Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is the on demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet. Large clouds, predominant today, often have functions distributed over multiple locations from central servers. If the connection to the user is relatively close, it may be designated an edge server.

Clouds may be limited to a single organization (enterprise clouds,) be available to many organizations (public cloud,) or a combination of both (hybrid cloud.) The largest public cloud is Amazon AWS.

Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce your costs by using the resources of your cloud computing service provider. You may be able to reduce your operating costs because: the cost of system upgrades, new hardware and software may be included in your contract.


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Course Content

Module 1: Cloud computing

General Benefits and Architecture

Business Drivers

Overview of Security Issues

XaaS Cloud Based Service Offerings

Module 2: Key Amazon offerings




Simple Queue

Simple Relational Database

Elastic MapReduce

Virtual Amazon Cloud

S3 Command Line tool

Module 3: AWS Identity Management

Create individual users.

Manage permissions with groups.

Grant least privilege.

Turn on AWS CloudTrail.

Configure a strong password policy.

Enable MFA for privileged users.

Use IAM roles for Amazon EC2 instances.

Use IAM roles to share access.

Rotate security credentials regularly.

Restrict privileged access further with conditions.

Reduce or remove use of root.

Module 4 : Virtua Private Cloud

VPCs and Subnets

Default VPC and default Subnets

IP Addressing


VPC Networking Components

Module 5: Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling

Achieve better fault tolerance for your applications

Automatically load balance containerized applications

Automatically scale applications

Using Elastic Load Balancing in your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Hybrid load balancing with Elastic Load Balancing

Invoking Lambda functions over HTTP(S)

Module 6: Introduction to Google Cloud, Digital Ocean Droplets

Module 7: Project

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