Cancel refund and return policy

Webskitters Academy has a cancel and refund policy in respect of all the courses which are listed on the website and user can cancel the enrollment and obtain a refund which is subject to deduction of promotional discounts/cashbacks, taxes as well as administrative charges etc.
For initiating a refund, students can at contact at Refund can be initiated within 72 hours right from the time of making a payment. Students have to allow the time needed to initiate the refund.
Webskitters Academy, at its sole discretion can reject the refund and cancel requests for those availing refunds from users who are requesting serial or repeated refunds. The refund and cancel policy is a part and is certainly incorporated within, the terms of use. As a condition of registering with Webskitters Academy and using the services which are offered right through the website, one has to expressly acknowledge the refund policy and agree to the terms.
If at any time, you are disagreeing to the Refund policy or any part of it, the sole remedy will be to cease the use of Webskitters Academy services and terminate the account. Any transaction which is occurring prior to the date of such termination which shall be governed and controlled in terms of the refund policy.