Challenges Every Freshers Faces in The Ui/Ux Design Industry

Hi, I am Sayan Karmakar, a technical analyst and faculty at Webskitters Academy. I see students enrolling for UI/UX designing courses and face challenges due to a lack of confidence. If you are wondering what could probably be the challenges to overcome lack of confidence to start a career in designing.

Then I must say, it is like presently I have plenty of things in my mind, but I am not aware of how to articulate.

Confidence means feeling sure about yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way but in a realistic, secure way. It is quite an inner knowledge that you are capable of.

“Knowledge isn’t powering until it is applied”. 

The above statement of Dale Carnegie goes with almost every learning field.

Confident people feel secure and make other people also feel the same.

UI UX design
Do you understand this image

It is a great mistake to catch others’ mistakes in life so as not to face your own. The problem lies somewhere else, but you are struggling with it within.

This mindset will never let you enter into the world of exploration!

Whatever we do here, even reading this blog & others in this virtual reality are powerful explorations.

Hence, applied knowledge possess a revolutionary power!


What can you do to be a great UI/UX designer?

You can do anything or do nothing.

Have you ever thought about why it is named UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)?

I read an article where Travis Silverman, Principal Product Designer @ Endless Adventure wrote on UI Design.

“The aim of UI design is to deliver content and make visual sense of well-planned out UX. Understanding how either style impacts your design will allow you to make the best choice, rather than choosing the camp that suits your personal preference.”

I can clearly say the personal choice is not going to work in this design field. True comprehensive design is about designing for as diverse a range of people as possible. It is such an idea that encourages us to consider how gender, size, spoken languages, shape, age, sexuality, ethnicity, education levels, income, culture & customs, and even diets, shape the way we interact with the world.

Therefore, you can do anything!

However, the world will provide you with everything you need, so there is no need for you to do anything.

Some important lessons

Think about the similarities and differences between ‘invisible design’ and UI design that features ‘visually appealing elements’. Are both able to provide the same level of user experience when properly balanced?

  • To sustain by invisibility is a myth of bodilessness.
  • The invisible design is a natural/intuitive mistake.
  • Culture ignores invisible design.
  • Rather than denying the beauty and splendour of typography, perhaps we should use language from typography such as legibility and readability.

Ui design

Analyze a previous project and determine whether it leans more towards flat or skeuomorphic design.

Ux design

Imagine a section or screen in your most used web or device app that could benefit from a different approach in capabilities. Whether that means removing elements, improving task focus, or changing the UI entirely is up to you.

Despite delivering poor usability, have you ever installed applications purely due to their aesthetic appeal?

Excellent UX is at the heart of great UI. When you are involved with any upcoming projects, remember to treat them equally as you remember the differences and values of each.

Enhancing your applied knowledge

  • Knowing the correct UI tools should be the priority.
  • In user experience- design, persuasion, behaviour, visual design, usability, interaction, and content, are divided into categories.
  • People experience life in different ways, such as through cognition and memory. It is our job as designers, to influence how users behave and interact with the product. Our interaction with systems, machines, and each other is being pushed into a new dimension by technology. It has led to the fusion of several disciplines that is referred to as UX.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills are essential for UX Developers. They must be team players able to take verbal directions, follow them and then create concrete web content.
  • An effective UX Developer possesses excellent brainstorming skills but is also a great researcher. When beta testing a website, patience is an absolute necessity, as is flexibility.
ux developer image
The left image gives us an experience of an insecure mindset whereas the right one with more security


good ux bad ux
You decide which one is better


Feels Like I want to work in this UI


Feels Like Do not want to see this again

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Dhruba Ray is an expert trainer having years of experience in disseminating proper training to aspirants. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, he is a great enthusiast of modern and advanced technologies. He has sound knowledge in scikit learn and tensor flow and have developed several state-of-the-art CNN models from scratch and customize them for better results in image processing. His first-hand experience always works wonders for our students and their knowledge.