Clearing the Misconceptions About ASP.NET

Among all other software development platforms, ASP.NET is probably the worst hit contestant of negative publicity. Yes, it is true to criticize it for its shortcomings but in general false arguments are created by programmers who have an inherent dislike about this platform or by those who have never spent a considerable amount of time on learning it in-depth. Today our motive is to explore the truth behind such rumors and establish it that ASP.NET is a worthy participant in the progress chart of software development.

Misconceived Ideas

  • ASP.NET Is Created By Microsoft: This doesn’t sound anything alarming to you or does it? Evil taint lingers strongly with an industry giant and it’s correct with Microsoft too. This is an astonishing fact as fans of Google or Apple turn a blind eye towards its drawbacks and do merciless scrutiny of ASP.NET. Please remember that these people are themselves technically sound developers who have taken a holy crusade to make its chosen platform famous. This is called technology= religion mindset. Technology is a simple tool to serve your requirement. Of course, you can dislike it but our point is that you should dislike it after trying it.
  • It’s Expensive: There’s a huge difference between the cost of a product of personal utility and a product solely manufactured for the business purpose. Business cost of a product depends on lots of things. Let’s separate each part of overall cost expenditure like this. The biggest cost is accrued on Windows OS and if you’re only concerned about developing an app then Mono Project is at your service and you don’t need an OS for this. Then you need to install Windows if you want every feature of .NET framework. It is best to buy an OEM from Dell, Acer, and HP that offers inbuilt Windows OS to you.
  • Expensive cost of development: There are mainly two reasons it is considered to be expensive.

i) It’s Made By Microsoft: We consider that Microsoft doesn’t give anything for free and it’s exactly the opposite. To develop an app you need not have to spend a dime. For beginners, Microsoft provides an integrated development environment (IDE) having an inbuilt web server IIS Express with a database engine called SQL Compact Edition. Installation to remote hosts is also possible .For advanced level developers, there is advanced edition of Express called IIS Express. Its trimmed down versions are free. Visual Web Developer Express comes with in-built web server with a trimmed down version of SQL server. Through DreamSpark program Expression Studio, Visual Studio Pro and Windows Server OS are available for free (in addition to others).

ii) Windows Based Hosting Is Expensive: No it’s not. Companies like DailyRazor offers deals like $2/month hosting services.

  • For Personal And Small Websites, It’s Bad: Like other commercial platforms ASP.NET too is focused towards big enterprises but it’s not true that small websites or for that matter personal usages are impossible on this platform. Some of its in-built features have made it popular for smaller platforms.

i) Simplicity: PHP’s simplicity is answered through Microsoft’s WebMatrix. Beginner developers can write scripts in a simplified manner through WebMatrix.

ii) Multiple Approaches: ASP.NET is highly flexible that is you can both write scripts in a structured manner or flexibly as PHP. Misconception is that you need to follow a structured format all the time.

  • It’s Not In Demand: You’ll hear that ASP.NET is not in demand in the job market and this is not a concrete truth. We know that, different countries and at different time frames, the job demands are different. .NET has markets in both web as well as desktop environments. In addition, the Mono project is gaining more and more popularity and with it, opportunities for job aspirants are hugely increasing.

.NET development training from a reputed institution is the way to reach your dreams and make a separate name for yourself in the world of software development. We hope that above-mentioned points have cleared your vision towards ASP.NET and now you know that learning about this platform is worth a try.

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Ayan Sarkar

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