8 Mind-Blowing iOS App Development Trends To Dominate 2022

Gone those days when people used to take only computer courses to get employed. Now, people know how to use technology and how that can land them with their preferred jobs.

With the advancement of technology, mobile applications were the first to be modified and with time, the up-gradation took place accordingly.

If you are willing to complete an iPhone app development course in Kolkata, then here are few trends you must get yourself familiar with to dominate the market in 2022.

Before kicking off the trends’ list, we must know what exactly these trends have to offer.

Well, trends have a process that eventually makes their essence felt and we gradually float towards them. From a business point of view, the following trends can be extremely profitable. So let’s get to know about the trends that can help us dominate the 2022 market.

Cloud Space Expansion

Cloud computing encourages mobile applications to store a lot of information effectively while executing complicated errands. Mostly the mobile applications with an increasingly broad database is preferring the AWS aka Amazon Web Service as a distributed computing reinforcement.

Keeping the year 2022 in concern, SMEs enormously relocate to app development for cloud-based mobile devices. With the help of cloud computing, running a few servers at the same time will never be an issue.

Benefits Of Choosing Cloud Computing

Cloud computing enables users to diminish facilitating expenditures, robotizing countless organizational activities. Apart from this, there are some more benefits users can experience. It offers advanced quality as different groups can be connected without the process disturbance.

Developers must try cloud computing innovation in their application development as this can streamline your tasks. In any case, by the year 2022, the mobile market is about to welcome various cloud computing mobile applications for iOS.

AI App Development

AI has numerous applications but it additionally implies that a few occupations are at high risk of getting out of date. According to a report, it was predicated that by 2030s, 38% of US occupations will be at high danger of being computerized and run by AI-controlled robots or by other comparative gadgets.

Then, what’s the point of applying this trend to the list?

  • AI utilization is an approach that makes the application more brilliant and it also helps users sparing a lot of time and cash for the iOS mobile app development companies.
  • Over everything like funding, bookkeeping, client assistance, human services area, and other things, different organizations will coordinate AI into their iOS device applications.


Just when we think that the internet is not able to control room, kitchen or daily lives, the internet of things comes right there. With the IoT, imagine you are in your office and recalled that you have forgotten to lock your home on your way out. Normally, people will consider coming all the way back to lock but with the help of IoT, you can easily bolt your house right from your workplace.

And for this, all you need is a lock framework, application and a web association fueled by IoT. Practically, any item can go as an IoT gadget if that is associated and controlled with the internet that way.

Keeping the year 2022 in mind, you can simply think about this idea of mobile application development and applying it to any industry.

Already, there are numerous organizations that are rapidly changing their gear into IoT application development and this clarifies the presence of IoT gadgets in the market will be like mobile phones.

For 2022, what exactly will be the best strategy?

Well, to help you out, here are some of the curated points. Let’s know more about them…..

  • Xively

This platform provides with the IoT like features for your application development projects.

  • Android Ubidots

The mobile app developers can use the Android platform to create an account to connect the Ubidots. This action will help you push your applications on smartphones.

  • ThingWorx

The platform offers you an advanced level of tools for the marketing of your mobile application. Apart from this, ThingWorx is popular due to some advantages it offers.

This platform is an easy option to segregate products and services while supporting minimization in your organizational activities. It helps to improve the overall user experience on your mobile applications. Along with these, it also helps you build and identify new revenue channels.

All these qualities make this platform another best for the mobile application developers in creating viable IoT strategies.


To name these two, gaming and video are the sectors that come in our minds as these have already conquered these sectors. But, it’s totally a matter of time before these technologies make their place in every aspect of our daily lives.

Apple introduced ARkit and Google introduced ARcore are just a hint of inevitable mix of reality revolutions. These offer various useful features including motion tracking, light estimation, people occlusion, and environmental understanding within their packages.

So, as an outcome, in the year 2022, we can definitely see many AR & VR based iOS mobile application ideas booming in the market. This will leave a positive impact on some of the industries such as tourism, education, healthcare, retail, marketing, etc.

Of course, mixed reality is going to revolutionize our social media experiences. Already Facebook had introduced spaces for the app in order to let users interact with our contacts using VR. Even Instagram allows creating our own AR filters as well.

Different types of smart glasses are available in the market, like Holo Lens, Oculus Go, Magic Leap, etc.

Using these gadgets and VR & AR applications, doctors from different regions can perform live surgeries, swimming under a deep-sea will be possible, rebuilding our reality and teleporting to space or other planets are also possible.

What are the future trends of AR & VR?

  • AR-based virtual user manual.
  • VR based exploration activities and virtual training stimulation.
  • VR based live music festivals and concerts.
  • AR-based destination navigator.
  • AR & VR based visual learning.


Blockchain gives us a sneak peek into the offerings it has of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. It offers complete security of all its users’ information. No one is able to track any information of its users’, be it a transaction or documents.

In order to provide Cybersecurity, this is a great solution.

Bitcoin gives us a taste of cryptocurrency while Ethereum showed us the true potential of Blockchains. For iOS mobile app developers, these have widened the opportunities for decentralized app development.

The decentralized apps do not need any mediator to function or to manage users’ information. It simply connects the users and providers to encrypt the information between them.

Decentralized apps mostly used in sectors including finance, healthcare, media, games, and trading. In this year 2022, decentralized apps will enter and cover all the available industries respectively. Here are some of the decentralized apps for iOS development ideas for the coming future. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Blockchain for anti-piracy.
  • Security for public elections.
  • Swarm robotics.
  • Valuables tokenization.
  • Transparent betting. And,
  • Blockchain as a service.

Here are some of the expected mobile application trends for an improvised blockchain innovation to be introduced in the near future.

  1. It offers complete security for all sensitive information by encrypting the exchanges, and the information records. For the record, this is going to be a remarkable idea to reduce cybersecurity effectively
  2. Decentralized applications also known as DApps do not need to be bothered by a middle person to deal with the you4r database. It has the option to connect clients and suppliers directly.
  3. The upheaval of blockchain application development is already around the bend as there are numerous DApps in the exchanging, fund, social insurance, media, and games sector. In 2022, DApps will surely enter every single other field as well.

5G iOS Mobile Applications Development

Concerning 2022, 5G remote innovation can hit up the market because there are few things, which are inconceivable using 4G innovation. This can imply new cases for SMEs, such as remote hardware control, associated vehicles, cloud AR & VR, remote eHealth, mechanical IoT, and so on.

Advantages of applications dependent on 5G for organization

  • Its quick and data transmission is easier.
  • Its quick and data transmission is easier.
  • Close to zero Idleness.
  • Diminishes force utilization.
  • It has an expanded network thickness.

iOS Mobile Wallet Apps

Mobile wallet apps are quickly garnering the hearts of users as we do not have to pay in cash or type in our account details whenever we need to get a transaction done. From the past few years, virtual and computerized monetary forms have become one of the most necessary pieces of commerce due to its comfort, high security, and various counteractive actions. Throughout the invention of mobile wallets, we are experiencing Amazon Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and other similar applications.

Let’s have a look at some of the top advantages of using a computerized wallet for any organization.

  1. It helps in bringing improvements in saving time and money.
  2. Improves client care using access to collect information about your client for shopping requirements or to request.
  3. It guarantees straightforward installments.
  4. Mobile wallet supports exchanging multi cash including fiat monetary and digital currencies (BTC & ETH).

Now, you know why mobile wallets are rapidly accumulating users. With this, no one has to pay in real cash. All we have to do is to interface the record subtleties in any of the mobile wallet applications.

So, it is high time for mobile application developers and organizations to add this mobile wallet application idea to their list.

Instant Applications

The concept of instant applications is earning more popularity day by day. The best part is these applications are not only popular in individuals but also among organizations, these are useful. The main reason behind this is the ability instant applications hold for helping both iOS and Android application developers in achieving a better conversion rate compared to the regular mobile applications.

For instance, Hollar and NYTimes have respectively increased their conversion rate by 20% and 27% by using instant mobile applications. In addition, in the gaming industry, applications like King and Hothead Games have improved their player acquisition rate by using instant mobile applications.

Basically, these applications are not required to be downloaded on your smartphone despite of their operating systems. They are smaller in size compared to the regular mobile applications and provide basic functionalities of a website. It delivers a great user experience without consuming extra space in your device.

The year 2019 had already welcomed plenty of instant mobile applications and 2022 is all set to welcome more than 2019 comparatively for both users and developers.

It’s A Wrap!

In your iPhone application store, you will find a million mobile applications and it is quite difficult to stand out in this competitive space. In order to make your mobile application development successful, it is always important to keep yourself up to date with the arising trends and technologies in the mobile application development field.

Hopefully, these above-mentioned trend ideas will be helpful for you to get a complete insight of top mobile application development trends to be followed in 2022.

Finding out the exact benefits of all these mobile application development trends can seem way difficult for your organization. If you are also facing the same issue in identifying the benefits of the trends, then seeking help from an expert in the industry can be helpful. Contacting one of the renowned iPhone app development service provider can be helpful for you. Even if you want to get an iPhone app development course done from an iPhone training institute, then you must choose the renowned one for betterment in your career ahead.

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