Ways To Improve Your Connection Skills

Developing proper connection skills is very necessary for any organization, especially for leaders. Managers usually lead from authority whereas leaders combine authority and connection.

Usually, managers are good at organizing tasks and certainly require developing better personal skills and connections with people. If you have leadership skill, you certainly can make better connections with people. In fact, weak connection skills can certainly hold managers from becoming leaders, which people will want to follow. Proper attitude, behaviors, and language facilitate proper connection.

Recognizing Various Connection Needs

People have different predispositions when it is the question of sensitivities feeling the connection. People usually respond differently to actions and it certainly makes them more and more connected. It is important to learn about the people you are leading and tailoring behaviors to properly connect based on what we learned.

Be Present In Conversations

Well for any relationship, attention is the oxygen. Whenever you are meeting with people, practice the habit of giving them the complete attention. Show to them that you are engaged by carefully observing the body expressions as well as body cues. Never break the connections by checking out on the phone.

Emphasizing Ability

Mutual empathy is a powerful connection made by neurons in our brains. If you can enhance the emotions of others then you can feel connected. Positive emotion can be enhanced with the proper connection.

Highlighting Positives

People always need recognition as well as affirmations to affirm as well as serve others. Look for characters strengths as well as tasks strength, which are usually reflected by the excellence of person’s work. Look for task strengths as ideas of others.

Controlling Your Tone Of Voice

People will see to the delivery of message before they hear the content. If your voice is threatened or is shrill or strident, they may put up a wall.

Negotiating A Problem

During the process of negotiating, you can adopt the right mindset. If you think of people you are talking to as competitors then this may lead to distrust and disconnection. Think of it as knowledge to identify a proper win-win solution. Proper negotiation can lead to probing, patience as well as understanding people’s objectives as well as sensitivities.

Executing Autonomy

You should be able to monitor progress and help to direct reports but do not micromanage before asking for proper help. Think of guidelines rather than control and rules and let other people know that you are available. This effectively meets human need for autonomy allowing personal growth.

Learning Five Languages Of Appreciating

Learn your direct reports about what they need to remember while receiving recognition at work. Learn about the primary and secondary. Usually, there are five languages of appreciation like words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Telling Sorry

Say sorry when you have committed a mistake. Most of the people do not apologize when they have committed a mistake. Say sorry when you are rebuilding connection.

Developing Social Skills

There are relationship skills as well as social skills. Individual develop social skills make excellent networkers impress and build connection in simple casual interactions. Consider the skills whenever you are meeting someone. Proper social connections help to build deeper connections.

Improving your connection skills is very necessary to grow in business and be a successful leader.

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