Core Java

  • “Write Once, Use Anywhere”- This has been a mantra of Java for years, and it is probably the singular most important feature of this language – also called “portability.”

  • Java remains one of the most popular programming languages. In our recent deep-dive into the hottest programming languages for 2017, Java landed second among the most-used programming languages and the languages with the most active repositories on GitHub – beat out only by JavaScript in both categories.

  • Databases – Knowledge of the intricacies of SQL queries is another thing that great Java developers tend to have. Basic CRUD operations and things like joins, aggregations, and indexing are all big parts of it.

  • Data Structures & Collections – Great Java developers know the ins and outs of data structures such as List, Map, Set, Vectors, and Matrix.

  • Concept of programming C.

Course Content

Module 1 : Basic Language Element

  • Identifiers, Keywords

  • Primitive Datatypes

  • Operators Assignments.


Module 2 : Object Oriented Programming

Class Fundamentals, Object & Object reference

Constructor & initialization

Abstract Class & Interfaces

Defining Methods, Argument Passing Mechanism,

Method Overloading,

Dealing with Static Members


Module 3 : Extending Classes and Inheritance

Types of Inheritance in Java

Role of Constructors

Overriding Super Class Methods

Use of “super”


Module 4 : Array & String

  • Defining an Array, Initializing & Accessing Array

  • Defining variable and constant

  • Operation on String

  • Creating Strings using StringBuffer


Module 5 : Thread

  • Understanding Threads

  • Thread Life-Cycle

  • Thread Priorities

  • Module 6 : Exception Handling
  • Exceptions & Errors,

  • Types of Exception,

  • Control Flow In Exceptions


Module 7 : Package

  • Defining Package,

  • CLASSPATH Setting for Packages

  • Module 8 : File Handling
  • Working with File Object,

  • File I/O Basics,

  • Reading and Writing to Files,

  • Buffer and Buffer Management

  • Module 9 : Project 



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