18 Short Term Courses for Job in 2023

In this fast pace world, changes are taking place within seconds. Technologies keep expanding in innovative ways making room for better work opportunities. If you are someone who wants to start a career, explore new career options or upskill your career path, there are some short term courses for jobs that can help you tremendously. You may find suitable jobs to fulfil your dreams because several courses are easily available, irrespective of what your background may be.

While many may have found their career path, others can still be confused. Here are some of the popular short term courses for those who have passed 12th standard, are graduates or come from any other field. Read ahead and create a thriving career!

18 Best Short-Term Job-Oriented Courses in 2023

In this blog, you will find some of the best short-term job-oriented courses that will help you get a great career in 2023. We will discuss every course in detail and let you know about its job prospects, required qualifications, and many more. All courses are available in offline and online modes. So choose the preferred one to obtain a secure future!

1.  Automation & Planning Course

In the present day, automation is a way of transforming productivity and is much in demand. It is a great field in technology and manufacturing. Automation sequences aid people to perform tasks that are time-consuming, or difficult to get right. From the production line to marketing, warehouse, site development and more, automation is taking place rapidly. Therefore, Automation can create a huge difference in every sphere. It transforms the work from slow to fast and automatic.

There is a significant need for automation engineers at the moment since technology is developing quickly and more activities are becoming automated. The most prevalent programming languages under Automation are Selenium, Python, Ansible Cucumber and PLC Logics. The most common is Python programming language which is used for automation because beginners find it easy to grasp its syntax.

If you are interested in earning well through comprehensive short term job oriented courses after graduation, Automation and planning can be your answer. You can get valuable technical skills to accelerate your career and hands-on training for automation processes. Find industry-based course modules from accredited institutes and make way for a vibrant career.

  • Required educational qualification

To pursue this course, you need a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputable and accredited institute.

  • Skills you gain

Through these short-term courses for the job, you get to learn skills like :

  • Core Java
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AWS
  • Agile

Future of the industry

The function of automation is to look over the tasks that machines do. They prevent human errors and allow further scalability. There is no doubt that Automation and Planning hold a bright future. This field has been evolving at a lightning speed and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It will be of high value as a part of CRMs. For a great personalized experience, one will require automation and planning. In future, every business will use chatbots, making automation more in demand. There will be a need for decision-making, data collection and reporting where automation will play a huge role. Remember that automation is not taking away the jobs of people, but rather redefining them in a new way.

Automation is not a field where the engineers set it and forget about it. While it frees up people’s time, the same time is used to optimize better results. Automation does not lose the human touch; it empowers workers to focus on better work. This course can boost careers with short training and provide a handsome salary. You can work as an Automation Engineer, Software Development Engineer, Industrial Automation Engineer and many more.

  • Course duration

It is a 6-month course.

2.  React JS Course

One of the most popular and rapidly expanding technologies today is ReactJS. Even after ten years on the market, this JavaScript framework is expanding at a quicker rate. It is such a technology that both established businesses and start-ups invest in it to achieve their goals. Working collaboratively with testers, web designers, and project management teams, a ReactJS developer creates contemporary UI components. This is done to maximise the speed of applications. Every qualified candidate has great career prospects in this field.

If you are interested in this field, React JS is one such course that can provide you with a great career option. You learn to create a responsive and streamlined user interface. There is scope to learn about interactive elements on the website with the help of React JS. Through React JS course, you learn to make amazing mobile and web applications. You can create practical and easy codes, understand various libraries, knowledge about data structure, and design with speed.

React JS career-focused courses will help you lay a solid foundation for the future. You will be able to excel exceptionally through it.

With valuable React JS classes, learning the newest technology with industry experts will be advantageous. You also have higher chances of placement once you take such short term courses that pay well.

  • Required educational qualification

Any person who has done Graduation/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma from a government-certified institute can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

The skills you will cover after completing these short term job oriented courses after 12th :

• Learn key React concepts
• React Application Testing
• React Components
• Routing in React
• Hooks
• React State Management
• React Event Handling
• React Native

  • Future of the industry

For those who want to work in this field, React JS will be a game changer. You can create applications quickly and user interfaces thanks to React JS. It provides users with the simplicity that every business needs.

The viability of React JS development will not disappear any time soon. Several businesses are scrambling to get developers with expertise in using React JS in web apps. To name a few, Uber, Instagram, Meta, and Airbnb have used the same for excellent outcomes. Currently, it is the best time to apply for React JS short term course because renowned companies have used React. You can work as React JS developer, full stack Node.js developer, front-end developer, software developer, web developer and so on. One can build UIs in an efficient, faster and effective way. Numerous companies are also investing in React ecosystem to create fresh tools and libraries. Therefore, we may conclude that React JS has a bright future.

  • Course duration

The course duration is of 4 months.

3.  MERN Stack Development

MERN Stack is an open-source JavaScript stack. It is used for simplicity in the creation and deployment of various applications. It stands for four technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js. Through a practical approach, the course will teach how to make responsive and dynamic websites. Students will get hands-on experience with full-stack web development. You will have detailed insights into the front-end and back-end servers, React library, and MongoDB. After finishing this course, you will learn to build web and hybrid smartphone apps. There will be information about how to work with forms, lists, geolocator APIs, tables, videos, and session storage.

By using CSS classes, box models, IDs, and animation, one will know how to style HTML documents. The course will offer a brief introduction to Bootstrap to create receptive pages. With the help of JavaScript, you will know how to control DOM elements. You will understand the state components, functional components, lifecycle, and child components of this course. You will also understand and work with Node JS execution models, streams, etc. One will have a deep understanding of Express Routing and Express JS.

Expect experience faculties to guide you at every step. Try applying for institutes having real-time project work and industry-based modules to give you an idea about the real world. Once you have secured a place in the best short term job oriented courses, you will flourish from thereon.

  • Required educational qualification

An individual needs to have B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a recognized institute to apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

You will learn to create top-notch web applications after completing this valuable and high paying short term course. Other skills that you will acquire are :

• Knowledge of JavaScript and JSON
• Node.js’s Knowledge of MERN
• React.js’s Knowledge for MERN
• Parse and MERN Stack
• Knowledge of Express JS or Restify
• Expertise in OOP
• Skill to build UI elements for Javascript object models

  • Future of the industry

MERN stack developers are in great demand since they are very useful for any business. Every small, medium, and big business are all looking for MERN stack professionals. MERN stack is used everywhere. If you are keen to learn anything valuable, go for MERN stack short term job oriented courses after graduation. It has a lot of scopes in 2023 and beyond. By pursuing a job in this field, one will know how to combine several languages in a tech stack. Many companies trust the MERN stack to build a responsive and interactive web application.

Today, the technologies under this stack are the leading tools to program responsively and dynamically with JavaScript. You can become a MERN stack developer, full-stack developer or back-end developer after finishing such high paying short term courses. Therefore, it has a future-proof career and the demand for this industry is quite large because the need for apps continues to grow rapidly.

  • Course duration

It is a 6-month course.

4.  MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack Web Development is among the most widely used JavaScript-based web development tools. The four languages used in it are MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. The capacity to create the most interactive web apps belongs to MEAN Stack. Additionally, the major emphasis is still on back-end servers, databases, and front-end frameworks. That’s the reason the MEAN Stack training is in such great demand. A MEAN Stack developer, to be exact, is a significant asset to any company. When it comes to application development, MEAN uses a very cutting-edge strategy. Therefore, it might be considered a spellbinding technology of the future for web development.

The MEAN stack development course is a comprehensive one having all the updated tools and skills one requires. The experts can give you classes either online or offline. This course will help you get a job in a renowned company. You can get this intricately formulated course based on industrial needs. The real-time project work and practical application will help students understand the pressures of the real world. Find award-winning institutes to help you gain good exposure and amazing placements.

  • Required educational qualification

To apply to this short term job oriented offline or online course, one needs B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from an accredited university.

  • Skills you gain

The skills you learn after finishing this job oriented short term courses :

• Core computer science concepts
• Creating and testing end-to-end applications with exhilarating features
• Backend APIs
• Software Development Processes
• Rich and Interactive Web UI
• Agile
• Express.js
• API Testing with Postman

  • Future of the industry

In the past, it was normal to pursue a specialisation as you gain experience to further your career. Today it’s not the same; you can choose another stream altogether. According to market researchers, the global software market is expected to grow with high value by 2023. The finest employment opportunities today offer boundless scope and MEAN Stack Development.
Becoming a MEAN stack developer is an incredibly rewarding job. Those who decide on studying MEAN Stack will have a successful future. You will be able to pick from a wide range of areas (desktop, smartphone, IoT) through the MEAN stack. Better career prospects, security, efficiency, and scalability, will all be present through this course. You can earn a high salary by becoming a full-stack developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, web developer, UI developer and web designer.

  • Course duration

The course duration is of 6 months.

5.  Node JS Development

Node.js is an open-source, dynamic, cross-platform runtime environment for JavaScript. It is based on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine. Being a JavaScript environment, Node.JS lets you do multiple tasks. One can build amazing applications. These days, it is used to run server-side scripts and JavaScript code to build dynamic websites. Most web developers use Node.JS for its exceptional and influential features. It is highly scalable, has faster code execution, no buffer time and has non-blocking APIs. People popularly use Node.js for I/O-bound applications, Data-Intensive Real-Time applications, Data streaming applications, single-page applications and JSON API-based applications.

Technology is booming quickly and has gained a lot of popularity because of its vast possibilities and superb adaptability. You will be prepared to make your mark in the world of software development after you have mastered the Node.js basics. Because technology is developing rapidly, job opportunities tied to it are also advancing quickly. Therefore, applying for such short-term computer courses after graduation wouldn’t be a mistake. Find a highly-regarded academy that gives practical training, in-depth knowledge, and continual support from technically expert faculties.

  • Required educational qualification

Students need to have B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from an accredited university to study this course.

  • Skills you gain

After finishing this short term course, a Nod.JS developer will be able to :

• Basics of computer science and software processes
• Backend APIs
• Interactive UI
• Node.js architecture
• Database management
• Build compliant codes
• API communication
• Error-handling skills
• Using Asynchronous Programs
• Front-end technology knowledge
• Create, set up and maintain network applications
• Create real-time chat applications for companies
• Build streaming apps, e-commerce software, and online games

  • Future of the industry

One of the most well-known frameworks is Node. Js. It creates applications that are quick to develop, scalable and cross-platform. Node.JS is quite in demand with the recent trends. The skyrocketing growth is said to increase even faster according to the market. By motivating all conglomerates and start-ups to use Node.JS globally, it continues to stand out against the competitors. People can blindly choose it over numerous other technologies in 2023. Several companies like Netflix, Paypal, LinkedIn, IBM, Apple, and Uber have used Node. JS. Jobs after completing Node.JS short-term course include Node js developer, Front-end developer, UX/UI developer, Software Engineer, Server Manager and Back-end developer.

  • Course duration

The course is of 3 months.

6.  Angular

The Google-developed and -maintained web framework known as Angular was first made available in 2010 under the moniker AngularJS. It is unquestionably one of the most well-known web frameworks available today. Angular is primarily used to create single-page apps.
Since its birth, Angular has gained a great deal of recognition in the developer world for offering web-based solutions. Google Developers utilise it the most as a front-end framework. Initial and seed businesses prefer to use it as a web framework. That is the very reason why there is still a great need for Angular.JS developers.

As the demand rises for angular developers, many countries are thinking of expanding their angular development workforce. The magnificent cross-platform feature lets developers build progressive native phone applications and web applications. If you are looking for the best short term courses for high paying jobs, Angular is one of the best. With industry experts and intricately formulated course modules, you will have a strong foundation on the subject. Practical training through short term courses for jobs will prepare you for the real world.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have a Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputable college can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Some of the skills you will learn after finishing such short term courses for a job after graduation :

• Utilize Built-in and Custom Pipes
• Angular Architecture and CLI
• Handling and Validating Forms
• Angular Components and Databinding
• Work with TypeScript
• Testing Angular Application
• Working with Angular CLI
• Learning Angular architecture
• JavaScript
• HTML and CSS
• RxJS
• Responsive design

  • Future of the industry

Since 2010, Angular has developed a lot. In the web and app development section, it continually leverages its complete potential to stay ahead. Angular has a promising future. Many may use Angular2 in the IT industry which makes it a big reason to have massive scope. According to Statista, Angular has become an exceptional framework globally. It is quite popular among software developers. More than 40% of programmers and developers have started using Angular for the user interface. In 2023, it comes under the top 2 front-end frameworks alongside React.
You can work as a web developer, UI developer, UI engineer, front-end developer, JavaScript developer, web app developer, and more. Valuable expertise in Node.js will get you high paying jobs in multinational firms. To name a few, you can work for NASA, Netflix, eBay, GoDaddy, Walmart, Twitter, Yahoo, and many others. Hence, it is safe to say that the future is promising and individuals can take the Angular course without any hesitations.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

7.  Software Testing Course

In recent years, the profession of software testing has seen enormous growth. The variety of professional opportunities comes with a good salary. The testing field in the IT business has never had drawbacks compared to the other areas. Therefore, it is true that there is always a significant need for competent software testing.

Particularly in the last few years, this profile has grown significantly. Software testing is the foundation of any business world and, consequently, of any IT service or product. As a result, this profession’s potential is growing rapidly every day. Hence, for those interested, you can apply for the Software Testing course.

The course covers the application of advanced tools and technologies.
Throughout the course, you will get a chance to test various programs with different techniques. These short-term courses for the job deliver thorough knowledge of technologies related to software testing. They will help one build a great testing framework.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have a Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputable college can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Out of the many, some of the skills you will gain after finishing this short-term course :

• Core computer science concepts from top industry experts
• Agile
• Java
• API Testing with Postman
• TDD with TestNG
• Document preparation
• Test Preparation
• Database knowledge
• Knowledge of the testing process
• Linux commands
• Information about automation tools

  • Future of the industry

Due to the high demand for software in every industry, software testing has become an integral part of the process. From multinational companies to start-ups, all of them rely on the application. As companies grow, the need for software testing will go higher. There will be more in-house software testing than usual. The usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will take over software testing.

Therefore, after learning advance software testing course, you can work as a test engineer, supply chain analyst, tools engineer, software test lead, tools architect, etc. If you gain the essential skills, degree and familiarity with software testing, you can get hired by prominent multinationals.
Companies like Amazon, Google, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Consultancy Services, Capgemini, Accenture, Tata and others. Therefore, it is safe to say that the future shows potential for anyone wanting to take a software testing course. Software testing has a sparkling future in the coming years.

  • Course duration

It is an 8-week course.

8.  iOS App Development Course with Swift

IOS currently has a huge marketplace. Established companies and start-ups trust iOS to bring the best out of the business. They see high returns thereby creating sky-high demand for iOS developers. An iOS app developer is in charge of creating apps for an iOS mobile device. The developers have to know the two main programming languages- Swift and Objective-C. Apple developed a powerful and user-friendly programming language Swift to create apps for iOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac. It is a terrific open-source and easy-to-use tool. Because of the booming demand for iOS app developers, people can apply for this short-term course for jobs.

This course has everything you need to become a deserving and successful iOS developer. If you are new to coding, you can apply to this course without hesitations. You will learn how to code using Swift and create beautiful iOS apps. The course will have engaging and intricately designed classes for a hands-on experience. Expect in-depth training with the most qualified teachers. The technical training and guidance, both online and offline, will help create a strong foundation. Those who are seasoned programmers can take this course to quickly learn about Swift. You will get a chance to create a portfolio by getting involved in real-time projects. Get trained with experienced faculty from a renowned institute and pave way for an excellent career ahead.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a reputable college can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Some of the skills you will gain after finishing these short term courses for job :

• Swift 5.1
• Xcode
• Machine Learning
• ARKit to create AR apps
• UIKit and SwiftUI
• Creating app-based business
• iPadOS, SwiftUI iOS, and macOS app interface design
• CoreML & CreateML to make intelligent apps

  • Future of the industry

There has been a sharp rise in the use of mobile devices in the past 10 years. It has expanded the reach of the digital world. With the stride to improve their digital presence, businesses are changing their ways to create a noticeable impact. That said, the rise of iPhone app development is imminent. When it comes to features and usability, there are virtually no limits to what you can achieve with an iOS app.

Top companies like Amazon, Adobe, and Microsoft have recruited people who had a background in iOS development. Job prospects after completing this course are many. You can work as an application developer, mobile application developer, web developer, game developer, software developer, and front-end developer. Therefore, we can safely say that not just in 2023, but in the coming years, the industry will see a remarkable future.

  • Course duration

It is a 3-month course.

9.  Android App Development Course with Kotlin

The Android platform is becoming increasingly liked among programmers and is the market leader for smartphones worldwide. Android will probably continue to be in high demand as more firms create mobile apps for enriched client involvement. Hence, you can apply for such a short-term course. You will learn how to create an android app with the best faculty and a hands-on approach. There will be lessons about android environment settings, android studios, and components, creating new projects, publishing apps and more.

Find an institute that focuses on quality of teaching rather than quantity. Search for institutes having faculties that focus on individual problems. You can get an industry-based course module for a great foundation on the subject. This course is for anyone who wants to learn android code, become a Kotlin developer, build android apps and so on. You can also apply for this course if you want to update your existing knowledge of Android App Development.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from an accredited university can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Some of the skills you gain after completing this course :

• Android App Development using the Kotlin programming language
• Latest android version
• Publish apps on the Google store
• Kotlin Java
• Variables in Android Kotlin
• Basic and advanced level Kotlin Programming language

  • Future of the industry

With as many as 2.5 billion Android users in the world, it is the best skill to boost your career. the skills are in demand among various companies and a wide range of industries. You can search for jobs in android development using cross-platform solutions. After finishing this course you have various doors open for jobs. These are the kind of short term courses to get a job abroad as well. You can work as an Android developer, Android UI Developer, Kotlin developer or web developer. You can even work on Android apps, mobile app development, data science and more using these skills. Several multinational companies hire Kotlin developers. They offer high packages. Companies like Cognizant, Wipro, and TCS have hired Kotlin developers. Therefore, we can say that the future is promising and one can safely look for jobs in this domain for a spectacular career ahead.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

10.  Android App Development with Core Java

Core Java is a set of libraries, a subset of Java language, used to develop various server-based applications and website applications. Android is heavily dependent on Java to build applications via standard Java libraries and will continue to do so in the coming years.

With high smartphone use, there is an increased use of Android apps as well. This is a great time to invest in a job-oriented course that has stupendous value and steady growth. If you dream of becoming an app developer, this course is for you. The skills you will obtain from this course will dramatically change your career prospects.

Through this course, you will learn to create 2D games, complex java android applications, server-based applications, and create java applications. You can build your own app by mastering the java programming language. You can apply for this course in a reputable institute that can work on real-time projects. With industry-based course modules, students will surely have a rich and flourishing career. By being a professional app developer, you can start freelance work too. Learn how to have professional networking and meet prospective employers through this brilliant course and become a top-notch app developer soon.

  • Required educational qualification

Any person holding a Graduate/B.E/B.Tech/BCA/MCA degree from a renowned university can apply for such short term courses for getting a job.

  • Skills you gain

After finishing such short term job oriented courses after graduation, you will have the following skills :

• Computer Programming
• Software Testing
• Basics of Java Programming
• Android Software Development
• Junit
• SQLite Database
• Master Android Studio
• Logic Programming
• Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Future of the industry

The world is changing rapidly. Over the past 10 years, there has been a phenomenal rise in smartphone usage. People throughout the world are fiercely dependent on technology today. More than half of the population uses smartphones for almost nine hours every day! With industries growing rapidly, there are bound to be huge technical demands. Android developers are in demand in every sector. You can count on business, finance, e-commerce, security, gaming, medical, travel and maps. One can get high-paying jobs as a back-end developer, full-stack developer, android developer, senior software engineer, mobile application developer, java application developer, and more. As a trained Core Java Android developer, expect prospective career paths for yourself. Global tech giants like Infosys, Cognizant, and numerous start-ups are hiring Java and Android developers. Thus, it is safe to say that almost every company needs Android developers. For that reason, the future of this industry will be quite bright and promising.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

11.  Flutter with Dart App

Flutter with Dart contributes to native app development. It also contributes to general mobile development on any iOS and Android device. Big and small corporations look forward to using this technology leading to expansion in demand for Flutter with Dart app developers. If you are looking for a high salary job oriented course, you can choose this one.

This course is the ultimate one for those looking to design cross-platform Android and iOS mobile apps utilising the Dart programming language. You will learn the fundamentals of dart programming language and understand how to create robust apps. There will be an understanding of designing, debugging, and building Flutter iOS and Android apps.

After applying to a reputed university, the knowledgeable faculty will give you hands-on and insightful information about every topic. This course is good for beginners and can create an impressive change in your career. Academies creating course modules according to industrial norms will benefit the students. What’s more? You will be able to handle real-time projects after finishing such job oriented short term computer courses.

  • Required educational qualification

Those who hold a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a highly-regarded institute can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Some of the skills you gain after finishing the best short term courses for high paying jobs :

• Flutter
• Dart
• iOS
• Android
• Cross-platform
• Make iOS and Android Apps with Single Codebase
• Mastering Dart and Flutter framework
• Create apps for your business or startup

  • Future of the industry

Flutter with dart app is here to stay for a long time. It is a new cross-platform framework for mobile development built by Google. It allows developers to create iOS and Android apps with a single codebase. The good thing about Flutter is that it can create cross-platform apps that would otherwise need two separate development teams. There are various jobs available after finishing such short term courses. You can be a Flutter Mobile Developer or even a cross-platform mobile developer.

This job path is an excellent place to start in the world of mobile app development due to its simplicity of learning and incredible opportunities. Additionally, the one-time coding capability makes it easy to quickly create amazing, high-performing apps for iOS and Android. Consequently, it makes sense that the mobile app market is seeing an increase in demand for Flutter with Dart app developers. The future is quite bright for such an industry. Therefore, taking such short term courses for job would be apt for many.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

12.  React Native App Development

React native is a UI software framework developed by Meta. It is open source and the best JavaScript library. It is used to create apps for macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, Android TV, Android, and UWP. The developers use React framework with native platform abilities. With React Native, you can maintain various platforms and share universal technologies- React.

If you choose such high paying short term courses, look for industry experts guiding you at every step. You can learn the latest versions of React Native focusing on fundamentals and efficiency. The comprehensive course will introduce you to contemporary toolchains. From the basics of React to the advanced topics, you will be able to decide on architectural tools for the projects you get. React Native has a striking career prospect. This UI library is magnifying rapidly. It is offering diverse and high-paying jobs. React’s library is so diverse that one can learn various things to be an expert.

When you take this course, you will find real-time projects and a pragmatic approach at every level. So get ready to improve your career and make a change exceptionally with experts by your side. This course is available in both online and offline mediums in several institutes.

  • Required educational qualification

Those who hold a B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from a trustworthy and authorised institute can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

After completing this high paying short term job oriented course you will learn to :

• Construct cross-platform mobile apps without using Objective C, Swift, Kotlin and Java for iOS and Android.
• Be adept in the newest React Native Developer ecosystem from scratch
• Become a top-class React Native Developer
• Make major applications like a leading mobile app developer
• Learn routing with React Navigation
• Learn the most recent features in React Native. This includes AsyncStorage, Context API Hooks, and Animation.

  • Future of the industry

Since 2015, React Native has captured a fair share of the fast-growing mobile marketplace. Graduates from this course can work at JP Morgan, Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, IBM, Meta and other top-notch tech companies. Skilled React Native developers are in high demand to finish their projects. Organizations find it difficult to hire React Native engineers due to the strong demand. Instagram, Facebook, Bloomberg, and many other companies have used React Native.

Everything about React Native points to a promising future. This includes its active community, its current pace, and the long-term goals of its main developers. React Native has developed as a go-to framework for programmers that want to produce cutting-edge apps.

  • Course duration

It is a 3-month course.

13.  Advanced PHP and MVC (Laravel) Course

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a programming language widely used all over the world. It follows the MVC design pattern. One of its best qualities is that it segregates the manipulation of data. The impressive open-source tool and speed make it a preferred choice in IT firms. Thus, because of its growing demand, it has led to many people choosing this career path.

If you choose this course, you will find it easy to create complex apps. Find institutes where you get quality training for the best outcome. The expert faculties who have experience in this field can help you to develop a strong understanding of the subject. The top PHP instructors, amazing project works and fun classes are a few things you can look forward to. Apply this course to gain practical knowledge and get industry-based course modules. You will hone perfect skills after finishing the best job oriented short term courses.

  • Required educational qualification

Individuals who have a Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from an authorised university can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

After finishing such short term computer courses after 12th, you will learn how to :

• Make applications using laravel
• Connect and use Databases
• Make migrations
• Build and use Controllers
• Download third-party libraries to add to Laravel

  • Future of the industry

Laravel is quite a widespread PHP framework. It proudly boasts its presence in the tech world. One can work as a Laravel developer or PHP Laravel developer after completing this course. Due to the increased use of Laravel in several tasks, such experts are high in demand. The future is bright and promising for aspiring students.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

14.  Professional Laravel with API Course

Since 2011, Laravel has gained a tonne of popularity on a global scale. It is used by more than 2 million websites now. Laravel is a great framework for both Application Programming Interfaces (API) and web apps. It makes it simple and quick for developers to create projects. Naturally, there is a significant demand for Laravel among API developers, and this need is anticipated to grow over the coming few years. Laravel may be used to create a variety of software and website applications, content management systems (CMS), APIs, and basic networking forums.

Through such demanding short term courses, you will learn every aspect of the technology. By offering the freedom to work on actual projects, experts will assist you in advancing your understanding of the Laravel framework and elemental PHP. You can create new projects, and databases, design database tables and much more. Expect to study from a well-made industry-based course module. The real-time projects with the riveting guidance of experts will astound you. Several institutes can help you become a qualified professional. Choose the one that focuses on top-quality education.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have a Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA/Diploma degree from an accredited academy can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Out of the many skills, some of them that you’ll know after finishing such short term courses for job is :

• Correctly configure the development setting for every project
• Utilize PHP Artisan successfully and be much more competent
• Create projects using Laravel
• How to use your work tools to their full potential (Github, Sublime Text 3, Composer, PHP artisan, Git, and Laravel)

  • Future of the industry

Laravel is a safe and rapidly developing platform is Laravel. You can count on it as it is a widely recognized framework. It distributes apps that are created exquisitely. After completing this course, you can be a Laravel developer and get good exposure in the market.

Be it in terms of skill or salary, Laravel developers focus on building amazing APIs. Due to the demands, multinational giants will be keen to hire PHP/Laravel with API developers without any hesitations. Since many firms use Laravel to build seamless online applications, the future is promising.

  • Course duration

It is a 3-month course.

15.  Web Design with Bootstrap

Web designers work with different frameworks, technologies, and projects with artistic and creative mindsets. From user experience to design, web designers look at every aspect of their work. Every organization looks for a strong digital presence today. For this reason, they need web designers to boost business growth. For this reason, many are opting for a web design course. With this course, you learn to design a website with highly responsive functions and features. You get a professional, online or offline course that helps you create admirable patterns and generate the perfect outline for the website. Expect industry experts to help you get familiar with all the functions and features of web designing. This course guarantees an ideal career.

  • Required educational qualification

Individuals who have an HS/Graduates/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA degree from an authorised university can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

After the end of such short term courses for job you will :

• Learn how to build a custom website with CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap
• Know the basic web design tips to create a professional-looking website
• Learn the real-world abilities to create professional and contemporary websites
• You will become skilled at building websites while you gain knowledge of each building block CSS, – HTML, Bootstrap

  • Future of the industry

Since everyone is dependent on the online world, there is an increased need for web designers. Hence, web design is a wonderful career option. It is a very competitive field and you can work as a web application developer, back-end web developer, front-end developer, design analyst, UX developer, etc in industries like finance, healthcare, education and government. Researchers project a 25% growth till the year 2031; making it a fast growth than the average of other occupations. This is proof enough that the future is good and hopeful for web designers.

  • Course duration

It is a 4.5-month course.

16.  UI/UX Design Course

A UI/UX designer builds responsive user interfaces for apps, websites, or other interactive media. Their work consists of developing concepts explained using storyboards. They collaborate with engineers and project managers to first gather important user requirements. UI/UX designers also process sitemaps. Working in UI/UX design is creative, engaging, as well as rewarding. At an entry-level position, you can kick-start your career phenomenally. With experience and required skills, the transition to graphic or UX designing will be highly worthwhile.

If you choose UI/UX course, expect to learn concepts of design thinking, UX research, UI prototyping, styling, usability, information architecture and testing. Such short term courses for job has a detailed curriculum with applied learning skills. You can develop high-tech prototypes to demonstrate their concepts through designs. With experts to guide you, get hands-on experience via industry-based course modules. Make your dreams come true through this course from a reputed institute.

  • Required educational qualification

Individuals who have an HS/Graduates/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA degree from a reputable institute can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

After completing this course, you get the following skills :

• UI and Visual Designing
• Wireframing
• User Experience Designing
• Product Designing
• Design Thinking
• Information and Interaction Designing
• Prototyping
• Usability Testing
• Heuristic Evaluation Abilities
• Storyboard
• Sketches
• User Journey Mapping

  • Future of the industry

Since it is crucial to have a good design for a successful brand, UI/UX designers are much in demand. There has been a lot of growth in the UI/UX design sector. Our reliance on digital platforms has made this field even more important and has received much interest from many. You can start your career as a UI/UX designer in a renowned company. UX UI designers understand the user’s needs and deliver a fine impression. You can also conduct user research, establish the information architecture of digital products, design wireframes and user flow, and create user personas.

It is predicted that in the next 10 years, there will be 19-30% growth in UI/UX jobs and 15% market growth by 2023. Therefore becoming a UI/UX designer is an easy and safe bet.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

17.  Digital Marketing

Did you know that 43% of the population is online at least twice a day and 26% are online all the time? This is because of the growing dependency on online products and services. As marketers, one needs to take advantage of this fact.

By building a brand and giving a good customer experience with clever digital strategies, digital marketers start transforming a business. Marketing experts may use any electronic marketing to spread advertised content and assess its effectiveness across the customer journey. Digital marketing may take formats like online video, search engine marketing, content marketing, sponsored social ads, social media postings etc.

Since everyone relies on the internet, going for a digital marketing course is a fine option. Through this short term course, you can have practical experience in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics. This course provides you with accurate and updated knowledge of the marketing world. You get to work with real-time projects and gain knowledge about the process upfront. The knowledgeable mentors deliver high-quality lessons so that you have a strong foundation. After doing this course, you get a chance to work with reputed firms. You learn to get familiar with marketing strategies and online branding.

  • Required educational qualification

People who have an HS/Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA degree from an accredited university can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

After completing such short term course after 12th, the skills you acquire are :

• Search Engine Optimization
• Web Analytics
• Content Marketing
• Keyword Management and Research
• URL Management
• Website Management and Optimization
• Search Psychology
• Keyword Research
• Keyword Organization and Match Types
• Ad Testing and Extensions
• Advanced Ad Features
• Campaign and Ad Group Organization
• Language Targeting
• PPC strategy
• Online Reputation Management
• Social Media Strategy

  • Future of the industry

The digital world will keep growing at a lightning-fast pace. There is more room for innovation and creativity today. The job prospects are quite high in this field and will continue to grow. Individuals can work as Digital Marketing Managers, Search Engine Optimizers, Social Media Marketing Experts, Content Marketing Managers, Copywriters, Search Engine Specialists, Conversion Rate Managers, and Conversion Rate Optimizers.

And with several job avenues plus infinite products and services online, the future of Digital Marketing is extremely promising and secure.

  • Course duration

It is a 3-month course.

18.  Web Design Course with Shopify

When browsing online one needs a website that looks beautiful and informative. Building attractive websites that attract potential customers is the key to a successful business.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform. It helps to create numerous customizable templates. It is easy to use and helps optimise websites quickly.

Through a comprehensive website design course, you will be able to create remarkable websites for businesses. You will learn about the concepts of illustration and graphics, responsive design, the Shopify ecosystem, and more. Look forward to such short term courses for job and creating a flourishing career. The gradual learning from the basic level to the advanced one with real-time projects will impact your career remarkably. With practical application and creating a world-class portfolio, you get the right exposure. Make way for the world of web design with the help of experts.

  • Required educational qualification

Anyone who has a Graduate/B.Tech/M.Tech/BCA/MCA degree from an accredited university can apply for this course.

  • Skills you gain

Some of the skills you learn after completing such short-term courses for job are :

• Visual designing
• JavaScript
• Using design software
• Time management
• Problem-solving

  • Future of the industry

Shopify is an exceptional platform for every graphic designer. Individuals can work as a Shopify developer, Web Developer, Multimedia Programmer, Full-Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Front-end Developer and UI Developer. Whether one is just beginning or is already a seasoned professional, Shopify is here to stay. The stunning website development to impress customers helps grow a business. With an increasing demand for e-commerce stores, the future is incredibly bright for web designers of any experience level.

  • Course duration

It is a 4-month course.

What Are Short-term Courses?

The name “short-term course” itself suggests its meaning. It means it’s a course completed in a short period. Such courses are quite useful for people from any background. Currently, people have become so busy with their schedules that they are unable to spare for long-term courses. That’s why there are short term courses. These courses generally last up to six months. The easy concepts in such courses make it simple for people to learn and apply.

What is The Purpose Of Short-term Courses?

Some courses are deliberately designed to train users in a small time. Short-term courses are meant to help individuals grow their skills. It can be for the same job or an entirely different one. Several course training consists of managing tasks assigned to them. These courses can be done on a full-time or part-time basis. You may notice that the eligibility criteria are not strict. The chance to get a job is quite high, and there may be practical classes. These courses will help students get hands-on experience in the real world.

Why Should You Opt for Short-term Courses?

The entire world now understands that short term courses for jobs are a huge trend. The specialization in certificate courses will enhance a person’s career spectacularly. Applying for a course is beneficial for a career change in a fast-growing world. The courses will not only expand your skill set but also create a new journey for individuals after their graduation.

You quickly learn professional skills that help you succeed in this competitive era. Since there is no longer a value in only graduating, taking short-term courses for jobs can help you fly high. Gain additional and detailed knowledge to thrive in your field through the above-mentioned courses. These amazing job-oriented courses will help you gain experience to enter a new industry.

What Are The Benefits Of Short-term Courses?

Short term courses for jobs can modernize your skills for a relevant job. Such courses give individuals an edge over others in the corporate world. These courses don’t take years to complete therefore, you can follow your dreams and start working on them.

If you still don’t believe us, here are a few reasons why short term job courses may be beneficial for you.

  • Good salary

Not only does upskilling offer up new opportunities, but also gives you the power to bargain for a higher compensation package. The need for particular products and specifications has caused a constant change in the employment market. Companies are frequently looking for employees with the freshest skill sets. Try the short term computer courses with high salary and see your career flourish.

  • Easy to change fields

When you think of changing your job, it can be a scary and daunting task. This is because you have become used to your old job, and learning something new can be nerve-wracking. But a positive thing about humans is that we can adapt and evolve. Change is what we need, and hence, short term courses can help individuals massively. It will help you switch to any job profile you want.

  • More opportunities

You will have more opportunities once you gain experience in the field. If you opt for a short term course, you have a higher chance of honing relevant market skills. Through such courses, you also get to know the different aspects of the market and gain the necessary benefits.

  • Extra knowledge

Knowledge is never wasted. When you gain knowledge about a particular field, it always helps in the future. To grow, one needs to keep learning new things. That’s why short term courses for jobs help you gain professional skills. The practical knowledge and attributes of a subject add to your career opportunity.

  • Networking opportunity

There are numerous personal and professional advantages to networking. It helps in the overall development of an individual, along with strong communication. If you have a way with words, short term courses can be advantageous. When you use your networking skills correctly after taking a short-term course, you will see the influence it has on others.

  • Chance to get promoted

Any person, regardless of their profession and experience, hopes to advance and become more well-known. The goal for them, after pursuing short term courses with high salary, is to catch the employer’s eye. Because you upgrade your skills through such courses you get an edge over your peers. This delivers high chances for promotion.

  • Work-life balance

Many short-term courses have a way of striking a work-life balance. There are customized courses available if you want to pursue them without hampering your personal life. Self-paced courses make it possible for individuals to learn in their own time. For example, a suitable online, short-term job-oriented course will work wonders for working professionals or homemakers who especially need professional and personal life balance.

A Better Tomorrow Awaits You!

It is important to know what you want out of life before taking the leap of faith. Short term courses with job placements are ideal if you’re considering to start working, switching careers or improving your current one. Whatever field you select, be aware that, unlike 10 years ago, today the options are not only limitless but beneficial. Sometimes you may believe that you made a wrong choice. When that happens ask your friends, family members, or expert IT professionals for advice.

Webskitters Academy offers numerous short-term courses for jobs. You can enrol in a variety of job-oriented IT courses here. The experienced instructors will make sure you have both practically and theoretically enlightening experiences. They will shape your future in distinctive ways. So apply to your preferred field in this high-regarded institute soon. Choose something that is within your comfort zone and fly high!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much salary can you get after completing such courses?

The job-oriented short-term courses with good salaries have a great impact on everyone. But after completing such courses there is a good chance of getting a high salary. We may not be able to disclose the particular amount as the salaries depend on location, skills, experience, etc. However, your salary can range between Rs 40,000 to 3,00,000.

Are the courses available online?

Yes, thanks to the growth of technology, there are courses available online. Anyone interested in such a course can join them. Experts from their respective fields will guide you at every step in every class.

Why choose short-term job oriented courses after the 12th?

There are several advantages to enrolling in short-term courses for jobs. One of them is that they are so short and practical that their significance is highly valuable. For those who need jobs after the 12th, short-term courses work perfectly. A short term courses after 12th grade has the right effect on students of that age because their learning power is still good. Hence going for such courses would be the right decision.

What are the advantages of hands-on knowledge?

Nicely structured, hands-on learning motivates pupils to think differently. It helps them stay curious, wanting to try experiments and explore new problems. Hands-on knowledge will provide you with application ideas and substance in your preferred career.

Can job-oriented short-term courses replace college degrees?

Short-term courses for a job and a college degree have different functions. Both are important in their separate ways. A person’s future needs and plans will only help establish the profession they wish to choose. With a college degree, you have exposure to varied jobs. But with job oriented short term courses, you are updated with knowledge, technologies and tools. A college degree can be more expensive than short term courses. To plan your career, make a decision accordingly, as both will help you in their unique ways.

What is the shortest career course to study?

Short courses have the advantage of completing the course faster. The shortest course to study would be the technical support engineer program. It is specially made to build a career in IT. The beginner-level certificate course will give you several job positions.

Which course is best for a high salary?

Everyone wants a job that has a high salary and healthy growth. For optimal growth, one needs to upgrade their skills. There are several courses in the field of Networking, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which is quite appealing. With handsome in-hand learning, you could automatically guess the growth level. All the training in the most recent technology will give you an advantage over others in your workplace. The opportunity to become multi-talented is with some great short term courses with high salary.

Which short term courses are good for ladies?

The pandemic had quite an effect on all of us. There was an uptick in work from home while the entire globe was combating the Coronavirus catastrophe. This turned into a blessing in disguise, especially for women who could handle and balance job and family responsibilities. Hence the short-term courses are built in a way that women can enrol in any of them and get a certificate.

Which short term courses give a high salary in India?

In India, cybersecurity, online IT management, firewall courses, or management analyst courses can give an individual a huge salary. There are certifications and advanced courses available for this. All you need to do is find the right one for yourself.

Ayan Sarkar

Ayan Sarkar is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of India. Possessing the talent of creative designing and development, Ayan is also interested in innovative technologies and believes in compiling them together to build unique digital solutions. He has worked as a consultant for various companies and has proved to be a value-added asset for each of them. With years of experience in web development, product managing and building domains for customers, he currently holds the position of the CTO in Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.