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Only proper guidance can ensure a good career for students.

With the only aim to help students reach the ladders of success, we at Webskitters academy offer some of the useful courses for the students. There is no doubt that bookish knowledge doesn’t seem fulfilling for the students, as they require practical experience. Moreover, in such a competitive market where companies are competing to overtake each other, there is always a need for having that extra edge in the CV that will help students to get the job.

In the recent scenario, when you crave to be a part of an organization, you have to crack the interview process. Therefore, before everything you require making your CV that heavy to stop recruiters from throwing them into the trash bins. We at Webskitters Academy offer some of the major courses that are offered by the experts to experience the live situation. We comprehend the plight that students face while handling the transition of practical ground from the theoretical knowledge.

With the vast range of courses, we ensure students to acquire the heights in their career that they are looking for. Our courses include:


  • JEE: JEE or the Joint Entrance Examination is the engineering entrance examination conducted throughout the nation. This is one of the most competitive exams of the time that can help you to chase your dreams. Once you crack the JEE examination, you will be able to be a part of some of the prestigious institutes.
  • Core Java: In the world of IT developers, getting the Core Java course can be a great and profitable step for the students. It is an object-oriented programming language and has a great demand in the IT industry. With our experts, it becomes easy to understand Java has the Rich API.
  • Android: In the computing world, Android is one of the most popular and important platforms. With the expansion of Android users, the need for Android course is much higher than before. Taking the courses is definitely great step for the people as it increases the opportunities, expands skill sets and is a right track to explore your creativity.
  • Oracle: By becoming a certified Oracle professional, you can show your huge understanding about the entire range of skills and choose a job role as per your expertise. In today’s date, an Oracle Certified Professional has a huge demand.
  • PHP: PHP or the Personal Home Page was primarily created to develop an effective and impressive website. In today’s date, PHP is mostly used and most preferred script and programming language for the students. It is undeniably a great choice for students to enjoy a successful career.
  • Professional C++, C: In the IT industry learning the professional C and C++ language can be a great choice as it is the basis of many languages. These programming languages work efficiently on games, enterprise applications, and graphics along with other applications.
  • Advanced PHP: This is actually the advanced training over the PHP language in order to develop the skills. In this course, you get introduced to the advanced tools, methodologies, and techniques that are meant to build the scalable and complex PHP applications.
  • ASP.Net using C#: ASP.NET is also known as Active Server Pages .NET which was developed by Microsoft to create the web pages and technologies. This is a valuable tool for the developers and programmers that allow building dynamic, web application and rich websites.
  • iOS: iOS is one of the most known operating systems in the entire world of mobile app development. An iOS software developer has the proficiency in developing the app that is meant to access from the iPhone and iPad.
  • Python (Machine Learning): Webskitter Academy offer Python courses in the form of machine learning, it is used for developing prototypes since it is easy to read and work with. Most of the big data platforms rely on Python for data mining and automation.
  • Mongo DB, Angular/ Node JS: This is an open source known for executing JavaScript code. The latest Angular JS platform ensures high reactive web application. Learning the courses will help to ease the development and build a real-time application.
  • BigData-Hadoop: Finding Hadoop developers are a big struggle for companies. Most of the industries that adopt Hadoop require assurance that they are capable of handling the data petabytes. This certification can definitely help to accelerate your career.
  • Cloud Computing: These days cloud computing is always in use. It is a practice that makes use of network of remote servers that are hosted on internet that needs to be managed, processed and stored. Gaining proper understand about cloud computing requires knowledge and we at Webskitters Academy provide experts to help you gain in-depth understanding about it.


  • AutoCAD (2D & 3D): AutoCAD is the computer-aided program that has a great demand in today highly advanced world. This is mainly used for making a number of other application like making blueprints for the bridges, building, computer chips and much more. Here we offer both in 2D and 3D courses for the students to enjoy a successful career.
  • Robotics & Embedded System: In the technology pro era, there is always a need for opting for courses like automated system. The prime objective of this is to work with updated and innovative technologies. Opting for this course makes sure of enhanced ability and problem-solving approach.
  • Industrial Automation – PLC: In today’s world, automation is all over and it plays a major role in the industrial age. Webskitters Academy offers the industrial automation courses that give students an insight into the world of automation.
  • VLSI-FPGA Design & Implementation: Opting for this course provides a depth insight of Xilinx FPGA Design & Timing closure flow. It mainly focuses Xilinx ISE flow along with the add-on tools like Constraints Editor, PlanAhead, and FPGA Editor. Mastering these tools along with the design methods, students will be able to make the development and design faster than normal.
  • STAAD.Pro: Knowing the right way to use the STAAD.Pro tool requires expert guidance. We at Webskitters Academy provide experts to help you guide throughout the use of the tools. Due to its many advantages like editing, model generation, loading analysis along with concrete designing, this software tends to become the best partner.
  • ANSYS: This is a modular stimulation and virtual prototyping system that ensure meeting the needs of the people. With this software, one can achieve faster ROI since it as fewer test setups and physical prototypes, high quality and reliable process and products. Because of its huge number of advantages, it has become an inevitable choice for the businesses. Opting for the course can definitely become profitable for the students.
  • CATIA: CATIA facilitates various levels of services like conceptualization, technological innovation along with production. It helps in collaborative technological advancements for the 3D experience system like form style and appearance, electric liquid and electronics, technical technological innovation and other advanced systems. With our experts with years of experience, we ensure giving you in-depth knowledge about it.
  • ECE & EE Circuit Design: Electrical and Computer Engineering is one of the most preferred courses by the students. Opting for the courses has significant impact on the society. It also helps in a myriad of other ways like Radio and analog frequency electronic circuits, signal and communication processing, digital systems and computer, image processing and computer vision and much more. We can help you to get complete knowledge on it and ensure a successful career by getting educated from the experts.
  • In-Hand Advanced Automobile Application: With the optimum advancement with time, advanced automobile applications are in great demand. As it requires knowledge on developing it, we provide the top experts who have experience in the live field to help students gain understanding along with becoming a certified professional.

At Webskitters Academy, we offer range of courses that become helpful for the students to reach the ladders of success. With the experts in our academy, we make sure that our student accomplishes their dreams and enjoy a successful life.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.