Stepping Into The Shoes Of A Mobile App Developer

In the present times, each and every individual has a smartphone which will clearly explain the boost behind the smartphones and tablets market. With the growth in mobile gadgets, they have been parallel growth in mobile apps too.

Apps are seriously in fashion and there is no denying it. There are different apps right from cab based apps to store based apps with the list being endless.

As per a leading industry data study, in the year 2008, the total number of app download were 2.1 billion with the figure increasing to 31 billion in 2011. The markets of mobile applications have increased unexpectedly with firm predictions of 66 billion by 2016.

If you have a promising future for mobile applications, it is certainly not surprising that many young professionals will show an active interest in this area. The career opportunities are multiple and certain monetary rewards are tempting.

How To Become An Ideal Mobile App Developer?

There is no specific standard way to get in. Various current mobile app developers usually have made their own way trying to convert their ideas into reality. If you really want to like them, then listed below are few steps, which can help, you are noticed from a company you had your eyes on.

Gather A Degree In Computer Science

Gather a degree in computer science as this is the ideal way to get started in mobile application development field. Just surf the internet and you will easily get a bunch of universities that offer associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science and software development. Check the course curriculum to see which one has the most emphasis on mobile application development.

Selecting Specialized Courses

If you already have a degree in software, programming, specialized mobile application development courses can be your choice. There are various institutes, which offer various types of courses and you may look for these enhancing courses for developing your mobile application development skills. The real good ones usually provide thorough training in three central areas like:

Programming Languages

A wide range of programming languages are taught ranging from:

  • HTML and HTML5 (web development)
  • Java and C++ (classic object-oriented)
  • AMP and Antenna (cross-platform suites)
  • Java (used for most Android applications) and Objective-C (based on the C programming language for Ios)

With proper knowledge in all major programming languages along with UI design and backend computing, you can choose any mobile platform as per choice and convenience, build prototypes for the apps and take the first step in mobile application development.

Design Skills

Mobile applications differ from their non-mobile counterparts in terms of screen size as well as user behavior, training is provided to help the professionals understand the uniqueness, and technicalities of designing a mobile user interface.

Computing Skills

There are some institutes, which also focus on the development of proper computing skills. Reason being that a few of the computing skills are required in developing the right mobile app. If the institute you have selected does not involve computing skills training then it is advisable to keep doing self-study on it. This will be because you will require some knowledge in computing while building apps, which involves storing huge amount of data.

Once the training is done try to understand the needs of the target audience and get the foot in the door by building the first mobile app. Use a bit of professional sense and try and market the app in the right app store or marketplace. This will certainly help your app to reach mobile devices of the target consumers.

Learn, learn and learn. Whenever you are doing a regular self-study on mobile application programming and development, it will help you enlighten yourself. Make sure that you have acquired from any renowned institute and it is important to keep learning in order to remain updated with new and upcoming programming tools and technology.

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Ayan Sarkar

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