Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs In The IT Industry

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The technological industry is known to be the fastest evolving industry in the world. New things keep coming every day, phasing out other very young innovations of the same frame.

There is no dearth the high demand for skilled IT professionals. The rising awareness to bridge the tech skill gap is filling the demands sufficiently. With more and more people learning IT skills, the sector is expanding its horizon, viciously.

Needless to say, the salary offerings in this industry are certainly great. When speaking of salaries, it is known that tech jobs are actually among the best-paying jobs across the globe. There is surely the issue of increasing competition in the field, which makes it hard for people to come across the best-paying tech jobs.

These highest-paying tech jobs are also responsible for boosting the digital economy, which gives it the guarantee to expand further. Traditionally, the best-paying jobs include doctors, engineers, Chartered Accountants, etc. Although these jobs have not taken a backseat and are still in demand, new roles have come up to the surface. It is giving a great competition to the traditional jobs. These jobs are well-paid and also provide the candidates, with the respect that they deserve.

For all the aspiring professionals out there, making a name in the market is not easy, but choosing the right and trending career prospect can help you land on your feet, just at the right time. Acquire the right kind of skills and gain experience, with every passing year, you will see your salary figure rising.

If you are looking for a high-tech job that will pay you, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs in tech. Let’s take a look at them:

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial Intelligence is the sector that allows the computer system to mimic human behavior. With the help of AI technologies, machines behave intelligently that can be compared to humans. Artificial Intelligence Engineers are individuals who work with traditional machine learning techniques to build powerful AI-based applications.

They can build different types of applications, including:

  • Language translation
  • Visual identification or perception
  • Contextual advertising, based on sentimental analysis

These AI engineers possess a sound understanding of programming, software engineering, and data science. They can process data and develop and maintain AI systems.

It is among the best-paid tech jobs that require individuals to gain specialized knowledge and skills. Having a technical background gives you an upper hand in learning the skills, required for the industry. Gaining an advanced Artificial Intelligence certification helps you to increase your abilities. Your training also helps you to start your career in no time.

Roles and Responsibilities of Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • An AI engineer requires to perform various tasks such as the development, testing, and deployment of AI models through programming algorithms.
  • Build AI models from scratch and help various components of the organization to make them understand the results of the model.
  • Automate infrastructure used by the team of data scientists.
  • Develop data ingestion and transformation infrastructure.
  • Convert the Machine Learning models into APIs that other applications can also use.
  • Conduct and perform statistical analysis and tune the results for helping the organizations to make better-informed decisions.
  • Manage AI development and product infrastructure.
  • Develop algorithms that receive input data on the history of purchases, sales, and products to predict future behavior.

Requirements for Artificial Intelligence Engineer

  • Certifications in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
  • Graduation in IT, computer science, statistics, data science, finance, etc.
  • Master’s degree in computer science, mathematics, cognitive science, data science, etc.

Salary of Artificial Intelligence Engineer

The entry-level annual salary of AI engineers in India is around Rs 8,000,00. Moving to a higher position can help you earn as high as Rs 50,000,00.

In the US the average salary of AI engineers is more than $110K.
However, you must keep in mind that the figure of these engineers varies, based on different sectors, such as:

  • The type of AI engineering.
  • Your experience.
  • Your skills and qualifications.

Full-Stack Developer

Software programming is touching new heights. Specialized software programmers are high in demand. However, businesses are also looking forward to having a member in their team who is a jack of all trades. For such purposes, full-stack developers play an important role.

It is with the help of full-stack developers that organizations can experience various stages of software development, within their time management. With the help of full-stack developers, businesses can experience versatility.

A full-stack developer knows the backend, and front end and helps in developing excellent applications. They have the skills to provide a variety of codes to do their job well. They knew the entire process and are aware of the excellent solutions that help businesses to establish a secured position in the market.

To become a well-skilled full-stack developer, you can enrol in a reputed professional IT training institute. MERN stack or MEAN stack are some of the best full-stack development courses that will prepare you for the market and help you to gain good highly paid tech jobs.

Roles and Responsibilities of Full-Stack Developer

  • Informing decision-makers about the efficiency of emerging technologies.
  • Working closely with graphic designers to design trendy features.
  • Designing user interactions on the application.
  • Writing clean code for the client and server-side of the software.
  • Considering safety, maintenance, and scalability, during the software development.
  • Building exclusive APIs and RESTful services.
  • Keeping up with advanced technologies to optimize software.
  • Building exclusive software design and development.
  • Creating servers and databases for the software.
  • Testing and debugging for optimized software.
  • Ensuring cross-platform compatibility.

Requirements For Full-Stack Developer

  • A degree in computer science.
  • Proficiency in server-side languages.
  • Familiarity with database technologies.
  • Understanding of fundamental front-end languages.

Salary of Full-Stack Developer

The salary for full-stack developers differs depending on your location. The average starting salary of full-stack developers is around Rs 2.5 lakhs per annum. The salary rises as your experience grows and you polish your skills.

  • Junior full-stack developers can earn up to $67,757/year in the global market.
  • Mid-level full stack developers can earn up to $86,249/year in the global market.
  • Senior full-stack developers can earn up to $120,359/year in the global market.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architects is also one of the top-paying tech jobs in the world today. The task of filling the gap between complex business processes and cloud-based solutions typically falls to Cloud Architects.

All companies need a cloud computing architecture to respond quickly to changes, be adaptive, and develop and maintain designs. The cloud system is widely used in businesses today, and thanks to Cloud Architects, more companies are utilizing it to its fullest extent. Many firms have shifted to cloud platforms for their increased scalability and safety.

The cloud computing architecture is made up of cloud-based delivery, network, back-end platforms, and front-end platforms.

If you want the best-paid tech job, know that several institutes offer courses that may help you in the future. Enrol in the best Cloud Computing course to become one of the finest Cloud Architects and thrive ahead.

As the title suggests, the Cloud Architect will deal with cloud architectures, but they will also have a variety of responsibilities.

Roles and responsibilities of Cloud Architect

  • Create and oversee cloud-based applications.
  • Executing migrations when necessary to move tools and other elements onto the cloud.
  • Choose suitable cloud architecture options to help the company achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Create a knowledgeable cloud strategy and keep an eye on the migration.
  • Examine cloud software, hardware, and apps frequently.
  • Company’s cloud privacy supervision.
  • Integrating new apps into the cloud.
  • Monitoring cloud storage space and making sure everything is working properly.
  • Working with business clients to comprehend their needs and implement cloud solutions accordingly.
  • Promptly and professionally, address technological issues.
  • Aid in infrastructure migration techniques, such as the wholesale migration of applications to the cloud.
  • Carrying out tasks like monitoring and administration inside the developed cloud framework.
  • Effectively utilizing virtualization technology to manage servers for the company.

Requirements of Cloud Architect

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, or relevant field.
  • Preferred 3 to 5 years of experience in IT cloud solutions.
  • Expertise in at least one of the following operating systems: Ubuntu, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris.
  • Vast experience with computer scripting languages such as Ruby, Python, and Elixir.

Salary For Cloud Architect

In the US, a cloud architect makes an average of $158,450. Salaries for such a profession vary due to factors such as qualifications, experience, business size, sector, and industry. It has the best-paid tech jobs as well and salaries are bound to rise as an individual’s experience grows.

The average yearly income for a cloud architect in India is Rs 20, 00,000 with salaries ranging from Rs 5, 60,000 to Rs 36, 40,000.
Related Job titles and their salary in India-

  • A Cloud Solution Architect makes Rs 75,000 per year
  • An IT Architect makes Rs 83,699 per year
  • A Cloud Computing Engineer makes Rs 31,166 per year
  • An Enterprise Architect makes Rs 46,649 per year

Software Architect

Today, everyone is dependent on some kind of software or the other. There are millions of apps, companies, and individuals who need different software to do the simplest jobs.

A software architect is an IT specialist with knowledge of diverse software development. It is one of the highest-paying IT jobs you could ever have. They work with multiple teams to ensure that all processes, including the development, design, and execution of software solutions, are carried out effectively.

To create valuable software systems or solutions that meet the needs of the client, a software architect typically makes important high-level software design decisions and works on a variety of aspects such as identifying necessary technologies for the development team, carrying out technical standards, and so on.

To become a Software Architect, there are courses available online and offline for aspiring students. Institutes like Webskitters Academy make sure that you get an enriching experience and rule the IT world with all the skills you need.

Roles and responsibilities For Software Architect

  • In an organization, a software architect may be in charge of several tasks and duties, including:
  • Talks to clients and determine their software needs and other requirements.
  • Develops the project’s ideal technical standards, resources, procedures, etc.
  • Supervises the team of developers and assigns the development assignments appropriately.
  • Gives excellent software solutions in collaboration with other departments, end-users, etc.
  • Works on issues, documentation, software testing, or other related tasks.

Requirements of Software Architect

  • B. Tech. or Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or a related discipline.
  • If you wish to work as a lead software development engineer, an M. Tech in a relevant field may be preferable.
  • Certifications in programming languages like Python and Java. Getting certified increases your credentials and shows that you possess the abilities required to do your work.

Salary of Software Architect

The average salary of a Software Architect in India is around Rs 2,331,684 per year.

  • An entry-level Software architect can earn between Rs 4,000,00-6,000,00 per year.
  • A mid-level Software Architect can earn between Rs 10, 000,00-15,000,00 per year.
  • A senior-level Software Architect can earn between Rs25,000,00-30,000,00 per year.

Internet of Things Solution Architect

Since they provide a link between corporate demands and technical innovation, IoT Solutions Architects are in high demand. At the nexus of an organization’s technological vision and business, requirements are the experienced solutions architects who hold two worlds together.

The IoT Solution Architects leadership position entails coming up with plans and managing the implementation of all IoT solutions within the business. The position calls for excellence in hardware design, programming, and architecture in addition to a wealth of expertise. Translating corporate needs into technical solutions also necessitates involvement in other design-related tasks.

Students get to learn about developing and implementing IoT solutions with the use of sensor-connected IoT devices. Enrolling in an IoT course satisfies your quest for knowledge and enhances your skills.

There is a lot of demand for this best-paid tech job. You may learn how to operate sensors and other functionalities and build good prospects by receiving training from professionals in the field. Institutes like Webskitters can build a great foundation if you go for the Internet of Things course.

Roles and Responsibilities of Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • Brainstorming with the software development team.
  • Monitoring and documenting business needs.
  • Proposing and creating frameworks to address major and minor issues.
  • Setting project objectives with clear team communication.
  • Examining potential tools.
  • Knowing about constraints and solving them.
  • Assist customers and development teams in selecting the appropriate tools to address issues.
  • Offer cost and performance recommendations for each tool.
  • A readiness to put in the work necessary to apply solutions directly.

Requirement of Internet For Things Solution Architect

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, and software engineering.
  • Certificate courses related to Software Engineering and IoT.
  • Experience in engineering and software architecture design.
  • Previous project management experience is advantageous.

Salary Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • An entry-level IoT Solution Architect can make Rs 12,900,00 per year.
  • A mid-career IoT Solution Architect with 4–9 years of expertise makes an average income of 24,800,00 per annum.
  • An accomplished IoT Solution Architect with 10–20 years of professional experience makes an average income of Rs 29,700,00 annually.

You should know that the salaries vary due to factors like business strength, experience, qualification, or location. Keep these in mind before applying for jobs.

Cyber Security professionals

With increasing technological advancement, there are rising cases of cybercrime as well. Hackers can find loopholes in the system and extract sensitive information within seconds. This is the reason there is a high demand for cyber security professionals.

Cyber security Specialists provide security during the development stages of software systems, data centres, and networks. They make sure that every machine, software, or firm is safe from illegal intrusion and check for security updates. The professionals are expected to search for risks and vulnerabilities in both, the software and hardware.

Every organization needs them to make sure there are no external and even internal threats in the system. They have to be vigilant about monitoring unauthorized use of the system at every step.

A career in Cyber security is a great option right now, as there is an extraordinary demand for professionals with such skills. With the rising demand, there are some valuable courses for individuals who seek a cyber security career. The ethical hacking and cyber security certificate program educate young people to acquire knowledge and skills from the market and to gain a tactical understanding of the sector from professionals. They can explore rich employment prospects by learning in-depth information and priceless methods.

Roles and responsibilities Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • Protecting the resources of information systems.
  • By carrying out routine audits, you can identify security infractions and inefficiencies.
  • Determine and address current and prospective security issues.
  • Analyze the existing environment, consider trends, and foresee security needs.
  • By creating performance reports and discussing system status, keep users updated.
  • By adhering to the organization’s standards, maintain great service.
  • Contribute to the team effort by completing pertinent tasks as necessary.

Requirements For Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • A bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or an equivalent combination of working experience.
  • Proven employment history as a cyber security expert or in a position related.
  • Knowledge of vulnerability scanning tools.
  • Expertise in antivirus and security programs.

Salary of Internet of Things Solution Architect

In the USA, expect an average salary of a Cybersecurity expert is $83,516 a year. The salary may range from $ 3,093 – $93,925.

  • The highest salary of a Cyber Security Specialist in India is Rs 18, 93,690 per year.
  • The entry-level or lowest income of a Cyber Security Specialist in India is Rs 4, 80,125 per year.

Salaries differ as you keep polishing your skills or gain more experience in your field. There are other factors as well, but majorly, these two count. Cyber security is one of the best-paying tech jobs you can ever have.

Mobile App Developers

Mobile applications, which collectively have brought a fierce and radical revolution internationally, enhance the life of each user. Additionally, it has given developers plenty of opportunities to display their latent abilities and creativity. Mobile app technology has acquired a curve that is beyond conception and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Mobile applications are currently ruling the corporate sector in such a way that the money generated is increasing exponentially every day. For fast and effective communication, trading, global reach, and cost-effective business, mobile apps come in handy.

For those businesses that have their highly engaging app built, the company is most promising and prosperous. The need of the hour is to get a phone app made unavoidably if you want to maximize profit and advance your firm.

Individuals wanting a high-paying tech job that has promising demands in the future can invest in a mobile app development course- Android or iOS depends on your choice. It will help you earn hefty money in the long run.

Roles and responsibilities of Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • Support for all phases of the application lifecycle (concept, test, design, release, and support).
  • Write codes to create fully functional mobile applications.
  • Identify particular demands, and then offer remedies.
  • To find issues, create unit and user interface tests.
  • To plan new features, talk with the product development group.
  • Verify that both new and old apps adhere to quality requirements.
  • Identify and recommend fresh mobile devices, programs, and protocols.
  • Ability to perform in a team environment.
  • Keep abreast of emerging technological developments.

Requirements For Internet of Things Solution Architect

  • A degree in BSc of Computer Science or related field.
  • Portfolio of released applications on iOS or Android platforms.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of programming languages including Java and Swift.
  • Understanding third-party libraries and APIs.
  • Acquaintance with OOP design principles.

Salary of Internet of Things Solution Architect

Since the demand is sky-rocketing, Mobile app development comes in the category of one of the highest paying jobs in the IT sector. Even though the salaries differ due to different reasons, you get a handsome amount if you keep growing.

  • Mobile Application Developer salary in India ranges from Rs 1,800.00 to Rs 12,000,00.
  •  The average income of a Mobile App developer is Rs 5,000,00 per year.

Outside of India, the salary range differs. For instance, a mobile app developer in the USA makes $107,500 annually.

User interface Designer

A UI designer, also known as a user interface designer, is someone who develops all of the screens that a user will navigate between when using an app, website, or video game. They also provide the visual design components that enable this movement.

Because user interface design is a subcategory of user experience design (UX), the terms UI and UX are frequently misused, and those outside the profession may not know the distinction between a UX and UI Designer. Although they both aim to provide a pleasant user experience, UI design is a separate step in the UX design process and is vital in and of itself. Learn it from the experts of the market by enrolling in the UI design course.

Roles and responsibilities of User interface Designer

  • By designing every individual screen, the user might interact.
  • Making decisions about layout and visual design elements will help create the most intuitive result.
  • Creating animations.
  • Ensuring that layouts will work well.

Requirements For User interface Designer

  • BS/MS in Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, or a relevant field.
  • Working knowledge of the Agile/Scrum development approach.
  • Familiar with the most recent UI trends, tricks, and technologies.

Salary of User interface Designer

  • The salary of a UI Designer in India ranges from Rs 2,100,00 to Rs 15,000,00 with an average annual salary of Rs 5,500,00.
  • In the USA, they earn an average annual income of UI Designer $82,590.
  • An entry-level designer begins in the $40,000 range and can rise above $100,000 for a Senior UI Designer.

You must know that once you start earning in such high paying IT jobs, the salary will keep increasing because of your experience and skills.

Software Testing Engineers

To make sure that software programs function as planned, software test engineers are in charge of creating and executing test processes.

With so many opportunities in this field, you can apply for a course that lets you create and test important projects seamlessly. Every firm needs a Software testing engineer, and with this best-paying IT job, you can get top-class work in renowned businesses.

There is no dearth for institutes that provide software testing training Kolkata. If you are looking for a grand entry in the IT market, choose the institute that promises to support your dream and keep you as its priority. A well-defined Software Testing course with learned teachers will make a great engineer. Hence, today, one can opt for a career in this field without hesitation.

Roles and Responsibilities of Software Testing Engineers

  • Discuss software specifications and controls.
  • Confirming and recording testing procedures.
  • Finishing final tests and generating test reports.
  • Analyze its functional properties.
  • Running test programs to ensure that testing protocols evaluate the software correctly.
  • Designing manual and automated test procedures to evaluate each software product.
  • Building, coding, and implementing software evaluation test programs.
  • Offering test reports to management and signifying software fixes.

Requirements For Software Testing Engineers

  • Graduation in computer science, or comparable field.
  • In-depth knowledge of program testing software including Bugzilla and HP LoadRunner.
  • Knowledge of debugging software development languages and codes.
  • Experience working with systems including Linux and Windows.

Salary of Software Testing Engineers

  • Software Testing Engineer’s salary in India goes between Rs 2,000,00 to Rs 7,100,00, with an average annual salary of Rs 4,000,00.
  • People working as the same in the USA earn $89,910 on an average yearly basis.

They are one of the top paid professions in the IT industry due to the soaring demand. Even though pay varies for many reasons, if one continues to advance, they will earn a respectable sum.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing managers develop and manage marketing initiatives that promote a company’s brand, goods, and services. They are responsible for organizing campaigns, evaluating stats, and spotting patterns. They frequently have expertise in social media and art direction.

An effective digital marketing manager should be able to write material, post it to websites and other platforms, optimize pictures, and comprehend how marketing affects a company’s objectives. To show the efficacy of certain efforts, they must also deliver reliable information on the Return on Investment of those programs.

Digital marketing managers, who have the best-paid tech jobs, work with different marketers and oversee channels like PPC, SEO, and email marketing. These teams are supervised by marketing managers who prioritize tasks and direct the overall marketing efforts of the team.

Roles and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager

  • Designing and managing all areas of digital marketing.
  • Brainstorm fresh, cutting-edge growth concepts with your team.
  • Coordinating all freebies, sweepstakes, and other digital projects.
  • Organizing and controlling our social media channels.
  • Recognizing the most recent innovations in our sector’s trends and technology.
  • Assessing crucial parameters that have an impact on our target market, service quotas, and website visitors.
  • Incorporating email, display ad campaigns, and our marketing database.
  • Creating and maintaining budgets for campaigns.
  • Coordinating with media and advertising experts to enhance marketing results.

Requirement For Digital Marketing Manager

  • A marketing-related bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • A track record of success in the field of digital marketing, especially within the sector.
  • Experience running and supervising display advertising, social media, email, marketing databases, and/or SEO/SEM programs.

Salary of Digital Marketing Manager

The average income for a Digital Marketing Director in the United States is $179,487; however, this figure generally ranges between $157,228 and $203,378.

  • Digital Marketing Managers earn in India range from Rs 3,100,00 to Rs 19,400,00 with an average annual salary of Rs 7,200,00.
  • A fresher in this field earn about Rs 3,000,00 to 4,000,00 per year. This will also depend on various other factors like organization, skills, and city.


While your interests, principles, abilities, and desires may inspire you to choose a certain job, maintaining that path depends only on you. Money will inevitably be a major deciding factor for both new hires and seasoned professionals when it comes to accepting any position since the standard of living is growing at an exponential rate every year.

While your enthusiasm and inner drive will propel you towards success, certifications and training will undoubtedly help you advance in your highest-paying tech IT jobs. Self-control and genuine desire always help in the long run and help you stand out from the pack. Webskitters Academy provides extensive courses on all the top domains to assist professionals and take advantage of all the prospects.


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