The Pros And Cons Of Using Technology In Classroom

The use of technology in the classroom is one the issues which make the whole learning process is easy. It is difficult to be 100% for the use of educational technology all the time where there are so many convincing arguments against it. There are various trainers whose are happy with the technology and it is useful in various situations but in some cases a distraction.

There are excess problems with technology where there is excess screen time which can lead to poor sleep habits. Doctors say that children use devices at a very young age becoming more focused on learning to select and swipe with developmental processes like handwriting and shoe-tying.

With technology, children will learn the ways which their parents and grandparents never had. Today’s learners have immediate access to various answers and research. With immediate access student think about work as well as how they feel emotionally. Here are some of the pros and cons which concern the use of technology in a classroom.

Advantages Of Using Technology In Classroom

Data And Analytic Reporting: There are other apps and platforms offer teachers ways to combine all the information which a student might need to know. There is a title I status, attendance history with performance on quizzes along with English Language proficiency, participation in special education. With the information, teachers can easily see how their students are performing as a whole class or as a subgroup and as individuals and can provide intervention as needed.  There are various apps, which are easy to use with reporting features so that assessment data can also be shared with administrators and parents.

Just In Time Information: With the right in time learning, one can easily solve immediate problems rather than just sitting through entire classes, which are full of information, which they may not ever use. The same goes for classroom learning.

Differentiated Instruction: Various educational apps allow for students to progress at their own pace. Most of them are adaptive which means questions and problems are getting easier depending on the performance of students. With the apps, problems can adjust to meet students with precise learning levels. With a multitude of apps and software available to students, they can help to learn the similar material based on interests and learning.

Different Learning Modalities: With the help of various technologies into the classroom certainly means that students will have exposure and access to various ways of learning. There are students who do thrive in a lecture environment while are others who might be independent learners gathering information from educational software. Students can get a choice of various ways, which they can explore, with different techniques learning from individual learners.

Assistive Tech For Special Needs: There are various apps for special education teachers and students. With educational technology, one can make it possible for students with special needs thriving in academic settings. Right from adaptive word processor apps to programs which speak for children who struggle with technology, language allowing students to communicate and be involved with teachers and classmates.

Disadvantages Of Using Technology In Classroom

Replacing Teachers: There are many tech enthusiasts who roll their eyes when people voice the concerns of the educational technology to replace teachers in future. You will find various instances that technology is replacing workers like auto industry, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. Teachers are becoming obsolete to deliver content, assess and set students on a new course of learning.

Distracting: Technology often distracts students in the classroom. The concern will be that students will be busy tweeting to pay attention to the lesson. Students will build curiosity with tech savvy leading into a more socializing environment with easily accessible devices.

Easier To Access Other’s Work: Plagiarism has been plaguing teachers forever. Students can access essays, reports class notes online for which reason students fail to understand whether the teachers will know whether the work is original more difficult.

Lack Of Use Outside Class: Not every student have access to technology tools outside the classroom. With the use of technology in a classroom, sometimes there is no need for programs for homework with students getting access to the Internet, which should be considered.

Privacy: Well privacy of student information and data is not enough of an issue to keep teachers and school away from implementing broad reaching tech initiatives. Apps and platforms will have come a long way in improving the privacy measures with the students getting the right option for apps.

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