How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Our World?

Do you find robotics and embedded systems training interesting?

Well, you must get to know about the benefits this embedded technology can bring to your business and eventually to our world.

According to a 2017 report, mostly people are not aware of the word AI (Artificial Intelligence). The concept is not clear to them and AI has always remained as a demonstration.

In a research, 1500 senior business leaders were inquired about AI, unfortunately, only 17 percent of them said the concept is familiar to them. A certain number of them weren’t even sure about the asked topic. So, it was clear that they were not aware of the benefits this technology can bring to their business.

Few of them understood the considerable potential this technology holds in altering enterprise processes, but the concept of applying this on their business was not clear.

Despite the lack of familiarity AI has, it is known as one of the technologies that is altering every single path of our lives. It is popularly known as a wide ranging tool enabling people to rethink about the way AI integrates information, analyzes data while using potential resulting insights to bring improvement in their decision making skills.

How To Maximize AI Benefits

AI Benefits

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To excel the AI benefits, here are nine steps that we recommend. Let’s know about them.

1. Encouraging greater information access without getting users’ personal privacy compromised.

2. Commit more government funding for unclassified research for Artificial Intelligence.

3. Consider promoting brand new models of AI workforce development and digital education. This way, employees will have required skills in 21st-century economy.

4. A national AI consultatory committee should be created as it helps in making policy recommendations.

5. Engaging with the province and sectional officials help in enacting effective policies.

6. Prioritize taking bias complaints seriously to protect AI from replicating historic injustice or discrimination in information or in plethora.

7. Regulate broad AI principles than preferring specific algorithm instead.

8. Maintain performance for human oversights to control and consider penalizing malicious AI reactions to promote Cyber security.

Qualities Of AI

The time, you start searching about the qualities AI has, you will be answered with various answer as there is no certain way to agree confirm any definition to represent AI. The definitions cover the fact that machines, which respond to stimulation accordant with long-standing responses humans have while human capacity of consideration, opinion and purpose are given.


AI is designed for decision making using factual time data unlike inactive machines, which are capable of mechanical or pre-planned responses. AI is made of sensors, remote inputs, and digital data along with massive storage improvements. All of these features help them reacting on any information instantly.

AI is highly resourceful of enormous sophistication when it comes to analysis and decision making.


AI is undertaken in simultaneousness of data analytic and machine learning. Machine learning takes every single information and search for the underlying trends that particular information has. After receiving the information, if machine learning spots any irrelevancy for practical problems, then software designers take that information to analyze specific issues accordingly.


AI has the ability of learning and adapting while making decisions. For instance, semi autonomous vehicles are able taking advantage of other transport systems on road without getting humans involved. Their innovative algorithmic rules, detectors, and cameras are incorporated within the system experiencing the current processes on the time of using dashboards, visual displays in order to present specific information in real time without having humans’ help anyway.

In the case of fully self-governing vehicles, innovative systems completely take control of the vehicle to make all required navigational decisions.

AI Applications In Various Sectors

AI is eventually taking over the entire world with its futuristic visions. It is also getting deployed in various sectors including national security, finance, criminal justice, healthcare, transportation, and in smart cities.

Apart from the mentioned sectors, AI is already making an impact on the world and also augmenting human like capabilities in a significant way.

According to a published report by PWC, it was revealed that AI is able to increase global GDP at 14% which is 15.07 trillion dollars by the year 2030. This includes, advances of 7 trillion dollars in China, 1.8 trillion dollars in Northern Europe, 3.7 trillion dollars in North America, 1.2 trillion dollars in Africa and Oceania, 0.7 trillion dollars in Southern Europe, 0.9 trillion dollars in rest of the Asia excluding China, and 0.5 trillion dollars in Latin America.

China is all set to make rapid strides as it has a national aim of financing 150 billion dollars in AI to become the world leader by the year 2030.


Investments made in financial AI by the United States have recently tripled within the year 2013 and 2014 to a total sum of 12.2 billion dollars. Decisions about lending are now generated by software as the software is able to take all information about the borrower instead of only conducting a credit score and background check.

Moreover, there are robot advisers who create individualized investing portfolios without requiring stockbrokers and financial advisers. All of these features help keeping the emotions out of its path and take decisions based on the logical considerations.

AI has also stepped in the stock market, where high frequency machine trading has replaced human decision makings.

National Security

AI plays an essential role in national defense. The American military has deployed AI to examine the massive videos that are captured to alert human analysts about such activities if anything abnormal they find.

Criminal Justice

AI is also being deployed in criminal justice area to keep a record of people who have previously been arrested of their risk of becoming future perpetrators.

It keeps every single record about the person and judicial experts also claim that AI programs reduce human bias in law enforcement which leads to a fairer sentencing system.


AI helps in improving computation sophistication in health care sectors. For instance, Merantix is a well known German company that applies heavy learning in medical issues. They have an application that can easily detect lymph nodes in human body by using computer tomography images.

Well, humans are able to do this, but that will increase the expenditure effectively. Radiologists charge for this around $100 per hour and they are able to read carefully only four images in an hour. So, based on that, the expenses increases if done by humans.

AI has also been applied to congestive heart failure. It helps predicting the condition of any patient in advance to let professionals advise on the same beforehand.


This is a field where AI and machine learning are generating significant innovations. Based on a research, it was found that more than 80 billion dollars were invested in self-governing vehicle technology within August 2014 and June 2017.

Autonomous vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and drone delivery systems use advanced technologies to enhance their capabilities. In this sector, light perception and ranging systems also known as LIDARs and AI are the key to navigation.

Along with the sensors and other automated systems, these vehicles become fast moving while sticking on their own lanes. It controls the steering and brakes as well to prevent accidents.

Smart Cities

Metropolitan governments are using AI in order to bring improvements in urban service delivery. There are a lot of changes to be brought within a city to make it smarter. Few objectives to be taken care of as the environment and health of people should be prioritized.

For large cities which are eager to turn themselves into smarter ones, for them, AI is a trusted way to deal with large volumes of data while figuring out effective ways to respond to public requests.

Large cities including Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. are the fastest adopters of this idea. For example, Seattle has embraced sustainability by using AI to manage energy usage and resource management.

In The United States, most of the schools follow algorithms for enrollment decisions based on a variety of considerations that include parent preferences, neighborhood qualities, income level, along with demographic background.

Wrapping Up!

To summarize, the world is on the cusp of revolutionizing various sectors with the help of AI and machine learning. There are already deployments in sectors including finance, transportation, healthcare, criminal justice, national defense, and smart cities. According to these above-mentioned developments, a substantial amount of social benefits are being generated through AI and machine learning.

These are the reasons behind the interests people have in embedded systems and robotics training. Also Read,

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