The Various Shades of The Job Profile Of Web Developer

With the recent advancement in the world of web technology, the role of web development courses for beginners is fast gaining prominence. In fact, nearly a third of the IT job, which is posted, is of developer for the web for effectively designing e-commerce as well as website directly influencing online business and revenue sales. There are different cool add-ons, which are available for different popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox that are helpful in designing as well as developing professional websites.

What Are The Skills Required For A Web Developer?

Core programming skills are very much in demand for any web developers all across the globe. These core skills include .Net, C#, and Java for effectively managing back-end development to streaming data real time for various online transactions developing and managing on-demand application right for the web.

The modern day banking sector is very much in demand for proper front-end development to effectively improve the financial arrangement of data. That is the reason various popular clients from different industries are now wishing for various interactive applications to properly interact with the businesses to drive more and more traffic. If considered the trading skills, HTML5, CSS as well as JavaScript which are the top three skills on the front-end which are very much in demand.

Skills For Mobile

The world of the smart phone is fast developing with the increase in various mobile applications for the benefits of the user. In the world of mobile space, iOS developments, objective C skills as well as Android development are some of the most desirable skills, which are looked after in any professional web developer. Additionally, an Android app development course can be a great way to learn how to create engaging mobile apps for the Android platform, which is used by millions of people around the world.

The Essential Skills Of A Web Developer

PHP Web Developer Skills

Now be it in the world of mobile applications or the subject of designing a website, there are certain skills, which build you into a professional web developer.

User Experience And Interface

One should be well aware of the standards, which are implemented by all browsers, which take care of the fact that your website works reasonably well on various important browsers. All consider how the browsers effectively render the site in various operating systems.

Take into consideration how people might use the site in various places other than popular browsers like screen readers, search engines as well as cell phones.

It is very important to stage updates without directly affecting the users. Different staging environment can be created to bring the changes in the content, architecture as well as the code. You can generate an automated way so that changes are directly brought into the live site.

It is advisable not to display errors, which are unfriendly. Moreover never put the email addresses in plain text so that they are spammed to death. To increase the security, add well-built and considered limits directly to the site.


The performance of a website solely depends on the build and design of the website. There are some steps which should be carefully taken so as to increase the performance of the website.

  • Properly implementing caching if required. That is the reason why it is important to use and understand HTTP caching properly as well as HTML5Manifest.
  • It is again necessary to optimize images. Never use image a size of 20 KB for repeating the background.
  • It is very important to learn to gzip or deflate content properly.
  • It is important to combine various stylesheets to reduce the number of browser connections and to improve gzip ability to compress effective duplication right between the files.
  • Make use of Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Webmaster Tools.

So, the job of a web developer is, extremely diverse with lots of skills and techniques making the profession one of the most sought after.

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