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imgJanuary 4, 2016

Android Training


Among all surging industries, android application development sector is the one that is seeing a rising graph. This situation will remain for coming years and if you are in the threshold of the university then you can think about choosing this sector as founding stone of your career.

Aim Behind Forming Webskitters Academy

Our first and foremost aim is to make our trainees successfully placed in the job market. There is no dearth of job options in Kolkata regarding Android developer positions. The talented people will ascend the post ladder very fast.

Some 100-web development companies are registered with our portal and we have successfully placed around 500 students still now.

Overview of Android Development

Android app development is a separate subject in itself. How to create a project and then running its debuggable version is something to reckon with. Android app design will be the next thing to learn. This includes building simplified user interfaces and handling user inputs.
Gradually far more advanced features are taught.


Java Concepts

• OOPs concepts
• Inheritance
• Handling of exceptions
• Interfaces and packages
• JVM & .jar file extension
• Multi-threading


• Brief introduction to DML and DDL

Introductory Lessons

• What’s Android?
• Development environment set-up
• DVM and .apk file extensions
• Fundamentals
• Different levels

Application Structure

• AndroidManifest.xml
• Uses SDK and permissions
• and resources
• Assets
• Drawable and layout details
• Activities lifecycle

Emulator-Android Virtual Device

• Launching emulator
• Edited settings
• Shortcuts
• Using Logcats
• Introducing DDMS

Basic UI Design

• Form widgets
• Text fields
• Layouts
• [dip, dp, sip, sp] vs px


• Shared preferences
• Preferences from xml


• Option menu
• Context menu
• Sub menu
• Menu from xml
• menu via code

Detailed intents

• Explicit intents
• Implicit intents

UI design

• Time and date
• Media and images
• Composite
• AlertDialogs and Toast
• Popup

Styles and themes

• Drawable resources
• Style attribute of layout file

Content providers

• SQLite Programming
• SQLiteOpenHelper
• Database


• Running threads on UI thread
• Worker thread
• Handlers & Runnable


• Live folders
• Using sdcards
• XML parsing
• JSON parsing
• Location based services
• Phone services access
• Network connectivity services

Why choose us?

You get to learn from professional Android developers and they are still working with reputed industries. What is really unique with our training methods is to let our students taste the rough waters of real world scenario. The top scorers of training classes are offered to take part into reallife projects that are achieved through mother company ‘Webskitters Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd’. Students get to know the value of accuracy within limited time frame.

  • Special techniques to handle a client and convince him/her about feasible conditions and their demands are shown.
  • 100% placement of students are assured.
  • We know you best and understand your time constraint. That’s why our batches have been formed with flexible schedules.
  • We offer excellent lab facilities to impart best practical lessons.
  • All helps provided to form an accurate and appropriate resume.
  • Industry valid diploma certificates are offered.

Training Schedule

• Part time course- 100 hrs.
• Full time course- 80 hrs.

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