Course Module

Module 1: Introduction
  • Introduction to www, History
  • Understanding client/server roles
  • Apache, PHP, MySQL, XAMPP Installation
Module 2: PHP Fundamentals
  • PHP Basic syntax, PHP data Types, PHP Variables
  • PHP Constants, PHP Expressions, PHP Operators
  • PHP Control Structures, PHP Loops
Module 3: PHP Arrays
  • PHP Arrays, PHP Associative Arrays
  • Array Iteration
  • PHP Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Array Functions
Module 4: PHP Functions
  • PHP Functions, Syntax, Arguments, Variables
  • References, Pass by Value & Pass by References
  • Return Values, Variable Scope, PHP include(), PHP require()
Module 5: PHP Forms
  • PHP Form handling, PHP GET, PHP POST, PHP Form Validation, PHP Form
Module 6: PHP Cookies & PHP Sessions
  • PHP Cookie handling, PHP Session Handling, PHP Login Session
Module 7: PHP Strings Handling
  • String Functions
Module 8: Assessments
  • Based on topic covered
Module 9: Basic MySQL, Simple SQL Queries
  • Database basics, PHP MyAdmin Connect, MySQL Create, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select, MySQL Update, MySQL Delete, MySQL
Module 10: Advanced SQL query building
  • WHERE condition, Order By, Group By, Having, LIKE, AND OR operators
Module 11: SQL Functions
  • Using SQL functions AVG, COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX
Module 12: Assessments
  • Based on topic covered
Module 13: File Handling
  • Open/Close, Read/Write, File Upload
Module 14: Live Project Concept
  • How to do a live project implementation from scratch to Completed mode using Waterfall Model
Module 15: Idea Given about the PHP Framework and Open Source
  • Concept of MVC and Some Open Source Like WordPress/Magento etc.
Module 16: Projects
  • Given by the center

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About The Course

Salient Features:

  • Part Timing Course

    The course timings are flexible to help you to effectively manage your work schedule if you have full time job.

  • Mock Test

    We arrange for excellent mock test which prepares you better for the course giving you an idea about your knowledge.

  • Certificate

    After the completion of the course, you will get an authentic certificate on your name detailing about your course.

  • Real life projects

    You can handle real life projects with the help of professional experts guiding you in the most appropriate way.

  • Course Modules

    The course is divided into modules clearing defining the various parts of the course of easy understanding.

  • Better Placements

    After completing the course, you will get desirable placement giving you much head start in industry.

Career Perspective

  • Developing functional applications

    With the help of PHP development, develop functional applications as per the requirements of the user.

  • Better placement opportunities

    After mastering the language of PHP from PHP training institute in Kolkata, get better placement opportunities widely in the industry for a lucrative job offer.

  • Customized Development

    The best part about the platform PHP is that you will get customized development support meeting up the client’s requirements.


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    Vivek Mishra Student

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    Webskitters Academy is the best training training Institute in kolkata. The mentors are highly professional and know their job well. I just loved my experience of being a part of it and completing my training in PHP course with it. Good Place to learn and evolve.

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    Chandan Bhattacharya Student

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    Summing up in one sentence Webskitters Academy is the best institute in Kolkata. I was looking for a proper training in PHP to get started with my career, for which I went to different institutes but none could actually help me grab the details of the sector as is done by the trainers of Webskitters Academy. Awesome Experience it was!

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    Vaishali Shah Student

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    The trainers and mentors of Webskitters Academy treats the students like a family and understand their problems while coming up with a solution for it. They were of great help for me to get equipped with the knowledge of PHP and to find a good job in the industry.

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    Suman Saha Student

    Whole StarWhole StarWhole StarWhole Star

    Great place to learn. 100% placement guaranteed and the best part of Webskitters Academy is that you get a good atmosphere to resolve your queries and learn new things.