Professional C and C++


Are you heading towards a career as a programmer? If yes, you need to develop an object oriented and logical perspective to solve any bug or write any program. To gain these skills you need to Begin with C and C++ programming. In common, ‘C’ is the very first step of the journey of IT field where as ‘C++’ is an object oriented programming language a second step of the IT field journey which have simple, modern and general purpose programming language characteristics.


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Course Content

C Programming

Module 1 : Basic Structure of C Programming

Keywords in C

Identifiers in C

Format Specifiers

Format Specifiers Examples

Data Types in C Language

Module 2 : Introduction to Data Types in C

int Data Type in C

float Data Type in C

double Data Type in C

char Data Type in C

Module 3 : Variable in C Language

Variable Introduction in C

Variable Declaration and Initialization

Variable types and Scope in C

Local Variable in C

static Variable in C

Global variables in C

Storage Class in C

Constant in C Language

Constants in C

Module 4 : Operators and Enums in C Language

Introduction to Operator

Operator Precedance

Module 5 : Decision Making of C Language

if Statement

if-else Statement

Nested if Statement

if else if Ladder

switch case

Module 6 : Loop control in C Language

Loop Introduction in C

while loop in C

do while Loop In C

for Loop in C

Control Flow in C Programming

break Statement in C

continue Statement in C

goto Statement in C

Module 7: Array in C Language

Single Dimensional Array

Multi-Dimensional Array in C

Module 8 : Function in C Language

Function in C

Function Calling in C

return type in Function

Call by Value in C

User Define Function

Predefined Functions

Module 9 : String functions in C

strcat() function

strncat() function

strcpy() function

strncpy() function

strlen() function

strcmp() function

strcmpi() function

Module 10 : Recursion in c

Introduction to Recursion

Direct and Indirect Recursion

Module 11 : Pointer in C Language

Pointer in C

Pointer Expressions and Arithmetic

Pointer and Array

Strings as pointers

Pointer to Function

Call by Reference in C

Module 12 : Structure in C Language

Structure in C

Nested Structure in C

Array of Structures in C

Pointer to Structure

Structure to Function in C

typedef in C

Module 13 : Introduction to File

File Operation in c

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Introduction to DMA

calloc() and free() function

realloc() and free() function

Module 14: C Pre-processor

Introduction about Pre-processor

Command Line Arguments

C++ Programming 

Module 1: Classes in C++

Defining Classes in C++

Classes and Encapsulation

Member Functions

Instantiating and Using Classes

Using Constructors

Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists

Using Destructors to Destroy Instances


Module 2: Operator Overloading

Operator Overloading

Working with Overloaded Operator Methods

Module 3: Initialization and Assignment

Initialization vs. Assignment

The Copy Constructor

Assigning Values

Specialized Constructors and Methods

Constant and Static Class Members

Module 4: Storage Management

Memory Allocation

Dynamic Allocation: new and delete

Module 5: Inheritance

Overview of Inheritance

Defining Base and Derived Classes

Constructor and Destructor Calls

Module 6: Polymorphism

Overview of Polymorphism

Module 7: Input and Output in C++ Programs

Standard Streams


Unformatted Input and Output

File Input and Output

Module 8: Exceptions


Inheritance and Exceptions

Exception Hierarchies

Inside an Exception Handler

Module 9: Templates

Template Overview

Customizing a Templated Method

Standard Template Library Containers

Module 10:  Virtual and Pure Virtual Function

Module 11: Project 

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