Top Predicted Web Development Languages of 2022

With such numerous types of technologies, emerging methods and tools within this web development industry we wonder, what new things would top the list of learning for the developers in next year. As it is, only 1 month is remaining of this present year so it is high time to select your accurate career education right now. Let’s see some of the biggest trends which are estimated to rule the world of web development languages.


Those who have the slightest imagination about software industry know that things move in a lightning speed here. Different people suggest us different things but we should follow tips suggested by experts.

However, this too has a problem. World of the web is filled with myriad blogs predicting which will be hot trends here so which one to believe? We opine to choose one that is most lucrative in the job market. In the end, we all need a job and some of us need well-founded ones. That’s why in our opinion you should not go for those which are going to be technically complex yet meager numbers of companies do utilize them. Yes, avoid them, which will not give you a breakthrough at the job market.

The philosophy behind selecting a particular technology as a popular trend is not taken baselessly by companies and some of the main reasons behind this are as follows:

  • Solid Foundation: By a technically well-built either community or a large organization.
  • Support & Documentation: Support and documentation are building blocks behind the adoption of a new technology by many companies.
  • Community: For a new technology to be made popular with most businesses there is a need for a strong community behind it which would help in code advancements.
  • Stability: Fully developed, commercially released versions are only relied upon by top businesses.

Having all these above-mentioned points in conformity let us see the next best trends.


Regarding client-side website development, there is hardly any match to JavaScript. As a developer, you are allowed to develop complex interfaces easily. It has short learning curves and a well-adapted knowledge around the globe. Using JavaScript many thousands of frameworks, technologies and tools have been developed.


PHP too has been a popular developing mechanism around the globe having a large and dedicated community of developers who support each other on open forums to help from tough and complex situations. Many frameworks, applications and frontend interfaces are based on PHP.


With rising popularity of mobile development and android, OS Java is becoming a sole technology for many aspiring web developers. Applications, user interfaces, applets and servlets all are so easily developed using Java and most importantly most have bits of knowledge on Java from school level itself.


In comparison to all above-mentioned techniques, NodeJS is a new entrant. As a scripting language, it utilizes JavaScript. This is a remarkable technique to build server-side applications that are quick and scalable. NodeJS has a highly eager development community, which has helped in tremendously in its advancement. NodeJS has a bright future with latest technologies like MongoDB for the development of real-time websites.

Ruby on Rails

Recently many of the PHP developers have converted their streams to Ruby on Rails and they say that it is one of the best decisions made by them. With a mature framework, you can build superior and robust quality applications for clients in faster time.

All ages have its own favorites and non-favorites and according to us, above-mentioned trends will be highly significant in the world of web development languages in 2016. However, before choosing one from PHP or Java development (or any other), make sure you love it. Please put in your feedbacks and any suggestion regarding the subject is welcome. Your feedbacks are our strength.

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