5 Ways In Which Google Can Make Your Education More Exciting

Google is no stranger to the popular education space. Teachers usually benefit from the tools they create for several years. Each and every time Google adds a new product or tool to the offerings, teachers or mentors usually find out ways in which the students can benefit from it.

Google tools have been there in the classroom and while people are starting to consider their potential, a proper and little inspiration never hurts. If you want to break the normal uses and make the thing, more interesting and fun then there will be the ideas, which will help you work.

1. Assign Learners With Expert Interviews Of Google Hangouts

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Most of the educators use Hangouts to arrange for famous people and politicians right into the classroom for discussions or lectures.

Interview with each expert or professional on the subject of their choice and set up an interview right with them over Google Hangouts. They will have to do more research to find the right person and you can give the tips for contacting the expert getting a response. There one can learn research skills and polite, formal communication, which are taught in one lesson with excellent opportunity to research skills, polite, formal communication taught in one lesson as interviewing is surely an important skill not to be missed.

After their interview, students can get a recap of what they have learned. The interview can keep your recorded hangout for future reference. Turning the interview into a story brings another skill right into the assignment.

2. Teaching Students About The Marketing Skills With Google Sites

Challenging students can create their own fictional business to get them to thinking right about economics and entrepreneurship. With the sites, you can work up business plans, creating a budget and getting to think about marketing.

In case of marketing, any business in today’s economy requires a proper website and that is where Google Sites comes in. Students can practice crafting design and writing copy describing the business. There can be various concepts of pay-per-click and SEO and get the benefits of marketing cost.

3. Creating A Google Search Scavenger Hunt

Each and everybody knows how to do a search but the best searchers know a number of tips and tricks to generate better results right from the search engine. Google is the main resource for most people to turn to research and students should learn to get desired results.

The list of subjects one wants to find resources or questions to find authoritative answers to set them loose. Make it clear that there are certain resources, which will earn more credit based on:

  • How reliable your search source is. There is some source, which is much more reliable than someone’s personal blogs.
  • How recent the resource is. This should matter more if there is prompt reply given in accordance with current science events.
  • Whether or not the website found shows a clear bias. This is not a bad thing but often this means information taken with a grain of salt.
  • If the accuracy of the information is based and checked against other resources.

4. Having Students Map With An Educational Trip With Maps Of The Search Engine Conglomerate

Source: https://bit.ly/3847c5c

Google Maps makes it easy to identify important historical sites with Google Street View giving students a glimpse of what they look like on the ground. Give students a chance to play with the product’s features and research some new places by having to plan a road trip.

Instruct your student to use Google Maps to pick places based on themes like homes of famous literary figures or battles of Civil War. In fact, for an interesting twist, students can check out and give reviews on Google to see what people who have been to these places review about.

One can pull out reviews along with pictures from Google Street views getting the clear and detailed idea.

5. Collaborating Projects With Google Drawing

Most of the students are visual learners. So the whole process becomes easy with Google Drawing, one of the exclusive features of Google Drive allowing students who create their own image importing an image into the program.

Once the image is there, it is also possible to invite another user to add comments on it. This creates an opportunity to effectively collaborate between students finding and creating an image related to Google drawing.

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