Course Module

Module 1: Featues of JAVA,Architecture of JVM,OOPS Concepts
  • Features of Java
  • Architecture of JVM
  • Concepts of Class,Object
  • OOPS Features – encapsulation, inheritance
  • polymorphism,Abstraction,Dynamic Binding
  • Constructors Overloadding
  • Inner Class
Module 2 : Modifier,Package,Interface
  • What is a package and how to create it
  • Access Specifier
  • Modifier
  • What is an interface
  • Implementing an interface
  • Module 3 : Exception Handeling
    • How to handle exceptions in Java – try and catch blocks
    • Understanding exception classes hierarchy
    • finally block
    • Creating user-defined exceptions
    • Using throws and throw keywords
    Module 4 : Multithreading
    • Concepts of Thread
    • Stages in Thread
    • Creation of Thread
    • Scheduling of Thread
    • Synchronization
    • Wait(),notify()
    Module 5: Collection Framework
    • Collection, List, Set and SortedSet interfaces
    • ArrayList, Vector, HashSet, TreeSet classes
    • How to Comparator interface
    • Map and SortedMap interfaces
    • HashMap and TreeMap classes
    • Generics
    Module 6 : IO,String Handeling
    • What is a stream
    • Character and byte streams
    • Buffered Reader to read one complete line
    • Reading data from keyboard (
    • Using File class
    Module 7 : JDBC
  • Introduction to JDBC
  • JDBC architecture
  • java.sql Package
  • Connection, Statement, Result Set
  • Prepared Statementv
  • Callable Statement
  • ResultSetMetaData
  • Four Levels of JDBC drivers, their pros & cons
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      Well Java surely has a strong interactive global community which offers you the opportunities to stay connected with each other with several active web portals.


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