Course Module

Module 1: Introduction to Android
  • What is Android?
  • Pre-requisites to learn Android
Module 2: Android Architecture (Overview)
  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Runtime
  • Application Framework
  • Dalvik Vm
Module 3 : Creating First Android Application
  • Creating Android Project
  • AVD Creation
  • Executing Project on Android Screen
Module 4 : Android Components (Overview)
  • Activities
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers
Module 5: Hello World App
  • Creating your first project
  • The manifest file
  • Layout resource
  • Running your app on Emulator
  • Assesments
Module 6: Building UI with Activities
  • Activities
  • Views, layouts and Common UI components
  • Creating UI through code and XML
  • Activity lifecycle
  • Intents
  • Communicating data among Activities
Module 7: Advanced UI
  • Selection components (GridView, ListViews, Spinner)
  • Adapters, Custom Adapters
Module 8: Notifications
  • Toast, Custom Toast
  • Dialogs
  • Status bar Notifications
Module 9: Multithreading
  • AsyncTask
  • Handler
  • Post
  • Assessments
Module 10: Camera
  • Taking & saving pictures
  • Assessments
Module 11: Resources and Assests
  • Android Resource
  • Simple Animation
Module 12: Data Storage
  • Shared Preferences
Module 13: Introducing SQLite
  • SQLiteOpenHelper and creating a database
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors inserts, updates and deletes
  • Assessments
Module 14: Services
  • Overview of services in Android
Module 15: Location Based Services & Google Maps
  • Using Location Based Services
  • Finding current Location and listening for changes in location
  • Showing google map in an activity
Module 16: Web Services and WebView
  • Receiving HTTP Response(XML, JSON)
  • Parsing JSON and XML
  • Using WebView

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Salient Features:

  • Part Timing Course

    The course timings are flexible to help you to effectively manage your work schedule if you have full time job.

  • Mock Test

    We arrange for excellent mock test which prepares you better for the course giving you an idea about your knowledge.

  • Certificate

    After the completion of the course, you will get an authentic certificate on your name detailing about your course.

  • Real life projects

    You can handle real life projects with the help of professional experts guiding you in the most appropriate way.

  • Course Modules

    The course is divided into modules clearing defining the various parts of the course of easy understanding.

  • Better Placements

    After completing the course, you will get desirable placement giving you much head start in industry.


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