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Webskitters Academy, a leading IT training institute in India offers top-notch PLC Online Courses, and gain hands-on practical experience, and complete training.

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Webskitters Academy is a leading and pioneering name in online IT training institutes. We are known for our commitment towards our students and have always catered to serve them in their best interest. Join our PLC Online Course, a highly preferred and the most popular one, and gain an in-depth knowledge of the functions, and characteristics of the Processor Unit. We provide you with complete training, hands-on practical experience, and guarantee assured placements.

  • PLC or Programmable Logic Controllers are designed to automate the control processes. It is a small computer often used in factories and industrial plants. The purpose of PLC is to control the pumps, motors and other machineries in the industrial units. All the modern industrial automation are controlled through the PLCs. By taking the online PLC course at Webskitters Academy, you decide to expand the horizon of your knowledge and learn complete PLC programming using the latest platforms. We teach you to program an entire power plant using different programming languages.
  • Basic Knowledge on Electronics, Digital, Analog.

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What Our Recruiters are Saying

We hired the students from Webskitters Academy and to our surprise we found out that they are brilliant in their work! No way we can call them students, they are professionals. They know their work, have the skills and are well-groomed for the profession. Thanks, Webskitters Academy for such a comprehensive training!

Payal Chatterjee HR Manager

“We are happy with the quality of training that the Webskitters Academy students have received. Few of them have been on-board with us recently and they have impressed us. We would recommend our associates to hire freshers from this institute, they make sure that the students are well-trained and prepared for the industry.”

Sayani Dey HR Executive

“We are glad to have hired the students from Webskitters Academy! We have to mention that they are trained to be the professionals. From the first day onwards, they have shown their excellence, and it is very impressive. Our team is also happy with their involvement and performance. Looking forward to hire more excellent students from them!”

Rounak Dhar HR Executive

“It was for the first time that we hired students from Websitters Academy. We had some doubts regarding freshers, but to our surprise, they are very good in their work. They know exactly how to do a particular job keeping the industry standards in mind. Our organization is happy to have them. Their codes, and development skills are perfect, suitable for the industry. It proves that they have been trained comprehensively. Good work by the faculties of Webskitters Academy. We will definitely recruit more young talents from you.”

Soma Das Executive HR, Allide Media