Why You Should Learn React?

If you are a little bit aware of the present market scenario of the technology industry, it must be well known to you that the most demanding technologies in the market are JavaScript-based. ReactJs, AngularJs, NodeJs, VueJs, and NextJs all are based on the scripting programming language ‘JAVASCRIPT’.

Among these JavaScripts, React has emerged as one of the top-most preferences for organizations and even developers.

Like me, maybe you also wondered to think that why we choose React? Maybe you have also seen that among all front-end technologies ReactJs is a little more popular. Like many of you, it was a million-dollar question for me also that why React? If we try to read a comparison among them, we can see some more votes for React.

So we will discuss that point today. I hope after reading the blog, it will be crystal clear for all of you why should we learn the most demanding technology named “ReactJs”.

Before going further into the details, let us first have a look at what React JS is.

Introduction to React JS:

 Facebook created React JS in 2011, an open-source JavaScript library for designing rich and engaging web apps fast and efficiently with minimal coding. In 2012, Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook also started using it.

And in 2013, Facebook made it open source and since then React JS has inevitably revolutionized the world of web application development. Many Enterprise level companies have implemented React JS for web-app development. Maybe you furthermore should know that over 1,200 developers and 90,000 sites use React JS. Top companies like Facebook, Uber, PayPal and Airbnb use it to resolve user interface-related issues.

The first objective of React JS is to provide the best effect possible rendering performance. Instead of functioning on the entire web app, React JS allows a developer to interrupt down the complex UI into simpler components.

With the rising popularity of React JS, there has been an unlimited improvement within the domain of front-end web app development.

Why You Should Learn React?

Here are some possible reasons why ReactJs is popular amongst developers.

Follows Virtual DOM (Document Object Model)

Virtual Document Object Model is among the most popular features of React JS. Whenever you are searching for the reason behind the popularity of ReactJs, you will see the term “Virtual DOM” often. It ensures fast re-rendering of components, which is a very important aspect since the data must be displayed immediately and effectively. So time management can be done properly as well. The concept of Virtual DOM helps React JS to know when exactly to re-render or when to ignore some specific pieces of DOM because it can detect when the data has changed.

  • Help to build Single page Web Application

For React there will be only one HTML page, through which other components will be rendered to the browser. With Virtual DOM React JS enabled developers to implement server-side rendering while not having to update the whole view anytime during an update. This is a great feature to possess while creating single-page applications.

  • Usage of Components & Code Splitting

The concept of components is what makes React JS unique. Components allow developers to differentiate complex UI. In React, an application contains components. Ideally, developers start with building small components like buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, menus, etc., and build wrapper components around these smaller components. Thus, without worrying about the whole web app, it makes it possible to differentiate the complex UI/UX development into simpler components.

  • Performance

React JS yields better performance than other JavaScript-based languages like Angular and VueJs. With the help of Virtual DOM, splitting of code into multiple components, the performance of React JS is incredibly fast.

  • Code Simplicity

React JS is remarkably simple and versatile. It allows developers to code their apps within JavaScript. It uses JSX to render HTML through JS. JSX is the most effective feature that not only makes React JS easy but fun too. Developers can easily make a replacement UI feature and see it appear in real-time.

  • Official Support and Community

React JS includes a huge active community and officially available resources. React is heavily incorporated into the Facebook app, website, and also Instagram. That’s why Facebook (or should we say META?) is deeply committed to creating React JS strong and always up to date. React generally upgrades twice a year.

If you want to get an idea about the popularity of ReactJS amongst the developers then you will find that almost 250k questions on various developer communities are on React and related libraries. And its GitHub Repository has over 164k Stars, making it one of the most famous among the five most highly rated repositories on GitHub.

  • Reliable testing

React’s design is extremely user-friendly for testing. Developers require little or no configuration for testing in React compared to Traditional UI browser testing.

Wrapping Up

So, there are many benefits of using ReactJs. With this gaining amount of recognition and advantages, many organizations and businesses use React JS for developing an honest range of applications nowadays. Enrol yourself in a popular and comprehensive React JS course in Kolkata and start learning from the experts to shape your future!


Soumi, having done her MCA from a reputed University, is inclined to train young minds and shape their future in the IT industry. Currently, she is a part of the faculty of Webskitters Academy, disseminating valuable training to the students to enhance their career prospects. She possesses immense technical knowledge and believes in sharing it through her teachings and writings.