A Crash Course on PHP

Website development industry is a flourishing one and some particular languages are more popular because of its simplicity, ease of use and versatile functionalities. One such is PHP. For a fresh Engineering graduate or a plain graduate to decide a lucrative career path is very deciding part of life. Thinking about whether PHP is a secured option for getting a job? Yes, it is.

However, this is not restricted to fresher students only but professionals too can train into PHP and expand their careers. There are ample opportunities available to be recruited as backend and frontend developer posts in Kolkata.

You will love to know that many CMS platforms support PHP based coding structure like Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc. As Ecommerce industry is proliferating rapidly, this is an amazing opportunity.

PHP can be learned as a foundational language and later you can shift towards another language that is primarily based upon OOP or Object Oriented Programming (like that of Java based web applications). Once you learn PHP and have gathered a significant amount of experience, you can easily learn other, somewhat critical languages.

Aim behind forming Webskitters Academy

Our first and foremost aim is to make our trainees successfully placed in the job market. There is no dearth of job options in Kolkata regarding PHP crash course for developer positions. The talented people will ascend the post ladder very fast.

Some 500 web development companies are registered with our portal and we have successfully placed around 1500 students still now.

Syllabus Overline

a) Basic PHP


  • Evaluation
  • Fundamental Syntax
  • Variables and constants
  • Data type
  • Operators and Expressions

Handling of Html forms with the help of PHP

  • Capturing form data
  • Multi-valued fields
  • Generation of file uploaded forms
  • Redirecting forms after submission

Decisions and Loops

  • Making a decision
  • Repetitive task done with looping
  • Blending decisions and looping along with Html


  • What’s a function
  • Defining a function
  • Call by value and reference
  • Recursive function


  • Creation and accession
  • Search and replacement of a string
  • Formatting a string
  • Related library functions


  • Introducing an Array
  • Index based as well as associative array
  • Accessing the array element
  • Looping with the help of index based arrays
  • Looping using each () and for each ()
  • Significant Library functions

Working using files and directories

  • Understanding files and directories
  • Opening and closing a file
  • Functioning with directories
  • Creating a text editor
  • File uploading and downloading

Mini Project (With file handling)

State management

  • Using URL rewriting
  • Using hidden fields
  • Using cookies
  • Using session

String matching

  • What’s a regular expression
  • Pattern matching
  • Replacing text
  • String splitting with regular expressions

Image generation with PHP

  • Computer graphics basic
  • Image creation
  • Image manipulation
  • Text addition in images

b) Advance PHP


  • Objects and classes
  • Keywords, constructors, and destructors
  • Access methods and properties by using variable $this
  • Public, private and protected
  • Static properties along with methods
  • Class constant
  • Inheritance
  • Code reusability
  • Polymorphism
  • Parent:: & self:: keywords
  • Operator Instances
  • Abstract methods and classes
  • Interface

Exception Handling

  • Understanding exceptions and errors
  • Try, catch and throw

Database Connectivity

  • Introducing RDBMS
  • Connection with MySql database
  • Performing basic DML operations
  • Setting parameters for query
  • Query execution
  • Join operations

Mini Projects

Why choose us?

You get to learn from professional PHP developers and they are still working with reputed industries. What is unique with our training methods is to let our students taste the rough waters of real world scenario. The top scorers of training classes are offered to take part in real life projects that are achieved through mother company ‘Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd’. Students get to know the value of accuracy within limited period.

  • Special techniques to handle a client and convince him/her about feasible conditions and their demands are shown.
  • 100% placement of students is assured.
  • We know you best and understand your time constraint. That’s why our batches have been formed with flexible schedules.
  • We offer excellent lab facilities to impart best practical lessons.
  • All helps provided to form an accurate and appropriate resume.
  • Industry valid diploma certificates are offered.

Training Schedule

  • Part time course- 100 hrs.
  • Full time course- 80 hrs.

Contact us at or you may mail us at info@webskittersacademy.in

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