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Sankhadeep Ghosh

Shankhadeep Ghosh is a proficient developer and experienced trainer. He believes is helping young aspirants gain technical skills and build their career in the IT sector. Being an enthusiast of NextGen technologies, he is constantly on the lookout to gain updated information and learn about latest advancements. He advocates the use of modern technologies for serving the future.

How To Use Animation For Improving User Experience On Android?

There are a few ways to use animation to improve the user experience on Android. One way of using animation is indicating that an action is complete, such as when a button is tapped. It will give the user feedback that their action was successful. Another way to use animation...

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Why Coroutines Are Preferred For Non-UI Related Works In Kotlin?

Coroutines are nothing but a process of computation which can be concurrent. It actually works like a thread but never block the execution of the codes. The codes of coroutines will run parallelly with the rest of codes of the application. So, the time required to execute a block of...

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Why do the developers prefer the ROOM Database over SQlite Database?

The concept of “ROOM” has given a new ray of hope for the Android Application Developers. It is a part of the Jetpack Compose Library in the field of a database in Android. Perhaps ROOM is a library to manage and execute all the database functionality in an easier and...

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Why Single Activity Architecture is preferred Over Multiple Activity Architecture in Android App Development?

As a developer, we are working in the field of Android application development for a long time and Activity is the most familiar thing to us. It is the first component among the other major components that we have used earlier in the field of Android, hence the familiarity. Now,...

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