Professionally Expert Trainers


With several years of professional experience, the mentors at Webskitters Academy are highly efficient to perform complex, technical tasks as well as to upgrade their skills to meet the requirements of the dynamic changing scenario of the growing IT sphere. These trainers at the academy teach and guide the students to use pertinent application software for effectively managing several projects at a time. With the help of several instructional techniques, the students are also taught to solve technical difficulties of the industrial world.


Practical Information Coupled With Theoretical Knowledge


The knowledge imparted by reputed training institutions and colleges are certainly incomplete without a hands-on practical experience to implement in the present day IT sphere. The academy specializes in guiding the candidate in multiple live projects, which deal with different kinds of challenging situations. With the help of expert trainers, the candidates are taught to handle international projects with confidence. Every candidate is provided with the right supportive peripherals along with a professional trainer to assist in proper professional practical training.


Handling Real-Life Projects


Theoretical knowledge is not enough to succeed and when one have to face client handling. The secret word of success here is “Confidence”. And confidence comes with real-life practical experience. At Webskitters Academy, you will get direct opportunity to participate in several projects of different offshore and abroad countries with a chance to interact and talk with them. The proficient trainers help you to communicate with national & international clients. Several important aspects of client interaction are taught in the academy, which includes delivering projects on time and in accordance with specifications provided by clients.


100% Job Assistance


We offer a lucrative opportunity with the guarantee of getting placed in various reputed departments of the company. The courses are kept in mind as per the various industrial standards. We offer a guarantee of hundred percent job assistance in various reputed web development and design companies. Webskitters does offer hundred percent placement opportunities. In fact, we do offer assurance for your future. We do offer you supportive courses offering you the right help when it is the question of your placement services. We take the sole responsibility of your place in the real world scenario.


Grooming The Trainees:


Failures are often faced in the competitive IT industry due to the lack of confidence and self-belief. The trainers here at Webskitters Academy guide candidates through organized interview sessions. The candidates are taught to face questions with assertion and present their vital knowledge in an appropriate way. Personality building is vital to complement your knowledge before a questioning team of interviewers. With the increasing level of confidence comes the ability to give logical answers. Even if they are not exactly, the correct ones your innovative ideas displayed through your answer will assure your employer that you can tackle tricky situations easily. All these qualities are imparted at our Academy through different levels of training and communication sessions as well as group discussions.


Good & Perfect Environment For IT Training


Webskitters Academy provides an ideal platform for IT training- a perfect environment with an efficient set of faculty & course schedule. At the end of every course sessions, our trainers hold exams comprising of all possible problems & challenges that make you fit to stand in every situation. Along with this, you get an opportunity to interact with a vast community of expert developers, designers & digital marketers at online discussion forums. We have separate rooms for group discussion. We provide perfect infrastructure for training. There is an availability of devices in accordance with a number of trainees. If required a candidate may contact specific faculty & training coordinator to request for extra hours of training. We respect all logical requirements of our trainees.


Flexible Time Frame For Classes


The course at Webskitters Academy is certainly targeted both, for fresh graduates as well as professionals, working in the IT sphere. In view of the availability of free time for students & working professionals, our training has several schedules. Students can enjoy advantages of flexible time for practical and others activities. Online guidance is available 7 days in a week. There are morning, midday & evening classes as well as special weekend classes. Weekend classes have been arranged specially for working professionals. Interested professionals from any sphere of the industry can opt for industrial as well as technical training with us. The courses are arranged into modules for the better accessibility of each and every candidate.


Affordable Course Fees


All training sessions & project guidance are provided by quality trainers & the candidates are groomed to face real life tough situations & all these services are available at an affordable cost at Webskitters Academy which is below than the average training costs of several other reputed training academies of the IT sphere. Students can easily bear the expense. We also offer scholarships for talented students. Keeping in mind the financial situation as well as the intelligence of the candidates, relaxation, as well as considerations in the fees structure of the courses, is also available at the academy.

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