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The IT industry is booming in India at a rapid pace in comparison to any other nation around the globe. People throughout the world are recognizing the talent and the brilliant minds that are operating from India and are inventing ground-breaking methods and technologies paving the path for brilliant and appealing results that complements the requirements and business objectives of the clients. With its rich resources and creative minds, India is significantly standing amidst the top-notch countries offering lucrative career opportunities in various sectors.

Serving every arena of several industries with full dedication and quality support, the nation is coming up with some tremendously recognized and highly-skilled minds, which are proving its worth in the content writing sector. Being an integral part of the IT industry, the content writing skills was, till some years ago, not a well-known or valuable profession. But gradually with time, it has managed to garner extraordinary accolades for its contribution and effectiveness in the industry.

In today’s world of globalization, India has emerged as a notable player for a large number of American, European and Australian firms to outsource their content writing projects to them. This trend is credited to the fact that the Indians offer superior quality, unique contents at a cheaper price compared to the other countries. Understanding the importance of content in the IT industry and the major role that it plays, the rich resources of India are determined to give their best to the clients.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing
Content writing

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All said and done about content and IT sector, the major question that would have cropped up in your mind by now is what exactly & how good is career in ‘Content Writing’? The online platforms which are rather a new form and podium of advertisements, compared to the traditional media, require immensely important messages about their business or products which can attract the attention of the audiences. Although visuals, graphics, and videos are becoming significantly popular, the worth of content hasn’t dropped down. It has been found that the quality and quantity of the content has increased to multiple folds for meeting the requirements of the industry.

Content writing is related to the job which requires the individual to write content that will be published in the online media. The content includes the categories like reports, news, classified advertisements, informational texts, and any kind of data which are used in websites and other online places. All the information that one can see on the internet is the contribution of the skilled writers, who have a knack for writing and who understands the value of sharing relevant information with others in the crispest yet comprehensive manner.

The internet is a hub of a vast source of information, which includes news, topical information, general knowledge, recipe sharing, and other detailed data about everything under the sun. All this and much more information which you get to experience, see and read online is the result of the effort of thousands of content writers.

How To Become A Content Writer?

Content writing Illustration
Content writing Illustration

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For individuals who don’t have an interest in writing, the profession of a content writer becomes monotonous for them over the years. However, the people with an aptitude for writing never get bored of this job as they get to learn and explore excellent information every day. Being responsible for writing on varied topics and subjects, they gather powerful information which expands their knowledge base and also interests them.

The first and foremost thing that you need to be sure of while selecting content writing as your profession, is your interest in writing. Followed by this, is your urge to gather knowledge and readiness to indulge in mind-boggling research which would help you to get powerful resources for your write-up.

Secondary to this, is your command over English language and your writing skills. If you are good in English and want to use your writing skills then definitely this is the profession you should opt for.

A content writer should also possess technical knowledge about computers and its functions, as you would be working on them. Another aspect which you need to be aware of is the Search Engine Optimization. The knowledge of SEO is important as you get to know what actually works for taking your content up on the search engine rankings.

Scope Of Content Writing


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When you choose Content Writing as your profession, you get to experience thousand of gateways being opened for you. In accordance with your interest and your skill, you can choose the role which you think suits you better. The scope of content writing and the varied roles attached with it are:

    • Web Content Writer – You need to write fresh, unique and SEO friendly content for websites, which should be informational and factual.
    • Copy Writer – In this case, the writer needs to develop copies or write-ups for advertising and marketing purpose. It has to be catchy and crisp.
    • Research Writer – This role requires the writer to do a lot of research and collect a huge amount of data and information and assemble it to create a comprehensive research paper.
    • Technical Writer – It requires the writer to write technical blogs, user manuals or in-depth product catalogs.
    • Creative Writer – The writer can play with different kind of ideas in a very interesting and pleasurable way with easy to use words that will surely be a hit among the readers.
    • Editor/ Proof Reader – Thorough knowledge of English language and a great understanding of grammar and spelling helps you to bag a job of an editor or a proofreader. The writer gets to check other’s write-ups and proofread it to make it flawless.
    • Role In Online Reputation Management – Content Writers, also need to write effective and good reviews for the clients, write promotional contents for the companies and indulge in other kinds of writing, which makes them an integral part of the Online Reputation Management System for every enterprise.
    • Marketing Writers – The writers need to pay in-depth and essential focus on the marketing strategies and had to build up contents which can easily be used in email marketing, survey marketing, and direct marketing.

Eligibility Of A Content Writer

There is no hard and fast rule set up for being eligible for the post of content writer. However, having graduation degree and a good command over the English language gives you an upper-hand in the sector. The best thing about content writing is that it accepts each and every individual with open arms. People from every field can join this Digital with Content writing profession if they have the writing skill, command over English and on top of that technical and SEO knowledge.

Whether you are a graduate, post-graduate or you hold a Ph.D. degree, if you think you have a zeal for writing, content writing is the best profession for you.

Content Writing Training & Courses

Although content writing is an open platform, but there are some excellent courses available in the market, which ensures that you get to kick-start your career with lucrative and handsome salary package. Training in Content Writing equips you with the comprehensive knowledge and information and prepares you for a bright future. There are also institutes that offer courses for mass communication with its focus mainly being on the New Media which also proves to be effective for shaping your future as a content writer.

Enroll yourself in a dedicated course of content writing today and explore the wide range of exclusive career opportunities waiting for you! The Online Reputation Management or ORM courses are also available in the market, which exposes the brilliance of content in managing the reputation of an enterprise in the best possible way, to you. These courses help you to establish great impact in the market through your writing skills and disseminate thorough information about how to write press releases, webinars, blogs and articles.

The professional content writing career enhance your knowledge base and also polish your writing skills to help you accomplish your career goals easily. The career in content is exciting and promising and having knowledge about the industry helps you to develop engaging and quality write-ups, which would fuel your career and take your success bar to a great height.

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