and one can work together for promoting the truth. So if it is the question of integrity, NowComment is an important app to take care of it.


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Moodle is Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment which is a learning management system at its core enabling students and teachers for creating custom learning environment which will fit the needs of the students perfectly. This one provides free functionality which can be expanded with integration of various different features, modules as well as plugins.


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Mastering complex data can be very difficult but with Cacoo, you can display complex data to students how to use a flowchart, diagram or graph which is reputedly known as an online flowchart generator tool offering real-time functionality. There can be multiple users for this function changing the flowchart allowing some outstanding interactivity. You can make use of the chat feature which takes care that everything does not turn into chaos.


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If you are looking for scheduling app or a project management tool rolled into one, Trello is the right app for you. This is brilliantly managed into well designed user interface. This app actually engages students and teachers helping them to get feedback on the workflow and assignments in the best possible way.

Well these digital tools can surely be highly beneficial in the whole learning process making it all the more acceptable to one and all. Make correct use of them to be ahead in the whole process of gaining knowledge.

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