Behaviors Which Are Career-Killing Obstacles In The Way Of Success

Moving up and achieving great, heights in our careers are what we all aspire to. In fact, we would surely do everything under the sun to go up high in our career. Now maybe with your hard works and determination, you have achieved a title along with nice office but there are various drawbacks that come along with it. In fact, there are behaviors which you may need to do and certainly some which you may not need to do to get the right importance in a career.

Here are 13 behaviors, which will surely put your career to a standstill leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Arriving Late In Office

Maybe you have stayed late watching your favorite TV show, which surely resulted in getting up late even if your alarm clock goes off. Well, that is surely not desirable. That is when you need services like Hulu and Netflix. It is certainly the best piece of advice to miss the episode instead of hampering the career. Get to bed on time as then only you will ready on time the next morning.

Doing The Work You Are Paid For

In each and every job profile, you are assigned a particular amount of job. Doing extra work will surely not increase your paycheck or bring in more amounts of money but it would surely give you the right amount of experience. In fact, your sincerity and dedication towards various aspects of the job will surely get noticed by your boss landing you popularity.

Restricting Yourself To Networking Only Within The Company

Well maybe you are working for a great company but always remember there are other great ones and they surely may be looking for someone to step up and take the place offering you your dream position. This piece of information will go unnoticed unless you talk to people of various other companies and are well connected with the help of LinkedIn and other online networks.

Staying And Working At Home

It is needless to say that you need to be at your desk right during your office hours but there are other occasions as well like company picnics, Christmas party as well as get together which provides the right time to bond with your colleagues. Well, you certainly would not be paid for them but it will surely show that you are good team player. Start arranging social functions right outside your job.

Depending On Your Former Education

Well, learning is a continuous process throughout your life. Well, many people do require training and then stop learning. You rise above others in life, you will have to continuously learn new skills and improve yourself. Read brochures, attend workshops, seminar and open forum and ask mentors to continue your education as well as new skills which will prepare you for the next role.

Waiting For Someone To Discover You

It is true that there are recruiters out there but solely relying on them amongst each and everyone will surely kill your ability to rise in a company. Get yourself properly known and let others know you so as to why you will be an asset at a higher level. Eagerly seize the opportunity and look for advancement in your career.

Working Single-Handedly On Your Goals

We are all inspired by the motto that “Self Help is the best Help” but that is certainly not true always. Often we fail to see something in yourself, which others can easily notice. Well, this is a perspective, which will surely differ from our own. There are coaches out there who boost advancement in your career, especially small business coach.

Incapable Of Following Through

There are various difficult tasks, which can surely test you in various proper ways. No matter what the task is to make sure, you keep your commitment of promising to deliver something you have promised. Even in face of obstacles, never fail to do a task you have promised, as that will have a bad impact on your career.

Being Inactive

Well never be too active in your office but do not too passive also. It is important to voice out your opinion as well as showcase and knows your highlights your work. Your boss will never your worth if you never demonstrate it.

Restricting Your Dreams Only To Yourself

Dreams are big and are meant to be shared. Let other people know about your plans. This has two positive aspects as it keeps you accountable as well as opens the way for them to help you. If you are quiet about your dreams then it will surely loose the chances of making connections of moving up.

Bearing The Reputation Of Being Just A Normal Guy In Office

Do not be an average worker in your office. Because average workers do not get promoted. Take up the responsibility of special assignments as well as projects.  Just being a normal employee will damage your chances of getting the right chance to get promoted.

Staying Right In Your Comfort Zone

If you stay in your comfort zone, you will never achieve anything. So to get promotions take things which are the challenge and find ways in which you can achieve that. Staying in your comfort zone would not help your career.

Just Reading And Hoping Instead Of Doing Something

Columns are one which is published each and every day but just reading them is of no worth. You do need to take action instead of wasting time thinking it. Failing to take action will keep you right where you are.

So stop the career- killing habits and properly define your career giving it the right direction and achieving unattained heights.

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Ayan Sarkar

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